THE CURSY KEYS SWARAGINI EPISODE 6 by janvi vyas last episode

hey guys this is my last and long episode……..
after 1 month of sanlak’s death swaragini feels secure with sahil ……They accepted sahil as their hubby…..
sahil is going to fight the battle and gives the bunch of keys and says
this are the keys of the closed door and never ever dare to open the door
and goes

at jungle
sanlak hugs rivanya and says you are the god for us …Thank
rivanya: sanlak whenever you want us then recall our name we will be able to you ….
sanlak leave
at palace
swaragini gives holiday to all their servant and goes to that room and opens the door they are horrified to see the horrible sight…In that room there are hanging thousands of skeleton …They quickly get out of the door….
They are also scared to see blood on door and keys and they cleans up the blood of the door and starts cleaning the blood of keys but all in the vain….
soon sahil comes and asks for the keys and swaragini gives it to him …..
sahil: have you gone to that room

swara: if we don’t have gone than we are not able to see your face …..
sahil: so how dare you and now you have to pay for it like my those beautiful but dafar wives have done
ragini: which wives
sahil: those who are locked in that room they also done the same so I killed them…ll
and stabb raginiwith his sword
ragini :; aahhhahahhhhh!!!!
swara:: ragini wake up ragini…
sahil : swara it’s your turn
sahil was about to kill her but a strong hand hold his hand
swara: sankaar!!*!
sahil: how can you be alive your were murdered by rajat….
sankaar: it is the long story ….
swara: laksh save my ragini please
laksh: swara you go and bring some medicine
sanskaar beats sahil and laksh stabb him off ….
The trio were helpless as ragini is not waking up …..
laksh recalls rivanya name and rivanya comes to them with a medicinal herbs and apply it to ragini stomach …
soon ragini was in conscious state and seeing laksh hugs him……..

and after a week they are married

the firSt night of marriage
comes and swasan and raglak commumate their first night ….
and swasan and raglak are royal family of Solomon Islands
soon after a year swasan are blessed with a twin baby boy and girl
raglak with a baby boy ….
swasan names their babies
sanskriti and sanlak
And raglak



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