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Episode 2

Soon as swaragini come out of their college the 2 strong hands pull them inside a car and swaragini are horrified at this activity and soon they see 2 man with black face mask
Both are sitting quite and swarA broke the silence and start screaming for help and suddenly a man removes his mask and kisses swara’s chick
Swara : sanskaar it was you ….are you mad … do you know how much I was scared. …I hate you….
Sanskaar : so sorry swara but it was lucky to plan this….

Laksh removes his mask and ragini start beating himm

Ragini : laksh please drop us home our mom and dad will be waiting for us
Laksh : bhai i remember that I and you have taken permission from shekhar uncle and matilda aunty …
Sanskaar : ya you are very right. .
Ragini: sanskaar please say to some people that I want to go home
Swara: laksh you also do the same

Sanlak understand what swaragini are talking about

Sanlak say sorry and swaragini also agrees
Soon they reaches a place which is well decorated


Sanskaar sits down on knees and says
Swara I love you more than my life you are morning and evening will you marry me

Swara : Let me think nmmmmmm I will not….

To be continued. ..

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