The cursed fairytale… The faceless revenge of a princess [1]

1- A modern fairytale
“ After so many successful stories about rich men meeting a random girl and finish by marrying her, we finished by believing that fairytales are meant to live in stories only. Billionaire and his assistant… a millionaire and his secretary… so many fantasies girls are drowning themselves in dreaming about a better future filled with love, power and money!
But this was before this modern fairytale when the youngest name in top 10 of Forbes ranking made not his assistant… nor his secretary but his enemy turn from a random girl to his princess…”
– Why are you disturbing yourself with such rubbish, princess?”

Swara is startled by Sanskar’s hand over hers as he takes the seat at her side, he snatched the magazine from her hands giving it back to a young woman in uniform standing just at his side.
She frowns at the assistant stoic face standing there for a while until he nods signing her to let them alone. Looking away, she lets the nothingness’ view the window at her side fill her senses recalling the last twenty hours events… why should she feel bad, they’re not saying rubbish, they’re just saying truth. She really married that tycoon who turned her life hell on earth and to which she promised a merciless revenge.

When she feels his lips brushing against her fingertips tenderly, she finally looks back to him her lips stretching in a wide smile at his loving gaze showering her.
– Sorry Sanskar… I know that it’s stupid to be affected by such articles but still, I feel like I’ll never get out of the image of the poor girl who stole the rich man’s heart…
He closes his eyes shaking his head a smile drawing his thin lips and takes her chin between his fingers obliging her to raise her wide eyes up to him

– You stole nothing… I struggled so much to win your heart that from the both of us, I feel like being the slave of your highness, princess!”

She chuckles at his dramatic expression making him smile wider taking her face in his palms to wipe the tears pearling at her eyes’ corners with his thumbs, stroking her nose with his, she feels heat raising up to her cheeks as his breath brushes against her face his gaze plunging in her eyes deeply giving her no issue to escape…the sound of someone clearing his throat behind them makes her turns away abruptly as he rolls his eyes frustrated. He turns back glaring at his assistant who was handling the satellite phone and looking down apologetically:
– It’s from your mother, sir!

She whispers and turns away at the moment he takes the engine from her hands escaping his anger.
He unlocks the belt and stands up walking to the back of the plane taking the call unwillingly giving a moment of piece for Swara who is lost in her thoughts contemplating her ring where the scripted words “Sanskar and Swara forever ever” shine reflecting sparkles in her eyes.
She thinks about the small simple life she has spent since her birth until she met with M.Maheshwari, the King of the steel industries all over the world…

a year ago, this man took everything… in his diluvian quest to lead more, he engulfed her family’s small company in his huge machine of money and power ruining their lives without even blinking. She then launched a campaign against him, assembling people in similar case to complain… protesting marches near his headquarters, banners and press interviews… she didn’t spare that golden boy who did nothing but born in a rich family!

Who could imagine on that day when they bumped in each other at the street corner heading to their respective activities, the hatred their eyes exchanged then would turn to one of the most passionate modern love stories.

– Sorry…
His sweet voice snatches her from her thoughts as he takes place at her side again. She asks him sensing his worried tone though he was perfectly covering it as his usual:
– Everything ok, Sanskar?
He sighs adjusting himself in his seat and says taking her hands in his:
– You don’t worry, princess… everything will be ok
– But something is wrong, no?

Her frown, her enquiring eyes and shrank nose, he hates worrying her but he knows that she hates when he hides things from her too, so he finishes by saying defeated:
– Ma doesn’t like our honeymoon destination…
– Why? Where are we going?
He rises one brow smirking and says:

– Good attempt Mrs. Maheshwari… but a surprise is a surprise… you’ll see soon enough!
Looking to his watch, he gets up making her frown at his forwarded hand:
– Come… I’ want to show you something…
Helping her unbuckling her belt, he clutches his fingers with hers as they hold each other hand and she follows him to the back of his private jet they took from an aerodrome in Mumbai… it has been more than fifteen hours since they leaved New York’s airport for India… their motherland she never visited before today.

