My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-4

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Okay so few of u might wonder y Swara is not angry with Sanskar though she has been bought forcefully, so this part would clear all your doubts.

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And be aware bachha log today’s episode is a bit romantic not too much 😉

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Chapter 4

Sw: omg wat is that!!!!!!!!!

She yelled pointing at something and me being the biggest dumbo turned to that side.

And here she started running again.

Shitt!!!!! She made a fool out of us my wolf growled and we started running behind her.

She was running upstairs and entered into a room but……

Sw: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

She screamed closing her eyes tightly with her hands and ran out of it.

San: what happened love?? I asked her being worried.

She pointed towards the room with her eyes still closed.

Sw: par hua ky…… I was asking her but my words got stuck when I looked towards that direction and the scene made me horrified. 😮

San: LAKSHHHHHH!!!!!!! I did not need to see that my mate doesn’t either.

I yelled at him pulling my mate behind me.

Such a creep he is dancing half naked with only the towel on him.

Lak: Hehehe sorry bhai….. he said scratching his head sheepishly.

Niti: Chiiiiiii laksh how many times do I have to tell u not to scare the shit out of people in THIS way.

My little sissy said coming towards us and making faces to laksh.

And here still this fellow is smiling being embarrassed.

Niti(screaming): close the blo*dy door u idiot!!!

Lak: sorryyy he mumbled and closed the door.

San: Love I’m….. I started saying

Sw: SWARA…. She whined.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at her kiddish behavior.

Ohhhhh god how cute she looks.

San: okay… Swara.. I’m sorry on my little brother’s behalf, he did not intend to scare u lyk dat.

I apologized to her.

But ……. She just ignored me…….


Ohhh so this Half-naked person who scared the shit out of me is laksh.

But wait what ??????

Mate???? What the hell did that mean???

I’m soo confused, this cutie (sanskar guys she gave a pet name to him hehe) doesn’t tell me why he had bought me here. Chalo maan liya ki usne mujhe kidnap nahi kiya kyun ki
he didn’t harm me instead trying to take care of me.

But what does this mate thing mean, and more over this half naked dancing person has scared me.

I’m so confused, scared and attracted to this cutie at the same time.

What am i supposed to do? I jus want to go to mom and cry in her lap 🙁

I was so immersed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice another person standing here with us.

Wait……… it was a girl and she’s the same girl that walked into my room in the morning.

When I was observing her, my kidnapper started apologizing to me looking at me so lovingly….

God great!!! Why does he look at me lyk that.

He doesn’t know what he is doing to me 🙁

My heart started fluttering.

Only I know how hard it is to control myself from getting attracted and lost in those eyes of his.

Uffffff heyyy bhagwaaaaan bahchale mujhe kysi musibat mein dal dia mujhe…….

“Guys even I’m here” I didn’t even realize that we were lost in each other’s eyes until the girl snapped at us.

So I just ignored him and spoke to the girl

Sw: ummmm ughh so were u kidnapped too???

I put forward my doubt to her.

She chuckled and asked me

Niti: so u are the wonderful Swara I heard about?

Sw: the one and only………. I mumbled

She laughed 😀

Niti: no I wasn’t kidnapped


Sw: we’ll then why would u be in this house??

I asked being more confused and also a bit scared if she is cutie’s gf… no no swara isa kuch nai hai seedha seedha soch (getting jealous huh)

[*** guys swara doesn’t know his name till now so she herself named him as cutie… huh crazy girl ;)***]

Niti: becoz these two idiots are my brothers

She said sounding sad. Thank god my thinking was wrong.

Sw: ooooo well I’m so sorry 🙁

I said and sounded sad.

Niti: for?

Sw: having to live with mentally disabled people.

I said in a sympathetic tone.

Her brother groaned and she smirked then fake sobbed.

Niti: I…. I know it is so hard to handle these babies u know

she wiped her fake tears.

Lollll I’m liking this girl a drama queen just like me 🙂

San: shut up niti

He whined which made me laugh more.

Sw: hey so u r niti….. so.. I’ll call u nittu done? 😀 😉

Niti: cooool… I jus love to be called lyk that. 😀

Cutie cleared his throat to gain our attention.

