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Hi guys thankyou so much for commenting and liking my FF. I thought my FF will be the most boring FF but seeing the response I think many people liked my FF. And I am really sorry for being so late. Actually I couldn’t think of something before but now I have written the part with something new and I hope gou will like it. So lets start with part 5.

While Swara was sleeping in the room Sankar meets his business partners. When the party gets over he goes to room to check Swara. He comes to room and sees Swara speaking something in her sleep
Swa: Sanskar I am sorry. I lost my child. I am sorry. Please forgive me.
Sanskar goes to her and holds her hand.
San: Swara I forgave you already Swara nothing is lost.
But she stills stays saying that so Sanskar keeps her head on his shoulder and makes her calm. He pecks on her forehead and thinks that because of him still she is in that trauma. Because of him she lost her child and now is in depression. He starts remembering the lovely moments spend with Swara and then gets a flashback.
Before 3 months and 3 weeks.

Swara was doing her work when she gets Sanskar’s call. She picks the call.
Swa: Hello Sanskar kya tumhe Laksh ka kuch pata chala?
San: Swara ko sabki chinta hai kyun magar mujhe chod ke. Chalo sidha point pe aata hun. Laksh ki car hamein ek village ke paas mili hai aur ab police uska pata kar rahi hai.
Swa: Kya sachme. Agar tumhe kuch bhi pata lagta hai to mujhe jarur batana.
San: Tikh hai ab mein phone rakhta
( Suddenly someone shouts Swara so Sanskar didn’t cut the call as he gets tensed.)
One man is shown shouting Swara name entering the house. Seeing the man Swara also shouts- Are Nikhil tum?
Nik: Hi Swaru kaisi ho tum to mujhe bilkul hi bhul gayi ha?
Swa: Are Nikhil mein tumhe kaise bhul sakhti hun tum hi to mere bestest friend ho?
Nik: Sahi bola tumne balki hum friends se bhi zyaada acha bond rakhte hai kyun Swaru?
(guys they are talking about brother and sister’s bond and Sankar thinks that as a love bond as Sankar didn’t cut the call till nowand Swara does not know that the call is still on.)

San: Ye Nikhil kaun hai aur Swara se zyaada acha bond matlab kya hai iska? Kahi ye aur Swara aur Nikhil ek dusre se pyaar. Arre ye tu kya soch raha Sanskar.

Swa: Bilkul sahi kaha tumne Nikhil. Arre tum vaha kya khade ho andar aayo.
Nik: Arre kya Swaru tum bhi na itne saalo baad mile hai ek hug to banti hai yaar?
Swara goes and hugs Nikhil .
Nik: I love you Swaru.
Swa: I love you too Niku.
( Guys don’t be confused Swara and Nikhil love each other but as brother and sister not as lovers.)
San: Swara tum mujhe kitni jaldi bhul gi hai na magar chinta mat karo mein tumhe itni jaldi nahi bhulne dunga. (Saying this he cuts the call)
And calls a detective to keep an eye on Swara and Nikhil.

Swara and Nikhil release the hug.
Nik: So meri siso kaisi hai?
Swa: Nahi mujhe siso nahi Swaru bulaao Kyunki siso bilkul aise lagta hai jaise mein choti bachi hun aur mein bilkul theek hun.
And they talk for much time. And on the other side Sanskar gets them wrong and also gets jealous of Nikhil. Now Sanskar’s jealous overpowered his anger.

Now everyday Sanskar used to call Swara making some exuses and listen to their talks and get jealous of Nikhil .

