My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-5

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Chapter 5

I woke up mumbling. I was frustrated beyond frustrated and threw the cover off my head and u know y?

Just 3 letters


Are u trying to get me pissed off” I said looking out my window at it.

Huhhhhh I looked at digital clock its 6:15am.

I got down the bed and freshened up. I was wiping my face with the towel then I realized that I had sanskar’s t-shirt still on me.

Admit it or not he made me fell so wanted and special just in one day. I don’t even know what I have for him huh….. it’s so confusing but feels good at the same time 🙂 (pyaar hai
pagli pyaar aur kya jaldi realize kar)

I was just smiling at my thought and went down to kitchen to prepare something as I was damn hungry.

I found my fav pancake batter.

Yuhooo I mentally cheered.

There is no sign of anyone in the living hall as well.

Thank god bcoz I’m still in sanskar’s shirt.

I found an apron and wore it quickly. I got a bowl and poured the batter in there and spilling most of it on myself.

Wait… “cool there’s a tv in the kitchen” I cheered and turned on to a music channel.

“ladki beautiful kardi chull “ I was singing and shaking my leg a little while I whisked the batter.

I got a frying pan and put it on stove and started with my pan cakes.

I was dancing by now…. I’m sure everyone would have got up by now bcoz of the loud music.

But I was in my own world.

I tried to flip my pancake like they did in movies…. But………….. 🙁

It went up and never came down.

Shitttt !!!!!!!!! I mumbled and my eyes popped out when I saw that the pancake got stuck to the ceiling, well half of it was still wet, which made it stick.

But then the song changed to “abhi tho party shuru hui hai” and I immediately started dancing, until I noticed 4 amused people standing at the entrance of kitchen.

It was a very funny sight, though I myself might be looking funny.

Sanskar was choking back a laugh.

Nittu didn’t even try to hold it, she was already rolling on the floor holding her stomach.

Lucky had his mouth hung open.

The other one had his eye brow raised… I remember he was the one with sansakr and laksh when they kidnapped me.

“we’ll this is awkwarddd” I said sheepishly and everyone laughed out I couldn’t help but join them.

San: love y is there a pancake on the ceiling

He said looking at me.

Sw: ohh that hahaha u know pancake flip gone wrong 😀

I smiled at him being embarrassed.

Nitu: wow and I thought only I couldn’t cook

I frowned

Swa: hey I can cook.

Sanskar came over and ruffled my hair

San: sure u can

Lucky: can someone finish what she started, I’m hungry.

Lucky whined, he’s a kid.

Niti: I second that

San: fine I’ll finish it up He said

We sat at the table, “hurry up sanky mommy” the other guy teased.

San: shut up Ady…..

The table burst into a fit of laughs.

Sw: hey y did u call him mommy?

Niti: bcoz he makes pancakes jus like our mom.

Sw: ohh

I wonder where their mom is…… I have never seen her till now, but I didn’t want to get into their personal matters just in a day.

Sw: so are u sanskar’s friend?

He just smiled and nodded his head in a no, even he is handsome.

Ady: no Aadarsh Ghosh sanky’s twin bro

He said forwarding his hand for a shake.

I was amused.

Sw: ohhh wow cool so u r his unidentical twin

I said and forwarded my hand but….

San: I told u ryt no guy would touch u but only me.

He held my hand. I rolled my eyes at his possessiveness.

Ady: bro chill she’s like a sister to me.

San: okay then fine.

He served us his pancakes and sat beside me, his arm brushed mine and I froze not ignoring the tingling sensation that passed through me but shook it off.

I took a bite of my pancakes…. It was yummy

Sw: my god sanskar this is heaven on my plate

I shrieked and then stuffed my face with them.

I finished it in 30 sec. I looked up to see why everyone was so quiet and realized they were staring at me in shock.

Sw: what? I muffled pancake still in my mouth.

Ady(shocked): damn girl I have never seen a person so little and eat so fat.

Swa: we’ll u just met one. I smirked.

Lucky: hey can I take u as my foodie partner?? He shrieked.

San: she is no one’s partner but mine.

There we go again.

Niti: alright we have to go for shopping, since the only clothes u have are my brother’s

She said teasingly and winked at me 😉

God she caught me…. Everyone was just smiling at me.

Swa: do we really have to go? 🙁 u can just get me some clothes. I hate to shop, it takes way too long.

She rolled her eyes and ady stumbled listening to me. Well he was shocked on knowing a girl hates shopping.

Lucky: bahi are u sure she’s not a boy??????? He asked sanskar.