Awweeee so cute 😉

Sw: awwww so the baby dumbo doesn’t like to be ignored.

I teased him in a baby voice and nittu laughed out loud.

Niti: ohh my god Sanky bhaiiii, I love her!!!!

Sw: hmm Sanky sounds hot…. 😉

I murmured to myself, at least I thought I murmured to myself.

But no he had to listen it. Great just great

San: Hmm not bad so u think I’m hot?? 😉

[Sanky rocked swara shocked]

He said with a wide smirk on his face.

San: Sanskar is my name. U can call me whatever u want or however u like.

He said as he started coming closer to me.

Now my heart beat rose.

“sanskar” ye konsi angle se sanskari ladka hai, he is making me go crazy over him

I immediately shook my head

Sw: why would I think my kidnapper is hot??

He groaned again.

San: Love, get this through your little brain, I didn’t kidnap you.

Sw: and Sanskar

I stopped when I saw him shudder when I said his name.

Woww who knew I had that kind of effect on him, I will definitely use that later (hehe naughty devil)

[***guys a wolf has that shuddering effect on him when his mate calls him by his name for the very first time***]

Sw: call me love one more time and i’ll cut ur hair.

I threatened him.

San: sissy help me here

He whined and she laughed.

Niti: He didn’t kidnap u, but I don’t agree with the way he bought u here.

Saying this she hit his hand.

Sw: hmmm okay but u need to fix that up.

I told him and he looked confused.

Sw: That growling or groaning whatever sound in ur throat. Is something wrong with ur throat? matlab koi health issue hai kya?

I asked being serious.
They both looked at each other and nittu bursted out laughing.

Nittu was literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Sw: what??? i asked being confused.

San: nothing love

There we go again LOVE.

I tried giving him my style of growl but it came more like a funny sound.

Now it was his turn to rofl.

I frowned and stomped my foot.

I made my way to the living room and sat on the couch and sanskar plopped down next to me

Sw: why did u bring me here?

I asked him. I really had no idea I mean if he didn’t want to harm me why did he bring me here.

Its definitely not for money bcoz he himself owns such a big house which is much bigger than Mr.Roy’s house.

But wait…. I got it

Sw: wait I know I know

I screamed and jumped in excitement. He gave me an amused expression.

San: okay please tell me what u know…

I smiled and said

Sw: my dad is a spy and so is my mom and my life is in some sort of danger so they hired u to protect me ryt?? Just lyk it happens in movies??? 😀

I almost jumped on him in excitement.

But he chuckled and patted my cheek which I loved.

He is spoiling me by his care and pamper, which I always wished to get from my dad. 🙁

He held my hands and sighed.

San: I wish I could tell u but I will tell in time when u r ready to face it.

I just rolled my eyes.

Sw: sanskar u can tell me I’m not a kid I can face anything.

I tried to explain him.

But he just smilingly nodded his head in negative and side hugged me.

I feel… I feel so protected in his arms.

I feel secured and loved with this cutie after my mom.

At Mr. Roy’s home I felt suffocated. But even though cutie kidnapped me I feel so safe with him.

“my cute kidnapper”

My thought process was disturbed when his soft lips brushed against my ear.

San: but I want u to know something

He whispered to me.

I felt sparks going down my spine and shuddered from the contact that left a heated sensation in me.

Omgggg swara control urself.

I gulped and asked him

Sw: and what is that?

I tried looking into his eyes thinking that I wouldn’t get caught.

But I was once again lost in his eyes. I just want to run my hands over through his hair.

Swara chup kar

And then suddenly he said still looking into my eyes,


I gasped. I was shocked, confused, dumbfounded and what not. But something in me wanted to jump with joy…..



San: u r mine only mine

When I said those words to her expression was worth watching. 🙂

And I’m sure somewhere even she is attracted to me and feels the connection with me.

San: which means no boy talks to u but me looks at u but me… u got that love??

I said huskily in her ear.

Ugrrrrrrrrrr its hard to control myself with her being so close to me.

Its hard to suppress my wolf’s urge to kiss her hard.

Sw: I’m nobody’s I’m just me, my own, u don’t own me

She snapped at me.

San: u r mine and no one can change that.

I told her again.