Sanskar’s Dectective called Sanskar and told him that Swara and Nikhil went to a Green Resort. Sanskar gives the money to dectective for giving him there information and reaches Green Resort.
Swara and Nikhil were already over their. Nikhil came over their to make Swara meet his girlfriend as he wanted Swara to decide whether the girl is nice or not. The girl’s name was Alisha but no one knew her truth. Actually she was only behind money of Nikhil and was just acting to love him.
Swa: Nikhil where is that girl? And what is her name and.(but was intreptud by Nikhil)
Nik: Swara pehle saans to le lo us ladki ka naam Alisha hai aur ye lo uski picture dekh lo.
Swa: Vaise Alisha sundar hai na. Acha Nikhil tum yaha par betho mein restroom jakar aati hun.
While Swara was returning from restroom she sees Alisha near the swimming pool with a guy she listens their talks.
Ali: Bas abb todhi der aur phir mein Nikhil saari property apne naam kar lun gi aur phir hum dono shaadi jar lenge ge. Tumhe pata hai voh itna bada pagal hai ki itni aasani se fool ban gaya. Bas todhi der phir hum dono shaadi karke hamesha ke liye kush rahege kyunki uske paise hamare jo ho jayenge. (Listening this Swara gets shocked and makes their video and sends to Nikhil and tells him to leave and she will also come. Seeing the video Nikhil gets heartbroken and leaves as Swara order was to leave)
Swara was about to leave when Alisha sees her and she gets to know she is Swara as Nikhil had already shown her picture to her and seeing her she starts acting that she loves Nikhil but Swara confronts her. Swara tells her that she is gonna call Police and seeing this she pushes Swara in swimming pool and runs from there with her boyfriend. Sanskar was already there and when he sees Swara drowning he jumps in swimming pool to save her as he knows that she didn’t know how to swim. When he goes in pool he starts finding her as it was dark and night. He saves Swara but sees she is unconscious. He takes her out and tries to wake up, he pumps on her stomach and the water comes out but still she was unconscious. So without wasting much time he starts giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. After few seconds he notices Swara’s fingers moving so he stops. Swara opens her eyes and starts coughing badly while Sanskar rubs her back. After few seconds silence was their but was broken by Sanskar.
San: Are you fine?
Swara just nods her head.
San: What were you doing here and how you fell in pool?
Swa: Voh…. I came… with Nikhil.(stammering because of cold)
San: Oh so now where is Nikhil.
Swa: Voh… he … went.

San: Okay come let me drop you to home.
Swa: Sanskar… voh no …I will not go to…..home.
San: Ok come lets take a room in the hotel.
Swa: Hmmm..
Swara tries to stand up but couldn’t so Sanskar makes her stand and holds her hand. He sees she is fully wet and feeling cold so he puts a jacket on her. He takes a room and makes her sit on the bed and puts a blanket on her. He goes and sits on the couch. He asks Swara to rest and he will sleep over couch. Swara sleeps on bed while Sanskar was just fuming for his insecurities towards Swara and jealousy for Nikhil. After some time he also sleeps. After two hours Swara starts shivering in cold. Her body was turned fully cold. Sanskar gets up to drink water and sees Swara shivering in cold and was saying mumbling his name . He comes to her and holds her hand. He was shocked on seeing Swara’s hand fully cold then he touchs her head and it was also having same result. Sanskar wakes her up.
San: Swara. Swara wake up.
Swa: Sanskar (she slowly opens her eyes).
San: Swara you are shivering. Let’s go to doctor .
Swa: No … Sanskar..
San: Now what to do? He tinks he can’t call anyone at home also and any doctor will also not be available. So the last option is to make her feel warm but I am not having blankets also. So he thinks something and thinks he has to do this.
San: Swara we should go to hospital otherwise the last option is to have s*x.
Swa: No…
(WARNING if not comfortable with romance)
Sanskar not having any option starts kissing her but even he wanted to do this and thinks nothing is wrong in that as he is her husband.

