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Swara, Uttara and Nikhil reach home and went to their respective rooms.

Swara enters and sees Sanskar working on his laptop. Swara comes near him and sat on couch with him.
Swa: What happened Sanskar. Why you left me alone over there that also without informing?
San: ( without seeing to Swara he replies) Swara you should rest now. We will talk later on and I have to do my work also. So you fresh up and rest. Ok.
Swa: Sanskar what happened why aren’t you talking to me? Did I do something wrong? Why aren’t you looking towards me? Tell na Sanskar.
San: Swara you rest I will come after sometime. He leaves from there whereas Swara gets disappointed and sad.

Sanskar enters the room and sees Swara sleeping. He goes and sits beside and caresses her hair. He kisses on her forehead and she smiles lightly in her sleep. He thinks of the recent happenings and remembers that it is Swara lunch time and hoes down to make lunch for her. After half an hour he brings food in room but stops at the door itself. He gets more jealous seeing again Swara and Nikhil laughing and talking. And he burns in anger when he sees Swara hugging Nikhil saying I love you so much Niku.( she was saying I love you as a sister says to her brother) After saying Nikhil sees Sanskar burning in anger and just leaves from there.
Nikhil goes to Uttara and tells about the things happened. Both laugh and says mission completed.
Utt: Nikhil now as Bhaiya is so jealous he will take more care and will also love bhabhi more than before being possessive. Right.
Nik: Now our mission Sanskar complete is completed. Well Uttara I wanted to say you something from before. Uttara I think Chitag is not nice guy for you as I think he is before yoir money.
Utt: Nikhil how can you say that means like did anyone say you that.
Nik: No Uttara no one said me this I want everything perfect for you. Seriously Chirag is not a nice guy for you.
Utt: Why do you want everything perfect for me?
Nik: It is just that you are my friend. Please try to understand he is not a nice guy?
Utt: Why do you even care ha ( interrupted by Nikhil)
Nik: Because I love you. I don’t how and when but I fell for you, your innocence, your smile. I can’t live without you and Chirag is a boy who just loves money and he did this before with one girl and after his betrayal she commited suicide. And I don’t want you to suffer like that. I can’t live without you. ( he breaks down)
Uttara gets shocked and then smiles at his sudden confession. She hugs him and says I love you too Nikhil.
Nikhil gets shocked.
Nik: Don’t you like Chirag?
Utt: No, it was just an arrange marriage and when they asked for dowry I just said no to marriage at that time only.
Nik: Oh. Then why didn’t you tell me?
Utt: It was that I just wanted to confront you because I love you and I wanted to know your feelings towards me so thought to just make you confess your feelings.
Nik: I think we should talk about us to your and my family tomorrow only so that we can get married soon and leave together.
Uttara blushes and hugs him.
Sanskar makes Swara eat her lunch.
Swa: Sanskar I want to go outside as I am feeling exhausted over here. I want to go to park so that I get fresh air. Please Sanskar.
San: Ok lets go.
Swa: Sanskar is wrong like you are not talking with me and you are looking tensed.
San: Nothing it is just workload. You get ready and then we will go to park.
Swara and Sanskar get ready and leave to park.
Swara and Sanskar were walking when they see the a man selling budhiyaa ke baal. Swara insists Sanskar to eat that and Sanskar buys her.
Swa: Nikhil is so nice. Right Sanskar.
San: hmmmm.
Swa: He remembers all my favourites He also remembers our childhood incidents.
San: Hmmmmm.
Swa: He knows how to make me smile, laugh and always sets my mood also.
Swara goes on speaking about Nikhil while Sanskar gets frustrated and jealous of Nikhil.
San: Swara will you just stop talking about Nikhil. I understand he is your friend but even I am your husband.
Swa: I was just telling you about him I didn’t want to hurt you. (Crying)
San: Swara if you like Nikhil so much you should have married him only. I am not saying that don’t talk about Nikhil but I am also here. I thought you would like to spend some quality time with as we were seprated for 6 months but over here you are just talking about him only. Seriously you should have married him only. You don’t understand that I don’t feel nice when you talk about other men infront of me. Swara I love you and I can’t see you with any other men.( in anger loudly)
Swa: Sanskar I di…didn’t me…mean to h..hurt you ….I am ss..sorry San..sanskar.( she starts feeling dizzy and almost falls down after fainting but Sanskar comes and saves her.)
Patting her cheeks.
San: Swara. Swara open your eyes. Swara. Saying this he picks her and takes to the nearby hospital.
Doctor checks Swara.
Doc: Mr. Maheshwari your wife fainted because of stress and shock and she is pregnant. I am giving some prescriptions. From next time take care of her as stress can be harmful to her and the child. So, take care.
(Actually she is another doctor and does not know much about Swara’s health)
Sanskar goes to the ward and sees Swara unconscious. He sits over there taking her hand in his keeping his head down while Swara wakes up feeling the touch.
San: I am sorry Swara. I always forget everything in anger. I didn’t even realize that you are pregnant while taking out the anger. I always make you suffer only. I am a really bad husband and father. It would have been better if you would seriously marry Nikhil you wouldn’t have to suffer like right now. Instead of being bad husband and father it’s better to die (he was saying all this thinking Swara unconscious but suddenly he feels soft lips on his rough lips) Swara was kissing Sanskar to make him shut his mouth. After sometime she backs out as she was feeling herself going out of breath.
Swa: Sanskar don’t you dare to say about dieing because you die I am gonna di .
This time Sanskar kisses her and it was 2 minutes long as he can’t risk his baby’s life.
San: If you don’t want me speak about death then you also don’t speak about it. And I am really sorry Swara for shouting on you and making you feel sad. I was that I saw you and Nikhil hugging and saying love you and then you were talking about him only so I got frustrated and took the frustration out on you.
Swara starts laughing. Sanskar gets shocked seeing her but she was continuously laughing only.
Swa: Ouch Sanskar. Aah (keeping her hand on stomach)
San: What happened Swara are you feeling pain. Should I call the doctor.
Sanskar moves to go but Swara holds his hand stopping him.
Swa: My stomach is paining because of you. Oh it is just I was laughing from so much time continuously thats why. Wait what you thought I love Nikhil. Oh my God Sanskar I just love Nikhil as a brother. Me and Nikhil are share the a brother and sister bond between us. And I can never love anyone else than you. I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar smiles.
San: I love you too but still I am really sorry for getting angry on you and making you cry (intruppted)
Swa: Sanskar if one time more you will say sorry than I will not eat the vitamins.
San: No Swara you will eat vitamins for our baby and I will not say sorry ok.
Swa: Lets go home Sanskar as I can’t sit here for long.

…………………..END OF THIS PART……………….
Hi guys I took out sometime from my studies and wrote this part. I hope you like this and I am gonna end this FF I think in 1 or 2 shots. I have also come with another idea for a FF like the regular one and I am gonna post the intro with the next part of this FF. Guys please do comment and tell me how this part is.

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