Sw: where is my room I need to rest

She quickly stood up and said being angry.

Its fun to see her angry.

I smiled and called niti to show her room and I myself followed them.

Niti: so this is ur room swara. Jus call me u need anything 🙂

Sw: sure thank u 🙂

As she was about to close the door I stopped her.

San: this room across ur’s is my room. I’ll be there if u need anything love.

I said and kissed her cheek and left



San: this room across ur’s is my room. I’ll be there if u need anything love.

He said and kissed my cheek. 😮

I froze and a heated blush crept on to my face.

I unfroze when he closed the door of his room.

I quickly closed mine and took a deep breath.

Omggg what was that.

“swara chal u need to wash your face” I thought and washed my face.

But still I could only think about our proximity

Ohh godddd 😮

“Swara take a shower otherwise u won’t be able to get out of his thoughts” I told to myself and got into the shower.

After the bath, I wrapped the towel around me and stepped out of bathroom.

Great just great I don’t have any damn clothes to wear.

Par ab kya karoon.

Mom is right I’m still a kid who doesn’t know how to wash her face without wetting her top.

I quickly wore my shorts and again wrapped the towel around me.

Slowly opened the door and peaked out, then quietly opened sanskar’s door and peaked in, thank god he’s sleeping.

Aww he looks so cute when he is asleep. I had to bite back a laugh as I made my way to one of his dresses in the closet.

I silently opened it and slowly pulled out a plane white t-shirt that can look like a dress on me.

I was about to close the door, when two arms wrapped around my waist picked me up and put me on bed.

I was startled. Then I saw sanskar smirking and hovering over me, but with a distance between us.

San: why r u in my room

He asked huskily.

Sw: uhhhh umm u see when u bought me here I didn’t have time to bring my clothes. And I dint want to disturb any one at this time and I was scared to go down stairs alone so… u
know I thought…

I was fumbling with my words out of nervousness bcoz of our close proximity, when he cut me and said

San: thought of wearing my clothes. Isn’t it?

He said running his finger over my face.

I was already blushing and closed my eyes, but thank god there was only bed light and the rest of the room was dark so he can’t see red cheeks.

Sw: huhhhh noo.. yes.. umm

I tried pushing him. I huffed stupid iron chest.

Sw: Get up u iron man…… I scowled.

San: why I’m loving ur company……. He said with his trade mark super gorgeous se*y smile in that dim light.

Shittt swara.. what’s wrong with u…

Sw: we’ll I’m uncomfortable……and umm practically u see.. I told u I have no clothes to wear…. I hope u remember……………… I stated

San: I know sweetheart, that is why I’m enjoying your company more

He said and leaned into my neck and placed light feathery kisses on my collar bone.

I gasped and by now I was breathing heavily.

Why the hell I didn’t want him to stop????????

He was showering kisses all over my neck.

I wanted him to continue….. at the same time didn’t want that to happen

He kissed my cheeks, nose and finally kissed my forehead lovingly.

Yes… Lovingly I could feel it in his kiss on my forehead.

I slowly opened my eyes just to see him staring at me and he said

San: I would never force myself on u love. I know u r attracted to me but I don’t want things to happen this way. And I’m sorry if hurt u.

I was shocked at his statement.

He then lifted me bridal style, took me to my room, placed me on my bed and handed over his t-shirt and said.

San: Now stop stressing ur little brain too much and sleep love

He said and again pecked my head. Then he left the room closing the door.

What has he done to me just in a day??? I wondered

I changed into his t-shirt and went to sleep with a smile on my face which is undoubtedly becoz of MY CUTE KIDNAPPER 🙂 🙂

To be continued………………….

Boy: where is swara???

Shekhar(hesitatingly): umm uhh she’s she’s missing……..

Boy(angry and shouting): whaaattttt?????? she is missing and u didn’t even try to find her. U know what Mr. Roy u don’t deserve to be called a father.

Who is the boy?

Is he sanskar or any other guy?

I know guys precap doesn’t sound much interesting but trust me there’s a promo coming up with a twist in the story 😉

So keep waiting for the promo and next part till tomorrow.

I hope ur doubts are cleared, if not please comment ur doubts and I’d be glad to clear them.

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