My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-3

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Chapter 3


I woke up mad at something.
“The sun”……… patha nai sun god ko mujhse kya dushmani hai, mujhe sone hi nai dete huh.

I turned to the other side and tried to sleep….


Wait kal tho mai kidnap hui thi na :O :O

That too by that CUTE KIDNAPPER……….

Damn it shut up swara he is ur kidnapper stop calling him “cute” my mind snapped at me……

But he is “too damn cute” to be not called cute… my heart said dreamily and pouted….

Excuse me!!!!! Even I’m here will u both stop it…. I frowned irritated….

But then I observed the room……

Omg…. Definitely my cutie kidnapper is too rich…. May be more than Mr.Roy….

Varna kidnap karke aisi jagah pe koun layega… a place with interior design, I thought to myself.

But I’m not going to keep quiet how dare he kidnap ME……., SWARA BOSE, galat insane se panga leliya usne (haha maasoom bachhi, she doesn’t know she is going to fall in love with him)

Vo mujhe purane godown wali dark room me band kiye ya, luxurious room mei, I don’t care, I have to escape from here par kaisee?????

I ran to the door and tried opening it but damn it is locked form outside.

Soch swara soch

Yeahh window….. 😀 I smiled at my brilliant idea!!!!

I ran over to the window. But wowww….. it’s a glass window which is fixed and cant be opened.

I hit myself on my head for thinking my idea as a brilliant one huh…. (haha crazy girl)

Kidnap kiya tho he won’t be so stupid to keep the window open for me to escape.

Ab kya karee…… suddenly I heard opening of door knob.

ohh freakkkk 😮

I jumped on the bed and pretended to sleep.

“Good morning Love” I heard the cute kidnapper say.

Ugrrrr why does he always have to call me with that thing(love)

“She’s still asleep. Let her sleep for some time” then I heard another voice…… wait it was of a girl.

Then I heard the door getting closed,

After making sure they were not here anymore I sat with many questions popping up in my mind.

Is that girl also kidnapped like me? (humari kind-hearted swara 🙁 )

I hope she’s okay 🙁

But why is she talking normally to him?

Why did they even kidnap me?

Why did they not do anything to me?

They didn’t harm me, instead put me in a luxurious room and letting me sleep for more time.

Omg……. Are they going to kill me??? My eyes widened on the realization. 😮

But wait…… Cute boy, kidnapper tho hai par murderer? Nahh nai ho sakta……..if they wanted to do so they would have killed me long back 😐
(Dekha guys abhi se itini trust uske cute kidnapper pe hehe)

Whatever it is I have to escape…….

Idea!!!!!!! I searched for something so that I can break the glass window. Yeah there it is a metal vase… PERFECT!!

CRACKKKK……….. I broke the window.

Wah swara u r strong 😉 Ek hi mar pe u broke the glass…

Enough of self-praisal… ab bhaggg…. I thought and climbed on the window

Shittttt!!!! Noooo….. Gooodddddd y meee??????? I screamed realizing I was on second floor…

I gulped, again did I mention I am scared of heights????? 😮

Then I heard footsteps approaching my room…

quick swara quick kuch kar

There it is I saw a tree adjacent to the window, now I’m gonna jump on that tree and escape

Hahaaha jab thak vo log 2nd floor se neeche aayenge by then I will be running away I beamed with happiness at that thought….

I heard the door opening…. Shitt I muttered.

Come on swara jumppppp…. and that’s ittt

I Caught hold of a branch edge and slowly I was reaching to its middle

But guess watt it had to breakk

“ohh nooo” I closed my eyes tight fearing I would fall down and die.

Haha but the branch broke inch by inch and I fell down from a little height…..

Aowwww my back hurts but its okay no bruises.


On realizing that I was on ground safe and sound, I looked up at window from which I jumped and stuck my tongue to the cute kidnapper and his monkeys(ady nad lucky).

I was about to run when he jumped..!!! I mean literally jumped from the window 😮

no grabbing of the tree nothing, but that wasn’t the amazing part, the amazing part was he landed on his feet, just in front of me.

Perfectly fine,

And when he was approaching me I couldn’t stop myself

Sw: OMG…. U . R . A . SPIDER MAN aren’t u?????????

I asked being amazed, with my mouth wide open and eyes popping out 😮

He rolled his eyes and instead picked me up and put me over his shoulder and started walking.

“u monkey…. Put me down…” I yelled at him

San: hey jus now u called me spider man didn’t u???

Sw: so u r a REAL spider man…. ???

San: umm nope I’m not

Sw: noo?? Then u might be a super man….

I said and he chuckled

“hey u stupid girl instead of escaping u r having an idiotic conversation with him” my mind yelled at me.

Sw: oyee chodo mujhe… I scremed

San: why?? I’m loving and enjoying ur touch…. Even u r enjoying am I ryt?

Suddenly I realized my cheeks turning hot…… omg I’m blushing again.

“say it swara say it that even u enjoy his touch” my heart said

“shut up u insensible creature” my mind snapped at it.

Sw: no I don’t I said.

He chuckled at it.

Sw: pervert

I murmured

San: hey I’m only few years elder to u

Sw: u don’t know how old I am

San: how old are u?

Sw: 20

San: and I’m 24 he said and chuckled

Sw: still a pervert I scowled

San: only for U

Sw: I hate u 😐

San: I love u too love 😉

I frowned.

Sw: Swara my name is Swara

He didn’t reply instead started whistling.

Huh why only this cutie had to be the kidnapper….


As I was carried to the front of the house, I was dumbfounded, and must admit it was way too bigger than Mr. Roy’s.

This is where I’m gonna stay, I must say its really too damn pretty for a kidnapper’s home.

And then he put me down. I was already admiring the interiors.

San: u like it??

Sw: No I lied being stubborn.

He rolled his eyes. Why does he always have to do that I’m getting lost in those eyes.

Sw: but its nice for a kidnappers home I said looking around.

San: I dint kidnap u

Sw: yeah forcefully taking someone against their will is not kidnapping , I scoffed.

San: a kidnapper is dangerous and harmful to u.

Sw: and u r not?? I questioned him.

He directly looked into my eyes and said

San: no I would never hurt u even in my dreams

I searched his eyes for any sign of lying but there was only truth in those eyes.

Sw: then y did u kidnap me

I yelled being frustrated.

San: I I… didn’t 🙁

There we go, again the same answer

Suddenly I came up with another plan

Sw: omg wat is that!!!!!!!!!

I yelled pointing at something and he being the biggest dumbo turned to that side.

Not knowing where to go I ran upstairs. And he started to run after me.

I ran into the first room, but what… I saw was frightening.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed closing my eyes with my hands and loud enough to startle everyone 😮

To be continued……………

Niti: OMG…. I love her sanky bhai 😀

Swara: hmmm sanky sounds hot (she murmured to herself) 🙂

Sanky: ohh so u think I’m hot??? (with a wide grin) 😉

What did Swara see??? Keep guessing 😀
So here is the next part on demand 🙂
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