Current Track FF on Swaragini part 8 (last part)

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Swasan while coming back to home in car.

Swa: Well Sanskar how did you even think that I will love someone else than you. Now I am not gonna talk to you.

San: Swara I am really sorry please don’t ignore me.

Swa: If you want me to talk to you then you have to make me eat a ice cream.

San: So for your cravings you will blackmail me.

Swa: Ok fine don’t bring but don’t even dare to call me now.

San: Ok fine we will eat your ice cream.

They both have ice cream and go back to MM. When they reach there they get to know about Uttara and Nikhil loving each other and everyone at house agreeing with that. They get happy to listen about them. Now Sanskar starts taking more care of Swara whereas everyday Swara’s cravings are increasing. She starts getting mood swings and sometimes shouts on Sanskar too. After one month Nikhil and Uttara get married. Sanskar stopped going to office and stays at home to take care of Swara. Swara starts looking even more cute with her baby bump. Like this time passes and Swara is in her last month.


At night

Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping beside him. She starts waking him up.

Swa: Sanskar, Sanskar wake up.

San: Swara let me sleep.

Swa: ( Keeping her hand on her baby bump) See baby your papa doesn’t love you that is why he is making your mumma to starve.

San: ( Sits up) Stop this emotional blackmail Swara. Ok tell me what you want to eat at midnight.

Swa: Sanskar I want to eat noodles.

San: Ok fine you sit here I will bring them. Ok.

Swa: Ok

Sanskar goes and brings noodles and makes her eat it with with his hands admiring her innocent face while Swara was just eating. After making Swara eat he lays her down on his chest.

San: Swara only one more month and then our baby will be in our hands. There will be someone who will call me papa and you mumma.

Swa: Yes Sanskar. It will be so nice when our prince will call me mumma.

San: So many times I have said Swara it will be out princess not prince.

Swa: No it will be prince only just like you loving and caring.

San: Swara but I want a princess like you. Ok we will see when the baby will come but now baby needs rest so sleep.

Sanskar makes Swara sleep comfortably and sleeps beside her keeping his hand on her waist while Swara keeping her head on his chest.

Next morning

Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara sleeping on bed peacefully. He goes to get freshened up and then brings Swara’s breakfast. He wakes Swara.

San: Swara wake up. It’s your breakfast time and then you have eat medicines also.

Swa: Sanskar please let me sleep.

San: Swara just wake up have your breakfast and medicines then you can sleep again.

Swara wakes and freshens up. Sanskar make her sit on bed comfortably and then feeds her breakfast.

Swa: Sanskar I am feeling exhausted over here can we go to garden.

San: Yes Swara.OK Come lets go.

Sanskar takes Swara to garden. She feels fresh air and feels nice. She hugs Sanskar.

Swa: I am so sorry Sanskar because of me you can’t go to office, you don’t even sleep nicely at night because of my cravings. You have to bear my mood swings also.

San: There is no need to be sorry about that because I know it is not in your control so stop being sad. Well Swara everyone at house wants to do a simple godh bharai if you are fine. Like we wanted to do last month but at that time you got sick and weak. But now as you are fine all wanted to do a small ceremony at house before the birth of the child.

Swa: What? Why didn’t you tell me before? But nothing happens I want it as soon as possible but ya you will not force me to eat this don’t eat this. And ya I want a box of chocolates in gift ok.

San: I will not tell you to eat this that until the time you eat food that is not healthy and of chocolates I will bring them happy.

Swa: Happy by saying this she kissed his cheeks.

After walking for few minutes SwaSan goes inside the MM. Sanskar makes Swara take rest

and goes downstairs telling everyone about her decision on Godh Bharai. Everyone decides it to be held tomorrow. Everyone starts the preparations. Sanskar goes to his room. Swara and Sanskar talk for sometime, have lunch and then sleep hugging each other. Like this the whole day passes.

Next day

Sanskar wakes Swara up and tells about the function. Swara haves her breakfast and then gets ready in pink and white frock suit as she wasn’t feeling comfortable in other clothes but was looking pretty. Sanskar was wearing cream color sherwani. After getting ready Swara with the help of Sanskar goes downstairs. All give their wishes one by one while Uttara and Ragini with some other girls were dancing. All the men were standing at one corner talking about business and other regular stuff while Sanskar was just staring Swara to see whether she is fine. Like this the function gets over while Swara gets tired.

