Current Track FF on Swaragini part 6

Hi guys and thankyou for commenting. I am really with the response of your comments towards my ff. So lets start with part 6 and I hope you will like this part also as like other parts.
Swara makes Nikhil meet everyone without Uttara and Sanskar as Uttara was not at house and Sanskar as he was standing at corner. Sanskar comes forward to go to him but stops in middle.
Nik: Arre Swara tumne mujhe sab se mila diya magar mere khadoos jiju kahan hai?
Sanskar was fuming in anger as no one dared to call him like this. Sanskar comes forward and speaks hi.
Nik: Hi. By the way who are you?

Swara gets tensed as Sanskar had listened what Nikhil said.
Swa: (whispering in Nikhil’s ear) Ye hai tumhaare khadoos jiju.
Nik: Kya tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya ki yeh mere khadoos I mean jiju hai?
Everyone laugh over there listening them.
Swa: Tum bolne hi kab dete ho.
Nik:(to Sanskar) By the way jiju I am Nikhil Swara’s childhood best friend.
San: Hi I am Sanskar Maheshwari Swara’s husband.( in mind) Man toh kar raha hai ki abhi isko bahar nikal doon magar fir Swara upset ho jaye gi.
Sanskarf gets a call and after ending the call he says to Swara to get ready as they have to go to the doctor for her checkup.
Nik: Swara kya hua tumhe tum thik to ho na?
Rag: Kuch nahi Nikhil for to Swara ka routine checkup karana hai janne ke liye ki Swara aur uska baby thik hai ya nahi isliye.
Nik: Swara tum pregnant ho kya? Tum ne mujhe bataya kyun nahi?
Swara nods her head slightly shying.
Rag: Chalo Swara tum ready ho jayo mein Nikhil ko uska kamra dikha deti hun. Aao Nikhil .

Nikhil goes with Ragini as Swara’s checkup was important than his talks and he was really tired.
Nikhil goes to his room and gets freshen up. He feels thirsty so he goes to kitchen to drink water. He takes the water bottle and while going to room he bumps into one girl which was none other than Uttara. Before she falls down he catches her and gets lost in her beauty. Uttara sees him staring her.
Uta: Oh hello mister will you please leave so that I can stand?

Nik: (comes in senses) Oh ya sure. He makes her stand.
Uta: Thanks for saving me from falling but who are you and what are you doing at my house.
Nik: Your welcome and by the way I am Nikhil naam toh suna hi ho ga Senorita.
Uta: No nahi suna and my name is Uttara not Senorita. And what are you doing at my house?

Nik: I am Swara’s childhood best friend and who are you to ask this question?
Uta: What did you say? Standing in my house and you are asking me who am I to ask question.
Nik: Wait it is your house and your name is Uttara it means you are Laksh’s and Sanskar’s sister.
Uta: Yes.

Uttara gets a call and she goes from their without taking the conversation ahead with Nikhil.
Nikhil thinks she is so beautiful but attitude is much in her. Well still she is cute and goes from there.
Doctor checks Swara while Swara was in room doctor calls Sanskar in her cabin.
San: May I come in Doctor?
Doc: Yes sure Mr. Maheshwari.

Sanskar comes and sits.
San: Doctor is Swara and the child all right. Means are there any problems or something?

Doc: See Mr. Maheshwari I told you first also that you have to keep Swara happy so that she does not stress herself. The problem is only one that Swara should be always happy so that she does not loose her child. But if she still does the same then I am sorry to say she will loose her child. So you have to keep her happy and she is fine till now and needs some vitamins and I have written the prescription . You just need to make her happy and make her eat food time to time so that she and her child stays healthy.
San: Yes doctor I will try my best to keep her happy. Thankyou doctor.
Doc: There is no need of thankyou as it is my duty. Well Mrs. Maheshwari will be waiting outside.

