My CUTE Kidnapper (SWASAN) Chap-2

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Chapter 2



“Wooohoooo” I screamed as I bolted down the road, the wind making my hair go wild, it is truly amazing to roam around.

I was hungry so I stopped at a place for dinner which seemed lyk an Indian restaurant.

I ordered 1 panner tikka, 1 chicken dum biryani, 1 fish fry, 1 mutton masala, malai kofta, rasmalai aaandd I big bucket of chocolate vanilla ice cream…… Haha that lady at the reception was repeatedly asking me if it was only for me, wen I said yes, lol… haahaha uska expression dekhne layak tha hahahaha 😀

I jus love food, if I could marry it trust me I would do that 😀 , but I cant 

I payed the bill and made my way to the s*xy devil i.e., my benz.

I got into it and was about to start, jus then I saw a black Bugatti.

Goooddd here everyone is rich huh….

I didn’t care but the people that came out of it caught my attention.

3 boys came out of it all were good luking but one caught my breath.

Ohh god ye kya hora hai mujhe 😮

He was absolutely handsome nai nai I don’t even have words to describe him.

He had dark brownish-black hair, straight nose, perfect shaped kissable lips… chi swara kya soch rahi hai tu.. I mentally hit myself.

And his eyes… huh lets not talk about it.. 😐

****ik ladke ko dekha to aisa laga….****

I felt lyk my own female version started playing in the background……..

His well build body….. omgggggg I’m drooling over him :O

Maybe I have been staring him from long time suddenly he saw me and that was wen I skipped my heart-beat and we had an eye-lock.

It seemed like world has paused for a moment, with only me and him looking at each other.

I jus wanted to jump on him and hug him 🙂

What the hell swaraaaa……. Paagal hogay hai tu, u don’t even know him. This time my hit myself hard on my head n that’s wen I came into my senses and immediately drove away

What was that, my cheeks turned shade of red ….. shit I’m blushing …..Omgg I’m going nuts

But still (dreamily) those intense eyes………… those kissable lips…. And…….. SHIT!!!!

Stop swara stop shutup!!!!

WTH is wrong with u

Haan pehle jaake ek horror movie dekthti hu then ye “cute boy” bhi yaah nai ayega cool



My bro Laksh wants me go on a party with him.

“get lost” I told him, he is such a party freak

Laksh: Sanky bhai plzzz….. don’t be sooo boring all the tym. Who knows u may find ur mate 😉

Aadarsh: chod na use u chal mere saath

My twin bro told him, but only one word caught my attention “MATE”

Sanskar: Hey guys wait I’m coming

I told them I don’t know what caught me all of a sudden, maybe the “mate” thing 🙂

“wohoo” lucky whined like a child.

As we were on the way suddenly my bro said he is hungry and want to have something

San: Laksh ab mu khola na mu tod dunga tera

I warned him crazy fellow

Lak: par bahi plzzzzz…….. dekh bhai I know u love me so much, look there’s an Indian restaurant there

San: okay fine…. I said defeated

As soon as I pulled into the restaurant, I smelt a strong scent of vanilla and strawberry.

I never smelt anything like it, whatever it was I felt my wolf going crazy then I saw it.

My breath hitched, it was a girl.

She was… was….. absolutely, breath taking 😮 beautiful long black hair, cute button nose, the most pink cute lips and then the huge brown doe eyes which held me captivated.

Then my wolf started screaming something to me that had me and him jump in joy. 😀 😀

“MATE” my wolf screamed.

I immediately had the sudden urge to pull her towards me kiss her hard and breathless.

I was about to walk over to her Lucky snapped me back to earth and started dragging me inside.

We went and sat but I was still thinking about my beautiful mate.

Lak: bahi who was that hot girl u were staring at??

“mine” I growled at him and he looked taken aback.

Ady(Aadarsh): Bro I’m glad u found ur mate.

He hugged me.

Lak: ohh my bad mujhe nai patha chala sorry bro.

Lucky said sheepishly.

I got up and said I’m gonna trace her with her scent. Come on I cant stay away from my mate.

My wolf is going crazy over her.

Ady: looks Alpha is so desperate to find his Luna :p

Ady teased.

Lak: bahi I didn’t have my dinner.

I glared him and my wolf growled at him.

Lak: uhhhh…. Umm fine fine chalo tri Luna ko dhoondte hai.

And we got up and left to find my Luna.



As soon as I reached home I spoke with akki for some time.

Then Mr and Mrs Roy asked me join them for a party but I refused.

So I was left alone at home.

