My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-6

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Chapter 6


Swa: I need answers NOW.

I can see my love being damn serious this time.

What do I do? This the moment I was afraid of…. What if she leves me? No no I cant let that happen. 😮

😮 😮

San: love dekho…….. she cut me off

Swa(coldly): Swara

I hurts… now a days she didn’t have problem in me calling her ‘love’ but today….. it really hurts but I know even she is hurt.

I signaled lucky to leave us alone and he left.

San: I really want to tell u but……

Swa: then god damn tell me sanskar….

She cried. I cant let her cry.. kabhi nahi… par use sach bhi nai batha sakta……

That too when she is not in her proper state of mind….. she is angry…. Agar gusse mein chali gayi tho…

No I can’t loose her….

San: I can’t………. I’m sorry 🙁

Swa: but y????????????

San: becoz if I tell u, I’m afraid u’ll get scared of me and leave me, I can’t lose u swara never…. I can never think of living without u……..

I told, holding her shoulders and looking into her eyes.

May be she could sense my love for her in my eyes, she kept quiet…

San: swara…

I called her softly and pulled her to me and hugged her tightly, in fear of losing her.

San: please…. Just wait for some time, trust me, I promise I will tell u…

I whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek.

I can sense her body relax….. and she is no more angry…

I cupped her face and looked into her eyes, I can see the love for me reflecting in her eyes.

It’s just that she didn’t realize.

Sparks flew around us, I slowly started to lean in.

But suddenly………


I could see so much of love for me in his eyes, but no this can’t happen.

I pulled away… and avoided looking into his eyes…..

He was startled.

San: why don’t u trust me swara?

He whispered, trying to hold my hand.

San: y do u always avoid this moment??

Swa: I don’t know what u r talking about…

I lied but I wanted to tell him about my past experience, I don’t know y…

Maybe I trust him, maybe I started falling for him….. but it cant happen…..

He held my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes once again as if trying to read my feelings….

San: I know u feel the connection, so y don’t u trust it? 🙁

He said sadly and my gut twisted and I started speaking without thinking.

Swa: bcoz I promised never to let my guard down

I whispered. He looked shocked.

San: y? who made u put it up?

He said begging me to let him help me.

My started tearing and I decided to confess everything.

Swa: bcoz there was someone to whom I let my guard down, he was sweet and caring, I don’t know whether I loved him or not but, I was happy being with him, I thought we can stay happy forever. But then….

My voice choked…

San: plzz let it be if u r not comfortable.. I can’t see u crying….

He said, rubbing my back trying to calm me.

Swa: no plzz listen, I want to tell u….

He nodded.

Swa: I was 18 by then. He wanted to take our relation to nxt step…. But I was nervous and told him it was wrong before marriage…. I thought he would understand, but….

I choked not able to continue… he squeezed my hand to give me support…

Swa: he yelled at me, slapped me and molested me……. 🙁 🙁 and from then I promised I would never let my heart fall for anyone.

Tears were uncontrollable now…

San: who is he? I will kill him…..

He snarled and was angry with blood shot eyes…. But hugged me tightly to sooth me.

I love how secure I feel in this cutie’s arms.

Swa: he’s dead.

I whispered.

San: what? 😮

Swa: he was drunk the night he did that and left me, while going back he crashed into a car and died.

San: well he deserved it, but it was an easy death for him.

Swa: what do u mean by easy death.

I asked him being confused. 😮

San: I would have give him more painful one.

He said in a no nonsense tone.

I chukled . well I like this possessive side of his.

Swa: oh yeah ….. I said and smiled a little 🙂

San: I’m sorry I didn’t know, I won’t push u any further, I will wait for u, but u should know I will never hurt u…..

Swa: I know….. but when are r u going to give me my answers….

I questioned him back to square one.

San: first I need u to break the walls of ur heart that u built around and trust me whole heartedly, then I’m going to tell u every single thing….

Swa: but I trus…..

San: shhh

He placed his hand on my lips stopping me from speaking.

San: nah, u may trust me, but not completely, give time to urself….. okay????

He is right, I need to get a hold on myself, I have many things running in my mind now, especially my bitter past, and I may take any harsh decisions by his reasons.

I need to move on, I want to give him and these feelings a chance, I can only see pure love in his eyes.

Swa: huhhh u r ryt….. I need to get my brain cleared. 🙂

San: that’s it love… u’ll be alryt soon 🙂

He kissed my forehead, and my heart flutters at his touch. 🙂

At night…..