Sanskar goes outside and sees Swara coming out of the room. He takes her to car and makes ger sit properly.
Swa: Sanskar doctor ne kya kaha?
San: Kuch nahi Swara doctor ne kaha hai ki tumhara dhyaan rakhe aur time par khana aur medicines de tumhe aur tumhe koi kaam na karne den.
Swa: Kya bed rest. Kya sachi mein doctor ne bed rest kaha hai?
San: Haan aur kaha hai bahar ka khana nah khaaye. (Achi baat hai Swara mere saath doctor ki paas nahi gayi kyunki doctor ne aisa kuch khaas nahi kaha aur agar isse patta lag jata to ye rest bhi nahi karti)

Swara sits sadly making a pout thinking how she will rest on bed full day and will not eat something from outside whereas Sanskar smiles seeing her innocence. After sometime they reach home and Sanskar comes to Swara’s side and sees her lost in her thoughts so Sanskar picks her in his arms. Swara comes in her senses seeeing this and says to Sanskar to put her down.

San: No, I am gonna take you inside like this.
Swa: Ok if you will take me inside like this then I am not gonna rest for whole day.
San: No Swara you have to take rest (Swara shakes her head in no) Sanskar gets to know she is not gonna listen to him so he puts her down.

Swara gets happy as she knew he will put her down if says no to rest. She happily goes inside with Sanskar. Sanskar tells her to go inside and take rest now. When Swara goes little ahead everyone asks Sanskar for what doctor said.
Sanskar tells them everything without noticing that Swara was hiding behind pillar and listening to them she gets teary eyes after knowing that she can loose her other child also. She runs from there to her room and locks the door. She thinks that she can’t loose her second child so she makes a decision to stay happy only. Nikhil and Uttara sees Swara crying.
Nikhil asks Uttara that why was she crying so Uttara tells him everything. They both make a plan to make Swara happy and becomes friends.
Swasan room………

Swara was sitting thinking about the things happening. After sometime she goes to washroom to wash her face as she didn’t want Sanskar to know that she was crying. She comes out and sees Nikhil sitting on bed waiting for her with Uttara and fighting or can say arguing with each other. Uttara sees Swara.
Utt: Bhabhi you tell do you like ice cream more or chocolate? This Nikhil is saying you like chocolate more and I think you like ice cream more.
Nik: Swara you like chocolate right.

Sanskar comes
San: No you both are wrong Swara likes ice cream and chocolate both equally right Swara?
Swa: No Sanskar, you and Uttara are wrong I like chocolate more than ice cream and saying this she hugs Nikhil saying you still remember my favourite. (Sanskar fumes in anger seeing Swara hugging Nikhil)
Nik: How can I forget my sweetheart Swaru’s favourite. Ok lets go to eat ice cream outside it will be fun.

San: No she can’t eat from outside so she will not go. (Being jealous)
Swa: No Sanskar even I wanted to go outside so lets go to eat ice cream please.
San: Ok lets go.
Sanskar with Swara, Nikhil and Uttara went outside to eat ice cream.
Nik: I will take butterscotch.
Utt: I will take Strawberry.

San: I don’t want to eat.
Swa: Please Sanskar.
San: No I don’t want to take ice cream.
Utt: Leave bhai. Bhabhi you tell which ice cream do you want.
Nik: Arre ofcourse she is gonna take chocolate ice cream which is chocobar. Right Swara.

San: But I think she likes Vanilla ice cream.
Swa: No Sanskar Nikhil is right I like chocobar as it is vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate ice cream.
Utt: Bhabhi Nikhil knows everything about you whereas that even Bhai don’t know. I think you should have married to Nikhil ony as he knows so much about you. Right Nikhil.

Nik: Actually you are right Uttara she should have married me only.
Listening this Sanskar fumes in anger and jealousy. He leaves from there leaving Swara confused whereas Uttara and Nikhil shocked+ happy as they planned to make Sanskar feel jealous so that he makes Swara feel more special. After eating their ice creams they also left from there too.


Hi guys I am so sorry for posting the ff after 1 month but I was first having school test and then there were some family problems. The next part will be posted on Friday or Saturday which is 23 or 24 December as I am having Semester 1 final exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please guys do read and comment and sorry again for being late.


    • Semran



      Thankyou and I didn’t update because my grandfather died and next week I am having my finals but I will try to update soon otherwise on Friday I will definately update next part.

  1. Semran



    Thankyou and I didn’t update because my grandfather died and next week I am having my finals but I will try to update soon otherwise on Friday I will definately update next part.

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Amazing.. Loved it.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt…All the best for your exams in advance..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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