Current Track FF on Swaragini (TS) part 4

Hi guys I am really happy for the comments. Thankyou so much for liking and commenting on my FF. So lets start with part 4.
Sanskar comes with Swara to the hall. All were standing their waiting for her. Swara sees everyone and thinks what will be the surprise. Ragini and Sumi were angry with Swara that hid such a big from them but didn’t say anything as they didn’t want Swara to get stressed. Sanskar takes Swara to the temple of the MM while all were following them.
San: Swara maine tumse us din kaha tha na ki agar tum mujhe chod kar chali gayi to mein tumhe kabhi bhi apni zindagi mein vaapas nahi aane dun ga, magar aaj mein voh saare words vaapas leta hun. Swara kya tum phirse mujhse shaadi kar kar meri zindagi mein vaapas aao gi? Kya tum mujhe uss galti ke liye maaf karogi?

Swa: Sanskar usme tumhari koi galti nahi thi balki saari galti meri thi aur meri galti ki saaza tum pehle hi bhugat rahe ho.
San: Swara tum mujhe bas ye batao kya tum phir se Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari banogi?
Swara nods her head slightly and Sanskar understands that it is a yes so without wasting much time he puts vermillon on her head ties the mangalsutra around her neck.
All were happy as now both their sons and daughters in law were together and were leaving with them.
DP tells everyone to get ready as they are having party celebration tonight. Everyone leave to their rooms to get ready. Swasan also leave to their room. While going Swara starts thinking of what happened just before and she smiles. Sanskar notices this and thinks finally she is happy and away from stress. Swara in room starts checking her dresses to check which one to wear she doesn’t like any dress as only half of her dresses were kept over there. She gets annoyed for not finding any dress. Sanskar sees her annoyed and checks her cupboard and gets to know she didn’t like any of the dresses.
San: What happened Swara why are you upset?
Swa: Nothing.
San:( thinks something) Lets go outside to buy some clothes for you as you are not having anything nice to wear ok. Come lets go after buying you have to get ready also.
Swara gets delighted and stands ready to go.

Sanskar and Swara go for shopping and buy some dresses for Swara. While returning from shopping.
Swa: Sanskar car roko.
Sanskar immediately stops the car.
San: Swara what happened. You are fine.
Swa: I am fine Sanskar woh I want to eat ice cream please.
San: What Swara are you a child because of your ice cream I got scared. I thought you are not feeling well or something (he stops as he sees Swara weeping silently. He thinks what he has done by so much effort she was happy but now again because of his stupidity Swara again started crying ) I am sorry Swara I am really sorry but I really got scared I thought something happened but when you said you wanna eat ice cream I just scolded you I am really sorry Swara. From next time I will never scold you I am really sorry.
Swara laughs at him.
Swa: Sanskar Ha…Ha..Ha..Ha.. Oh my God Sanskar you took it seriously. I was just acting to tease you but just see your face Sanskar Ha..Ha..Ha Wait Haa. (Sanskar gets annoyed with Swara as she was acting fo tease him.)Haa..Ha. Aah ah Sanskar it’s paining ouch.
San: Swara what happened. Swara.(tensed)
Swa: Sanskar it is paining in my stomach because of continuous laughing. Ok Sanskar now you scolded me also now please lets go to eat ice cream. Please ( with puppy face)
San: You just scared me Swara. Ok lets go to eat ice cream but before from next time don’t act like this ok l got tensed.
Swa: Ok Sanskar now lets eat ice cream.
Both of them go and eat ice cream and then leave for home.
Everyone got ready and came down in party without Swasan as they were in room.

Swasan room
Swara was getting ready when Sanskar entered in room. He gets mesmerized to see her beauty as she was just looking like angel. Swara was wearing a orange and pink beautiful saree.
Sanskar was wearing cream colour sherwani .
San: Chale Swara.
Swa: Haa Sanskar.
They go downstairs where the partywas going they both go and meet the guest. After sometime couple dance is called. Everyone start dancing with their couples.
The song is playing Sab Tera.
Ragini and Laksh start dancing. Sanskar asks to Swara by giving a hand and Swara accepts it. They both go and dance slowly and romantically. After sometime the song ends and everyone again start talking.
Swa: Sanskar I am not feeling well.
San: Did you eat something?
Swara nods in no.
San: So you should take care of yourself na Ok come I will make you eat food.
Sanskar brings food in a plate and takes Swara to room and feeds her with his hands. While Swara was eating Sanskar sees her lovingly. After finishing the food Sanskar gives Swara milk to drink.
Swa: No Sanskar I will not. I really don’t like milk and you know this very well.
San: No Swara you have to drink milk not for you but for our child.
Swa: Ok fine but just a little bit.
Swara drinks the milk and then both again go to the hall as Swara wanted to meet Sumi and Shekar before they leave. After meeting Sumi and Shekar they left to Badi while still there were guests. Swara was not feeling well.
Swa: Sanskar I am not feeling well. I am really tired right now.
San: Ok come I will take you to room as you need rest and you didn’t take rest.
Swara and Sanskar go to their room and Sanskar makes Swara sleep as she was really tired. After sometime Swara sleeps keeping her head on Sanskar’s shoulder. Sankar makes her sleep comfortably on bed and leaves to hall to meet his business partners as from starting of the party he was with Swara only because he didn’t want to leave Swara alone.

Finally I am done with this part also. So guys do comment and tell me did you like the part.

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