Swa: how dare u call me a boy luckyyyyy donkey……. I said and ran behind him.

May be the stay here won’t be that bad after all, they were surprisingly cool.

After a while nittu stopped me and said

Niti: okay enough I’ll get my clothes for u to wear now. Bhai would kill me if I take u out in this hot outfit 😉

Swa: nittuuuu… I startred running behind her and we ran to my room fell on my bed and bursted out laughing.

Nittu: Shona…..

She said suddenly, my eyes started to get wet.

Nittu: hey whats wrong did I do something wrong? Or u don’t like that name?

She said being tensed.

Sw: nope my dida gave me that name shona. I miss her. she passed away when I was 14.

I told her.

Niti: ohh I’m so sorry 🙁

Sw: hey don’t be nittu, infact I love to be called like that.

She nodded her head and left to get a dress for me.

After a while I got out of the shower and saw that nittu had already put my clothes on my bed with a note.

“A cute frock to my cute friend 😉 “ the note read.

I just smiled and nittu reminds me of Akki, she’s jus like her paagal.

And yeah I want to go for shopping and get some clothes becoz I’m gonna stay here.

It’s been my second day here and I wanted to know what my so called dad would be doing when I’m missing. My staying here would definitely let me know how concerned he is about me.

More over there’s no trouble in staying with these super crazy wonderful people. 🙂

1 week later

@Roy mansion

A young boy enters inside and hugs a lady.

Boy: heyy mom… I missed u so much. 🙂

Shomi: Manik…. mera bachha kysa hai tu I missed u too.

Manik: where is swara?(searching the house) mom u told she would be coming here. U know how desperate I am, to meet my sister.

Shomi(tensed): beta she’s not here.

Man(confused): not here matlab…. Kahan hai vo? Did Mr. Roy do something?

Shomi: manik he’s ur dad have some respect….

Man: okay u won’t tell me I’m going to ask him myself

He leaves.

Shomi: manik wait…

She runs behind him.

Manik: Mr. Shekhar Roy(shouting)

Shekar: manik is this the way to talk to ur dad? (strictly)

Man: (showing his hand to stop) ohh plzz.. Mr. Roy… now tell me where is swara?(Coldly)

She(hesitatingly): Umm uhhh she’s.. she’s.. missing.

Shomi(shocked+tensed): she’s missing for the last 1 week.

Man(angry and shouting): whaaatttttttt? She is missing and u didn’t even try to find her. U know wat Mr. Roy u don’t deserve to be a father.

Sho: manik shut up!!!! Remember he’s ur father….

Man: ohh plzz mom, he is swara’s father too, but what did he do to find her past 1 week nothing. I’m going to find my sister myself.

He leaves angrily.

Sho: shekhar y don’t u tell him the truth that swara is with sanskar.

[ hehehe 🙂 😉 😀 shocked ryt???? yes guys shekhar knows swara is with sanskar. How? Why didn’t he bring her back? Jaoo mein nai bataungi…… Read to know further]

She: no mishti, he shouldnt know. Let him do what he wants.

Sho: but….

Shekhar leaves.


It has been a week I’m here at sanskar’s place.

I never thought coming to Calfornia would give me so much of happiness.

But suddenly I remembered something and ran into sanskar’s room.

“damn” I muttered when I saw him sleeping like there is no tomorrow.

Such a sleepy head he is.

I was in so much hurry that I directly jumped on him with my legs on either side.

But guess what…. He didn’t even move a bit.

Sw: sanskar utho…. I shook his houlders and slapped his cheeks lightly.

Uffffffff ……..Nothing happened. 😐

Sw: ohh mera kumbhkarn wake up…….. I yelled, almost in his ears.

Ugrrrrrrrrrrrr now he’s getting on my nerves.

I slapped him in his face tightly, I’m totally pissed off.

His eyes opened in horror.

He looked around then at me.

San: what?? He said groggily.

Sw: my mom is going to kill me

I shrieked at him. It has been a whole week and I never called her, she’s gonna skin me alive.

May be I should call Mr.Roy too though he didn’t find me, he might be worried after all I’m his daughter.

Sw: I’m not any nobody, someone might be freaking out becoz I’m missing. 😮

I yelled at him still sitting on him.

San: I talked to your dad.

He said in an uncaring tone. But I was shocked. 😮

Swa: u idiot y didn’t u tell me??

I said hitting him on his chest.

He held my wrist.

San: calm down love, mein ne sab sambhal liya.

He said with a smirk, I rolled my eyes.

Swa: what did u tell him? Dekho mein ne aap ki beti ko kidnap kiya, par dar ne ki koi baat nai hai bcoz I won’t harm her.

