a cursed college (kb) episode 2


Hey guyzzz…thnqq so much for ur wonderful support..feeling so happy to see ur lovely comments..i will try to make this story interesting and its a short story…ok coming to the epi..

Pragya takes blessings from sarla maa and leaves to mumbai with niddhi..
Its evening,

She stands near the college gate and looks at it.
Pragya: hey niddhi!! This place is so pleasant na
Niddhi: yeah pragya..its just amazing. My mom force me to join in this college but after seeing it i m very excited…

They both smile and enter in the college. All start looking strangely at both of them.
At first they submit the joining letter and moves to hostel which is also inside the college.
Pragya and niddhi is about to enter inside the hostel but suddenly power goes off.
Niddhi: oh shit! Why this power should go off now??? Irritating.
Pragya: its ok niddhi come lets switch on mobile torch and move inside.
Niddhi agrees. They both search for warden to ask about their room. Pragya and niddhi moves forward but suddenly niddhi feels like some one is following them. She turns back once but doesnt find anyone.
Pragya: hey niddhi! What happened?
Niddhi: i felt like someone is following us pragya
Pragya: nothing like that come let’s leave.

She agrees. Both again moves forward but this pragya feels like someone is following her and she observes a shadow. She shares this with niddhi. Niddhi too gets scared. They both turn back and doesnt find anyone. They both hold their hands and walks slowly meanwhile someone places hand on both of them shoulders. They scream at once and turns back.

Suddenly power comes. Both of them feel relief as its hostel warden. But warden gets shocked to see both of them. She remembers a girl with her friend standing in front of the college gate and entering into the college. Niddhi greets her and pragya too greets her. She then comes out of her thoughts. She takes them to their room and introduces their another roommate its none other than tanu..

She is very busy in chatting with her friends. Niddhi greets her but she stares at her and dont respond back. Niddhi feel bad and pragya feels weird. They both rest on the bed.

In mehra mansion
Dadi calls abhi and aaliya to her room. They both enter inside and observes dadi is in anger.
Abhi: dadi!!!
Dadi: dont talk…why didnt u inform that ur going to join in that haunted college?
Aaliya: dadi! Actually there is nothing like that in that college.
Dadi: you dont talk and both of u are not going to that college.
Abhi: dadi plzz
Dadi: i said na thats it.
Aaliya and abhi start requesting her. Finally she agrees. They both hug her and smiles.

Epi ends here..

I wish u guyzz like this epi..guyzz plss do comment ur opinions so that i will try for something best..and suggestions too accepted..i hope u will support this ff like my previous ffs..byee..love u all..

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  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Really Interestingggg!!!

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  7. Monesha

    Wow….. Awesome episode. You are too bad di. You make me to go crazy…… on your ff. Keep rocking……… di. Really very very interesting. This tanu alone always be like this only idiot girl. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ my dear pyaari pyaari pyaari…. princess di. Take care….

  8. Yipeeeeeee !??????????? My Anju Didi is Backkkkk ! ????? I Missed U sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much ! ?????Very Happyyy to see u back that too with a New Story ! ???????Sorry di I now only read all the before updates of yours … And The Invisible Book has got its Charm Back and Now This One is Awesome ! ????
    How are U di ?? Hope you r fine and your studies are going well ! ??
    I will be active here after sept di ! So till then I am your ff silent reader and I am really sorry i wouldn’t be able to comment as I am occupied with Loads of exams !??? Take Care Anju Di ! ??Love U Loadsssssss !??

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    Superb…. Di..

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