She slept most of the time of the trip landing at Mumbai’s international airport, but when he told her that they’re not yet at their destination, she became restless wondering where was he taking her.
She looks up to him intrigued, what was that smile hiding behind the closed door he take her to… he opens it clearing the passage for her to enter before joining her, she doesn’t notice that he locked it behind them.

Too absorbed by the decorated bedroom she’s finding herself in, her mouth keeps opened for a moment as her eyes are grazing the richly arranged room with a king size bed throwing in the middle, light spots surrounding it like candles, flowers garnishing every corner… it was absolutely divine!

She shivers feeling his hands over her shoulders making her step back in his embrace as he caresses his way wrapping her in a tight back hug nestling his nose in her neck smelling deeply her delicate fragrance with an appreciative loud sound escaping his throat and echoing deep in her own being. She holds his hands over her waist relieving in his embrace as he starts printing swift tender kisses over her skin his lips drawing their way on her bare shoulder the graceful white married dress was discovering.

She clutches his hands tighter when his lips are replaced by his teeth taunting her sensitive skin wildly making her legs go weak as she rejects her head back giving him access to her throat . she moans loudly at his turning hungry kisses there making his smile in triumph, his husky voice blows in her ear:

– Do you know how long I’m waiting for this moment, Swara?

She swallows hardly feeling her throat going dry and stammers trying to escape his possessiveness:

– There is so many people just there behind the door…
He has a small sadistic laugh gripping her wrist as she steps away from him only to turn her back making her crash on his chest, her wrist caught in his hand behind her back. She tries to protest with her other hand but he catches it on his chest too tightening his hold around her and says bending down:

– If you think that it will stop me, Ms. Maheshwari… you’re wrong!
Not letting her the time to react, he catches her lips in a passionate kiss melting them with his slowly, endlessly making his way inside deepening his caress… feeling her forces leaving her he lets go of her hands to take her face in his palms drinking thirstily the love she’s offering him after what seems like eternity for him. As she grips his vest’s collar tightly in need of sustaining force, his hands leave her face down to her neck then to her back where his fingers start undoing the several buttons of her dress one by one down… soon he couldn’t wait more and cups her suddenly in his arms surprising her, makes some steps and throws her on the bed making her giggle childishly… her hearted laughs are always balms over his tortured soul and discarding his vest on the floor, he bends over her about sitting at her side when a jolt startles both of them making him fall over her frowning.

– S… Sanskar!
A second shake makes them almost fall from the bed, he wraps her in his arms protectively as a third one makes them feel like if they’re feeling an earthquake, but they’re in the sky!
He stands up sustaining her, takes his vest from the ground and puts it over her shoulders taking them in his hands as he shakes her to make her alarmed look raises to him:
– Don’t worry… it’s normal… we’ll come out and buckle ourselves in our seats, ok?… Swara… ok?

She just nods to him still shaking as a new jolt makes them almost fall again, but he supports her out where the assistant and the plane staff are waiting for them worried expressions covering their faces. Sanskar curses them interiorly as he knows that it’s the first time Swara is traveling by plane and they’re not helping.

Guided to their places, they’re helped buckling their seatbelts silently, but Sanskar knew that something was going really wrong, he signs to the assistant for a report about the situation and Swara’s pounding heart goes more hectic at his face’s expression when he talks to the pilot of the aboard phone some minutes later. He returns to her saying as much reassuringly as possible:

We’ll have to do an emergency landing, don’t worry ok?… John is an excellent pilot…”
She shakes her head agreeing tears beaming at her eyes, suddenly she’s aware of the situation they’re living… they’re having plane crash on their honeymoon trip… maybe the old fortune teller she met a year ago was right, her prediction about meeting the man who will change her destiny on the same day was correct… but she also predicted that that meeting was signing their both destruction!

Suddenly the lights go off and the shakes double of intensity… the last she remembers before closing her eyes is Sanskar’s loving eyes looking to her while he holds her hand tightly.

A huge old castle is shown… wide spacious decorated rooms, long corridors with wall hanging paintings and a sealed room with a unique painting in the middle, a black canvas painting where only two huge woman’s eyes are drawn… almond shaped and big black irises seem like looking straight in the facing person’s eyes!

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