Yesssss!!!!!!!!! This is the ryt time to watch my horror movie.

I quickly made some popcorn for myself and then settled on the couch in living room.

“wow!! This sofa is so soft and comfortable” I thought jumping on it.

I was so immersed in my movie that forgot my surroundings.

“no no don’t go into that closet” I screamed at the TV, as if the girl in the movie would listen to me.

“Aaahhhhh” I screamed spilling the popcorn on the floor.

I am watching that scene again and again.

Akele horror movie dekhne ka maza hi kuch aur hai hehehe 😀

“Ooh no no no…” I screamed closing my eyes as the girl gets thrown here and there.

Ding dong…

I jumped out of my place startled.

Sw: agrrrrrr

I went and opened the door with my eyes still on the TV.

Sw(still looking at the TV): Kya hai jaldi bolo

Look I don’t have time I have to watch my “Grudge” movie on my comfy sofa with my popcorn.
Dekho meri bechari popcorn baby kaise dekkh rahi hai mujhe(pouts) I said

I Didn’t get any reply instead I heard a growl.

“Yeh kya isko throat mei problem hai kya” I thought to myself and looked at him.

What I saw made me freeze at my place, even before I could come out of it that man hugged me tightly and that sent shivers down my spine.

OMGGGG my “cute boy” here…….. and hugging me I wanted to hug back…….. but….. wait a minute I don’t even know him.

“leave me” I shrieked and struggled to get free, he didn’t instead he murmured “MINE” in a s*xy voice.


I hit him hard in his stomach and closed the door at his face and started running inside.

Ohh shittt!!!!!! My baby my popcorn….. I went back into the hall and bought my popcorn bucket( haaahaha crazy girl…….. bukkad kahiki)

I was terrified as he started pounding on my front door, with every pound house was shaking…. :O

What is he any Hulk?????????

He would definitely come inside…. Isi liye I ran out of the back door and jumped off the fence and sneaked to the side of the house, I can still see all the 3 guys who were at the restaurant.

And that cute boy was still pounding on the door, and suddenly he spotted me…

Freakkkk noooo shittt!!!! I yelled and started running again.

But alas!!!!! He caught me this time and picked me in bridal style.

Sw: “put me down u idiot” I screamed and started hitting on his chest but… aww it hurts, my hand hurts….

Sw: “what are u? Iron man?” I puffed out “stupid iron chest” I murmured as I didn’t get any reply.

Sw:“what do u want money? My dad is rich he will give u money” I started pleading.

San: “I don’t want money love I want U” he said with his s*xy voice.

Why is he so cute and hot at the same time????? I thought

[remember guys she is still in his arms]

Sw(crossing her arms): first of all boy….. I’m not anyone’s love my name is Swara, get that?

I snapped at him and he chukled and carried me to his car placed me inside though I was wiggling.

He sat next to me, then reality hit me, I Swara Bose have just been kidnapped by a super cute and hot man “shit” I murmured and started to panic and I was feeling suffocated and not able to breathe.

I gasped for air. “what’s wrong love” my CUTE KIDNAPPER sounded worried then everything went blank.



As soon as we left the restaurant, we searched for a while and stood in front of a big mansion. Though it was not as huge as mine.

Ady: Dude I wonder how our future luna looks like

Lak: Probably hot

My wolf growled at him for speaking about her like that, only I have that right (already being possessive hehe).

I finally knocked on her door and I can smell her scent and I can sense my wolf going crazy again.

Then she opened the door still not looking at me.

Ohh my……… how cute she looks said my wolf being impatient to hug her closer.

Ady: Dude she’s a human.

Lak: Control ur wolf bro.

My bros murmured. But my wolf didn’t pay any heed and pulled her in to a hug and nuzzled into her soft hair and growled “mine” softly.

She tried to pull away and that angered my wolf.

Lak: Sanky she’s a human she doesn’t understand leave her

My little bro whispered.

She then hit me and I fell down.

“my strong little kitten” I mumbled. And heard giggles of the two bastards.

But now that I found my mate, I’m not going to let her go.

After showing all her cute tantrums, now she’s beside me in my car, with me. 🙂

And that sounded peaceful to me 🙂

But wait why is she gasping for air??? :O

“what’s wrong love?” I asked her being worried. 🙁

She then passed out in my arms.

San: Lucky drive home faasttt……. I yelled at him.

No no no freaking noo….. I can’t see my love like that

To be continued………………

Precap: Swara(to sanky): U are a spider man aren’t u?

He rolls his eyes and puts her on his shoulder.

Sw: I hate U

San: I love u too love

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