I leaning on bed post and swara, just then my door opened and there comes the little baby…..

San: u couldn’t stay away from me ryt?? 😉

I teased her…. But what happened was unexpected.

She scooped beside me, inside my duvet…… I was shocked.

San: love u don’t need to push urself so fast…..

I told her caressing her cheeks.

She just smiled…. Aww that smile……. If needed, I can die as many deaths as I can for that one smile.

Then she just entwined our fingers and placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes…..

I was so confused by the change.

Swa: I was not getting sleep.

She said calmy… I just smiled and patted her head with my free hand.


With that I kissed on top of her head.


[[****P.S- I don’t know how I wrote this confession, just typed what came into my mind, forgive me if u guys didn’t like it. But I personally feel, simple yet sweet heart felt confession is the best ever 😉 ****]]

I confessed her not able to hold it any longer……. I can feel her smiling and blushing against my chest.

But I didn’t expect her reply becoz… I promised to give her space.

But what she said was unexpected and I was shocked beyond limits…


He just confessed it, and……… and……….. I just can’t explain my happiness. And I was blushing profusely.

That’s it, I cant be more lucky, I have decided.

I’m not a fool to let go a gem of a person like him. Bhohat kam logo ko aisi kismat milti hai…. Whatever may come between us and whatever reason he might give to kidnap me, I’m
not leaving him.

Jo bhi reason ho, I’m sure vo reason iss pyaar ke saamne jhuk jayega…..

Now I’m sure I’m falling for him……. Par main bhi sanskar ki tarah pyaar me doobna chahti hun. Till then I won’t confess him hehe 😀

Swa: I don’t know what to reply sanskar.. but I want to give this a chance, I want to give us a chance…

I said pointing at our entwined fingers and then looked at him.

Lol…. Awww cute he looks with that dumbfounded expression.

I jus want to kiss him….. chup hoja swara…. Chup hoja…. U n ur dirty mind…. Control….

San: are u sure??? U don’t need to do it just becoz I confessed my feelings…

Swa: nahi buba….. its not bcoz of u, its bcoz I wanted it and I want this to work. 🙂

I just smiled at him cupping his cheek.

Swa: now sleep.

I said and closed my eyes and drifted to my peaceful sleep ever, in his arms.


Next morning I woke up and saw that I was sleeping in sanskar’s arms.

He was holding me so tight as if I would run away.

But y is his body temperature always hot like a coal ajeeb hai… 😐 (wolf hai vo pagli isiliye)

I kept observing his features…. His hair………… his nose….. his eyes……….. his lips……his cheeks……

I leaned in to kiss his cheek…… but

He moved a little and I ended up pecking his lips……

😮 😮 😮 😮

I widened my eyes and withdrew myself…… I couldn’t ignore the sparks around me, I was right kissable soft lips… 😉 hehehe…. :p

Anyways never mind…. He is asleep…. He doesn’t know what I did heehehehehe….. 😀

I was giggling to myself when he woke up….

San: good morning love

He kissed my forehead. I feel so blessed.

Swa: good morning sweet heart 🙂

San: aan haaan not bad… jus one kiss aur tumne muje apni sweet heart banaadi… he said grinning widely…

Then I understood that he was awake when I accidentally pecked his lips.

Suddenly I felt heat rising my cheeks and my heartbeat rising… as he came closer to me…..

There was no going back, I wanted to feel his lips on mine…… and it happened.

He kissed my lips softly, I could sense thousands of butterflies in my stomach, this is the best feeling ever…… I felt myself responding to it…….. its just a kiss of pure love….. no hunger and no lust…….. I just closed my eyes to feel it.

I felt so loved like never before in my life…..

We moved apart but were staring into each other’s eyes.

He then slowly got up and left me at my room’s bathroom.

San: freshen up and come down stairs. I’ll make ur fav breakfast…

With that he left kissing my cheek……

Omg omg omg……….. omg……….. yeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

😀 😀

It happened…. It just happened………. “We kissed” 😀 😀

I was jumping like a maniac.


I was getting bored at my room, in the afternoon.

Nittu and ady were out on some work.

Lucky and my cutie were busy with some work in study.

I went to kitchen made two mugs of coffee for those two idiots.

As I entered the study, I saw lucky sleeping on the couch snoring loudly. :\

I wonder where my idiot……is. I put the coffee on the table and waited for him to turn up.

