My cursed tadi – A Shivika Os

Heya readers ! I m here with another weird idea of mine. Couldnt stop thinking of it so wrote it for satisfaction. Please tolerate my writing. ?
Time: A year after marriage of Anika and Vikram. Shivaay didnt stop the marriage and Anika DID become Mrs. Vikram Aditya Thapar. After Shivaay got Anika and Vikram married, he started writing a diary entry everyday. He hid the diary from his family to hide his lonliness and guilt. This is one of the entries which he wrote recently……

Dear diary,
I m Shivaay. You must be knowing me for sure. Let me share my burden with you . A year back, on this particular day, my life changed totally. This whole thing started after I saw Vikrams ring in Anika’s finger. Ragini told me that she had found the ring on the floor , which meant that Anika had disrespected our relationship. How stupid was I to listen to that Nagini! Oh that word used by Gauri, Rudra and Anika was right….Oh, Anika. My Anika. Now I cant even call her MINE. I have no right on her.She told me that she wasnt behind the exchanging of the rings. But, I didnt listen to her, off course. How could I listen to her, I was in my tadi. I still forced her into marriage with Vikram. She tried to tell me so many times that she didnt want to marry him…..but I, I still forced her. We, we had cancelled the marriage…I was so freaking happy….but after that the rings were exchanged..and this was done by that Nagini Malhotra. This all happened because of that ring. That damned ring…..
Anika kept giving me signs that she didn’t want to leave me. I knew that she loved me but I didnt admit it in my tadi…Om..Om was right. He had told me that if we seperated this time, we would never be able to unite again. The same happened. I and Anika cannot reunite now. Gauri kept postponing the rituals, she kept on giving me chances to confess my love to Anika. All of them tried their best to make me understand that I LOVED ANIKA. I understood, but did not admit because of my tadi…..and yes, how can I forget the ‘truth’ .Yes…that evil truth, because of which, MY Anika was ready to even sacrifice her happiness. Because of that truth, Anika married Vikram….it broke my heart into a thousand pieces. On the wedding day, I felt like my life ending. But still I stayed quiet. Thank you tadi..
Two weeks after the marriage, I came to know about Ragini and her intensions…and how she instigated me against my Anika. That day was the second worst day of my life, first being the day of Anika and Vikram’s marriage. It was bad not because Ragini’s intensions had been found, it was because I lost Anika. Again.
Today, a whole year has passed…but I dont know anything about MY Anika. Everyone has been searching for her….but there is no sign of my Anika. The past one year has been so cruel to me, everything seems incomplete without Anika. Anika….where are you? Please come back to me…please…
(End of entry)
Tears escaped Shivaay’s eyes and blotted some of the ink on that page of the diary.

After a few days, when Shivaay was sitting in his room with his mind engrossed in his work,
Rudra comes there….
Rudra ” Bhaiya……”
Shivaay looks up excitedly and says,” Yes..tell me Rudra, did you find my Anika ?”
As he proceeded with his sentence, his voice became softer, more concerned and guilty.
Rudra looked at the other side, not wanting to look into his Bhaiya’s eyes and replied,
” No bhaiya”.
Shivaays eyes again filled up with tears as he recollected all types of moments he had spent with Anika.
Rudra’s pov
My poor bhaiya…Now how will I tell him that we cant find Anika bhabhi…we cant find Bhabhi because, because she is no more…and all this happened because of him. I had met Vikram and he told me that just after a few days of marriage, Anika bhabhi had gone into depression and while walking on the road she had an accident. She could be saved but herself chose to die because she couldnt live without Bhaiya. I will not tell this to bhaiya not because he will grieve over Bhabhi’s death , but he will think himself to be responsible and do something to himself. No…bhabhi never wanted bhaiya to break. I wont tell this to bhaiya, never.
End of pov.

Shivaay’s pov
I know Rudra , that MY Anika is no more and I also know that I am the one responsible for this. I cant ever forgive myself for that. But I dont want to tell this to you and the family because all of them were so attached to Anika that they will all shatter if I tell this to them. Rudra and Om have so much hope of finding his bhabhi, dadi and papas have so much hope of finding their bahu. So was the ideal bahu, ideal bhabhi, ideal wife…and ideal lover. I so wish I could just tell her that I LOVE HER. But now I cant say it…But Anika I LOVE YOU. Wherever you are, I hope you are fine. I am sorry Anika. I m sorry.
End of Shivaay’s pov

Rudra and Shivaay looked at each other, gave a faint smile and went about their work, hoping that someday they would gather courage and tell it to each other, obviously not knowing that they knew it already. Somewhere in some parallel universe, Anika looked down and smiled at the Obros and wished for their happiness and love forever….
Guys please let me know what you think about it. It means a lot to me and motivates me to write more. Thank you for reading….

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  1. Jerry_36

    Wow Pui ! It was so beautifully written, totally adored it. Emotions were perfect at their place. Keep it up. Love you❤

    1. Pui

      Thank u Jerry ! Means a lot…
      Luv u infinity ❤❤

  2. That’s it is anika really died

    1. Pui

      Yess….Anika really died !

  3. SatyendraSharma

    Plzzzzz don’t let anika die.After all she is the only one who gives takkar to shivay.The plot was awesome ❤❤❤❤

    1. Pui

      Thank u 🙂

  4. Nita D

    Ya ya go on…..keep doing this….keep shattering my heart…..
    But seriously….Awesome….the emotions all beautifully penned…….

    1. Pui

      Sorry Di..if u are hurt by this.
      Thank u for ur appreciation ?

      1. Nita D

        Oh no dear why r u saying sorry…?
        Its so beautifully written….

      2. Pui

        Thank you Di! :”)


    1. Pui

      Thanks a ton UF. Means a lot !

  6. Alekhika20

    Beautiful os

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear !

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely and so emotional dear

    1. Pui

      Thank u Nikita Di ! 🙂

  8. Hkaur

    It was nice. I don’t want anika to be died. But ur os was beautiful

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear 🙂

  9. Nivika

    Beautifully written..keep it up…mindblowing os…???

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear ?

  10. Sairish

    I cried di..
    you are just amazing ..left me speechless
    the diary entry format was truly amazing …
    please don’t let annika die ??
    do give a sequel if can

    1. Pui

      Heya Sairish ! Thank u for all ur words….?
      Idk if I can write a sequel to this…I ll try anyway !

  11. Ankita27

    Emotional n beautifully written…
    Amazing OS..

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much dear ! It means a lot !

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