All were sitting in hall with Swara and Sanskar

Swa: Sanskar I am feeling tired I want to sleep.

San: Ok fine come. Sanskar takes Swara to their room and sits on bed while Swara laying her head on his chest. Swara with a sudden jerk sits. While Sanskar gets tensed.

San: Swara what happened? Are you fine? Are you getting pain? Swara.

Swa: Sanskar you are really bad. You forgot so easily. You said that you will give me a big box of chocolates after the function and till now you didn’t give. (Pouts)

San: Swara you just scared me for a moment. Ok you wait I will bring the chocolates.

Sanskar brings a big box of chocolates from his cupboard and gives it to Swara.

San: But Swara.(interrupted)

Swa: I know don’t eat too much chocolates as it is not good for health eating too much chocolates. If you want eat only 2 or 3 chocolates. As always right.

San: Yes.

Swara starts eating chocolates but suddenly she starts getting labor pain and shouts.

Swa: Sanskar it is paining. Ahh. San s karr.. Ouch It is paining. Ahh

Sanskar gets tensed. Listening to shouts all come to their room and see Swara shouting.

Suj: Sanskar we should take her to hospital as soon as possible because she is having labor pain.

San: Yes mom. Laksh go and bring the car till that time I will bring Swara.(to Laksh)

Swara I am here only don’t worry we are going to hospital . (To Swara)

Swa: Sanskar I can’t bear this. Ahh ( tears are falling from her eyes)

Sanskar takes Swara to hospital.


Sanskar reaches hospital and they start to take Swara ti OT but stop as Swara is holding Swara’s hand tightly.

San: Swara be brave. Nothing will happen to our baby and you.

Swa: Sanskar I love you.

San: Swara I love you too. Be brave ok.

They take Swara inside while Sanskar is standing outside the OT walking here and there in nervousness. Swara’s scream are heard outside. After few minutes a loud scream of Swara is heard but with that a crying baby’s voice is heard. Doctor comes out with nurse holding a child.

Doc: Congrats Mr. Maheshwari you are blessed with a daughter.

Nurse gives that baby girl to Sanskar.

San: (happy tears are falling from his eyes) I can’t tell you princess how happy I am. It is feeling like whole world’s happiness is bowing their head in front of me. He kisses on her forehead. (To doctor) Doctor how is Swara?

Doc: She is fine but unconscious right now. But you can go inside after 5 minutes as right now we are gonna shift Mrs.Maheshwari in the normal ward.

Sanskar with baby girl goes inside after few minutes and sees Swara sleeping. He slightly kisses on her forehead. By feeling his touch Swara wakes up.

Swa: Sanskar.

San: Swara it is a girl. See I told you but you said it will be a boy. He forwards baby girl to Swara. Swara kisses on her forehead

San: Swara how are you feeling?

Swa: I am fine and happy as I got the two most precious things in my life in which one is you and other is our baby girl. Now my life is complete. Sanskar how are you feeling about our baby?

San: I can’t tell you how much happy I am today. Thankyou so much Swara for giving me such a big happiness in the world. Thankyou so much.

Swa: Sanskar I love you.

San: I love you too.

After few days Swara and Sanskar name their baby girl as Sanskriti and live their life happily after that.


This is the end of this FF. And thank you so much guys for liking, commenting my FF and encouraging me to write. But I have a surprise for you guys. I have started a new FF with the name ” The Changed Destiny SwaSan” and I want you guys to check that FF and comment telling how it is and whether I should continue or not. Thankyou.


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      Thank you Iqra222 and I have started a new FF with name The Changed Destiny – SwaSan if you want to give a try to that FF.

  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous ending dear.. Loved.. Swasan moments are so cute and sweet.. Keep writing like this dear..


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      Thank you for commenting, encouraging me, for the results and for making me smile everyday reading your comment. You also take care and keep smiling

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      Thank you Dharshaini and don’t be sad because I have started a new FF with the name The Changed Destiny – SwaSan you can read that if you like.

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      Thank you Zeestum and don’t worry because I have started a new FF with the name The Changed Destiny – SwaSan you can read that if you like.

    • Semran



      Thank you Shreeyu and I have started a new FF with name The Changed Destiny – SwaSan if you want to give a try to that FF.

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