It’s been 10mins and he’s nowhere to be seen.

I rolled my eyes and made my way down stairs and went out the back door……

“now where did u go” I murmured making my into the woods.

The woods are really beautiful….. I thought while walking into them.

I forgot all about my mission to trace sanskar…

I have seen him going through the back door…..

Plus I have no freaking idea how fast he left……. Mujhe tho lagtha hai yeh pichle janam mein koi wolf hoga… ithna fast koi chalta hai kya.. huh….. (hehehe baawri ko pata nai ki vo
wolf hi hai 😉 :p)

After few minutes I stopped walking, not being able to find him……

“what the hell….!!! What work does he have in these woods….” I thought and made my way back to home.

As I was walking, I heard a branch snap from behind me.

I quickly turned around being startled….

“sanskar” I called a little scared.

I heard another branch snap behind me…..

I started to panic…. 🙁 😮

“whoz der?” I called out but no response.

I started walking fast….

“what is the pretty little girl doing in the woods all by herself” a voice said from behind.

I yelped in surprise and truned around to find two boys… wait I have seen them somewhere…

Ohh yeah….. these two were the same bastards who were staring at me, when I had been to shopping with nittu… though I ignored them at that time.

I got scared and started running.

I heard them growling and running behind me.

Okay these two have throat problems too ufff….. bhag swara bhag…. Ab unke throat problem ke bare mein sochne ka vakth nai hai tere paas….

I kept running when one of them pushed me from side making me hit the tree….

Swa: “uu.. blo*dy bastards” I yelled at them holding my hand.

Boy1: hey tell me something… one of them said.

Swa: No……… I said now being angry.

Boy1: what?????

Swa: are u deaf??????? Main ne kaha I wont answer anythi…..


I was cutoff when the other one slapped pretty hard at my face.

Boy2: answer him…. He growled

Swa: o my god I know u I know u both are serial killers….. heeelpppppppp heeelppppp… sansakaarrr…..

I shouted being scared.

They both laughed like the villains in mafia movies…..

Boy1: there’s no one in miles that will hear u baby…..

Swa: I’m not ur baby… so just shutup…. I yelled.

Boy2: hey u were right vikky she is sanskar’s mate….

Whatttt????? How do they know sanskar???

Are they his enemies???

vikky: yeah raj…. are u sanskar’s mate?

He asked me. Now again what is this mate.

Swa: Mate as in friend?? I asked them being confused.

Raj: no Mate as in Mate…..

Swa: I have no idea what u r talking about…

I said in irritation and started to get up but he pushed me down.

Vik: so u don’t have any idea….? Didn’t ur sanky tell u??

I nodded in no… maybe they know y sanskar kidnapped me.

I was hell confused…..

Raj: bro…. we got the right target for our revenge….

Vik: yeahhh ek ko chot lagega aur dusra apne aap toot jayega….hahahaha

Again the villain laugh…. I’m pissed now….

Swa: kya hai??? purane james bond movie ke villains ke tarah kyun hasre ho?? I screamed at them.

Vikky: vo kya hai na darling….. bohat dino se sanky se kuch settlement rehgaya… ab vo equal ho jayega….

Raj: haan by hurting u we can make the to be ALPHA suffer…… hahahaha(evilly)

ALPHA???? Paagal hai kya yeh log maths ke alpha, beta, gamma ke liye sanskar se revenege lena chahte hai…..huhhhh, I was thinking still being scared

Vikky: yeah bro.. how can we leave such opportunity?????? A perfect revenge baby……..

Saying that that he held my hand…

Swa: don’t touch me u brute….. leave me, what do u want???????

I was crying by now…..

Raj: Y tell u when we can show u??

He said and they did something impossible.

😮 😮 😮

My breath got stuck seeing the scenario in front of me……. My voice ditched me to do anything.

They turned into huge brown wolves.

“this is what sanky didn’t tell u” one of the wolves said…..

Then everything made sense, he was so fast, that that growling sound…..

Ohh god….. I held my head. But mate part is still a mystery to me.

“and we will finally get our revenge on him by killing u” the other one said.

They were now ready to pound on me….. I didn’t even dare to open my eyes…..


Precap: no precap hehehe…. :p 😉 😀
**********Vikky- Vikas manaktala (veer from ghulaam)*********
**********Raj- Mohit abrol (rajat from swaragini)*********

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