I said in a sarcastic tone.

San: I didn’t kidnap u…..

He whined like a child and I giggled.

Suddenly he wiggled his eyebrows.

Swa: what ?? I said in between my giggles.

He pointed to our position and smirked.

A heated blush rose to my cheeks. I was just on my shorts and tee.

Swa: sorry

I mumbled and was about to get off when he held me by my waist stopping me.

San: why, I’m loving this position baby girl. He said.

I rolled my eyes.

Sw: u r such a guy, y u do always flirt with me?

San: well shouldn’t I be?

He laughed. I loved his laugh. 🙂

It was contagious it makes me smile.

He stopped and looked at me intensely, he moved a strand of my hair behind my ears that was falling on my face. His touch sent shocks through me, I was so caught up in his

I didn’t even realize we both were leaning towards each other.

Why was I letting my guard down? I promised I would never let my guard down for a guy ever again, I only knew him for a week. No, this can’t happen, I couldn’t be falling for him.

I pushed him back in a swift motion that he fell back on his pillow.

Swa: I’m sorry I said and ran out the room closing the door behind.

I took a deep breath and reached sanskar’s office room to make a call.

Sw: hello mom….

There was a pause and I put the phone a little away from my ear bocz I knew she would be yelling at me for not talking to her.

Jan: Shona are u even listening to me?

Swa: yes mom.

Jan: accha what did I tell u?

Swa: mom… plzz relax I’m fine don’t worry and I’m sorry aap ko pareshan karne ke liye.

Jan: haan tum ne mujhe bohat pareshan kiya and whenever I called shekhar he always said that u were at ur friend’s house. I wonder which friend u have in calfornia.

Ohhh so Mr.Roy didn’t even think before lying to my mom. I was hurt.

Swa: yeah mom I’m at my friend’s place, she was my childhood friend and now shifted to calfornia.

Jan: ohh then okay…..

Swa: okay mom talk to u later, bye love u take care.

Jan: bye baby 🙂

I cut the call hurriedly and called Mr. Roy, I needed my answers.

She: hey sanskar

How did he knew it was sanskar’s number?

Swa: nope I said coldly.

She: are swara beta

Swa: don’t call me beta, I was kidnapped and u don’t even notice??

I screamed at him I knew it wasn’t like a kidnap for me anymore but for him it had to be a kidnap and he didn’t even try to meet or talk to me when he knew where I was.

She: u weren’t kidnapped.

Swa: ohh so was it ur idea to bring me here without my consent?

I snapped at him being hurt that he didn’t even care how I was all this time.

She: no swara u r misunderstanding me….

Swa: then y are u ok with letting me stay by sanskar’s house? Y havent u tried to find me when u found out I was missing?

I was badly hurt and almost choking.

She: no its not like that at first I thought u ran away and was about to go looking for u but then sanskar called me and explained.

Swa: then y didn’t u try to meet me, if u knew I was here??

No answer.

Swa: we’ll can u please at least explain me bcoz I still don’t know y sanskar bought me here and I deserve to know.

She: it’s not my place to tell u. I cant I’m sorry.

Swa: everyone around me knows the reason including u but no one even cares to explain.

I yelled.

She: I understand but….

Swa: no noo noooo Mr. Roy no u don’t understand me… never and never will. And how could u even understand me? Have u even been a father to me ? No ryt? then stop acting like
u understand me so damn well.

I hung up the phone immediately not listening to his reply.

I know was so rude to him today but I can’t help it.

My cute kidnapper is so caring unlike him. He can’t even see me sad. And here is my father who doesn’t give a damn.

I know he left me and my mom, but he should at least care enough about me to make sure I’m ok, even if someone told him that I would be okay.

Doesn’t he have that minimum concern for me?

He should have at least had responsibility towards me, when I’m here to stay with him for few days.

And then even he knew the reason y I was bought here.

Not anymore I need my answers ryt now…..

I marched out of the room to confront sanskar.


I was watching tv with lucky when swara came towards us marching and stood in front of us folding her hands near her chest.

Lucky: ummm sorry to tell u swara but u are not made of glass that I will be able to watch tv, even when u block my view.

He said in a casual tone. I smacked his head and turned towards my love. Who had a blank expression.

But wait… y was she looking so pale? Was she crying?

I stood up and cupped her face.

San: what’s wrong love? Were u crying?

I asked being worried.

Swa: I need answers NOW…..

She said looking into my eyes.

I was shocked….. this was thing I feared about……

To be continued……………………
Precap: swara’s past and promo part
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