Cursed love!! The love after death (Chapter 2)

The Twilight fades away into darkness, The sun went for rest and the beautiful full moon arrived on the duty. Stars were adorning the sky anyone can get mesmerized seeing this beautiful scene.
It got 8 pm now.
Swara was sitting in her balcony, leaning her head to the wall.
Cool breeze was touching her gently. No matter how beautiful was that night was but for Swara it was an haunted one. Pearl shaped tears were coming from her big luminous eyes.
She closed her eyes and the flood of memories brimmed up in her mind.
But those memories were only giving her pain like someone is stabbing her heart with knife. Only pain was flowing in her veins.

She remembered the morning incident when someone asked her
” Do you love Sanskar?” This question was echoing in her ears continuously. She kept her hands on her ears and screamed:- Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!

She grabbed her phone quickly and opened a picture of her and Sanskar.

Her eyes brimmed up with tears and her vision became blur.
She started crying badly and closed her eyes.
Then the clock of her room stoke and Swara opened her eyes and saw it had been 12 midnight now.
She checked her phone and saw that the picture of swasan got changed with one another couple. They were Raglak!!!
Swa:- what is this?? Who are they??? Here it was mine and (she stopped before taking sanskar’s name)..
She again checked the phote but it was of hers and Sanskar’s only.
Swa:- Swara, you are dreaming..go and sleep.
She went in her room and slept after keeping her phone on side table.

Now Swara was sleeping and one soul came out from her phone! Yes it was ragini’s soul.Her white pearl like eyes were examining whole room and then Ragini’s eyes fall on Swara. She smirked seeing her. 
Rag(screamed):- Swara!!!!

With her scream all the glasses of window broke down and Swara wake up but didn’t found anyone. She became scared seeing the glasses broken.
Swara(in scared voice):- who…whoo…is.there????

Ragini laughed and with her laughter winds started blowing violently.

Then swara’s phone rang. Swara grabbed it and picked the call.
Swa:- H.. Hello!
San:- Swara..I love you

Swara became dumbstruck.
Ragini’s soul flew away from there.
On a mountain Raglak’s soul were sitting. Their eyes were filled with tears which were shining more in moonlight.
Rag:-Laksh, when we will get free from this curse?
Lak:- Soon Ragini!! These two will broke our curse.

Ragini smiled and both looked the moon.

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  1. Fenil

    Arey arey aa me su vanchyu !!:O
    Ketlu saras hatu , thodu darawnu pan thodu bhavuk pan.:|:,(
    pan je hatu e jordar hatu yrr.

    1. Yashu24

      Bhai ye kya bol rhe ho, kuch samaj nhi aaya.
      Marwadi aati hai Gujarati nhi

      1. Fenil


    2. Yashu24

      Kya hehehe bhai btao na kya bol rhe ho

      1. Fenil

        What i just read yrr..
        That was so good and lil scary for swara.
        Ragini’s scream was so loud hahaha.
        Jakkas chappy

  2. Amazing cappie Yashu…

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  5. Simi

    Nice dear ?

  6. Awesome

  7. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  8. Superb dear

  9. IQRA222

    yashu di totally fab episode
    though it was short one
    but did loved it
    why was my shona crying
    but ragu’s entry was hillarious
    last scene was interesting
    i am waiting eagerly for the next part
    so do update so
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of loveon

  10. Harinipriya

    veryyy interesting storyyyy Yashuu! :$ full of twists and turns!!!! 🙂 Wanna read more
    yashu,,,,,,,,so next part soon!! love u!! ummaahh!!!

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    amazing Mickey dear.

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  18. Jiyani

    Awesome episode….loved it

  19. It’s interesting episode dear and eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP

  20. Soumya85

    Wow yashu superb episode
    Just loved it
    Amazing one siso
    Yeah little scary but add more horror in it?
    I’m angry on you mai episodes miss kar deti agar tera account check nai karti to?pls mujhe link send kar diya kar pls i don’t want to miss your ffs ?
    Love you ??

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    Mickuuuu….interesting yaar!!!

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