Till now only Sanskar was kissing but after few seconds Swara starts responding. Their kiss was showing the love, anger and pain of seperation but more over it was just needed for Swara. It started raining outside and turning the weather cold but inside it was opposite the heat was increasing in both the souls whenever their bodies touched each other. After few minutes both broke the kiss because of lack of oxygen. But Sanky again started kissing her passionately placing his rough lips on her soft lips. Sanskar was playing with her lips and afterwards started tasting her mouth. After few minutes Sanskar started kissing her nape while removing her clothes and then kisses her back. After sometime Sanskar takes the next step and both consumate and sleep in each other’s embrace. Swara was not shivering and was fine.
Next morning Swara wakes up and picks her clothes and goes to washroom . She comes out wearing and sees Sanskar already dressed waiting for her. Both were happy inside but didn’t want to show each other.
San: Are you fine now?
Swa: Hmm.
San: Dekho raat ko jo bhi kuch hamare beech hua voh sab sirf maine tumhari health ke liye kiya aur voh tumhare liye jaruri tha. Hamare beech jo bhi hua hai voh sirf ek jaan bujh kar ki gi galti ki tarah hai ayr usse yeh mat samajhna ke maine tumhe maaf kar diya ya mein tumhe apni zindagi mein vaapas lena chahta hun kyunki main tumhe kabhi na to maaf karunga aur na hu tumhe apni zindagi mein vaapas lunga. Toh behtar ho ga agr tum yeh galat family mein nah raho.
Swa: Hmm. (She gets heartbroken but doesn’t show him)
Even Sanskar was hurt but he forgets everything as his anger was overcoming his love.
Swara leaves to her home and Sanskar to his.

Sanskar stopped calling Swara as Nikhil left to US after getting heartbroken.
Swara was going to temple but while returning she faints. People take her to hospital and doctor tells her that she is pregnant. First Swara gets happy but then sad as Sanskar’s words were coming in her mind of no never taking her back in his life whether what ever the reason is and she thinks about Ragini and hides from them.


Sanskar while thinking all this sleeps with Swara over his shoulder.

Next Day
Swara wakes up sees herself in Sanskar’s embrace she slowly without disturbing him wakes and gets ready. Till that time Sanskar also wakes up and sees Swara smiling and smiles back. He gets ready and takes Swara down for breakfast. Everyone smile as their sons and daughters in law were together and most importan Swara was gonna give a new member to their family. While Swara sits to eat all the ladies were standing their with Swara’s favourite food and were saying that she eat what they have made and others to eat their food themselve only. All the ladies were fighting. Seeing this Swara says she will eat fruits only and they should eat what they made . Saying this Swara leaves taking fruits with her to Swasan’s room. Sanskar gives impossible look to everyone and goes behind Swara. He goes in room and sees her slowly-slowly eating the fruits making different- different faces as he knows she does not like eating fruits in morning so he goes in kitchen and brings oats for her to eat. He goes in room with oats in bowl. He takes the plate and keeps it at side.
San: Swara dekho maine tumhare liye kya banaya hai.
Swa: Mujhe kuch nahi khana. Isse vapas le jao.
San: Arre Swara dekho to sahi agar nahi pasand aaya to mein vapas le jaun ga.
Sanskar keeps the bowl with oats in fronts of her.
Swara still does not see it but because of it’s smell she feels hungry and when she sees it she gets happy but didn’t show it to Sanskar and silently takes the bowl and starts eating. Sanskar smiles seeing her as he knew she was feeling hungry and didn’t want to show it. After making her eat breakfast he takes her downwards to hall. She went silently but didn’t talk to anyone and was sitting making an angry face. Everyone was trying to make her happy and laugh but no one could do that. While Sanskar was standing at a side and was laughing silently seeing everyone trying. All gents were cracking jokes without any logic. But suddenly someone enters MM shouting Swara’s name. Seeing the man Swara became happy while other’s were standing confused. Swara goes and hugs him while the man also hugs him.
Swa: Nikhil kaha chale gaye thae tum. Maine tumhe bahut miss kiya.
Nik: Swaru voh mein US chala gaya tha but tum batao kaisi ho.
Swa: Acha voh sab chodo aao mein tumhe sab se milati hun.
(So the guy was Nikhil. Sanskar still does not know that Swara and Nikhil share brother and sisters bond. Ragini also does not know Nikhil.)

Seeing Nikhil Sanskar fumes in anger.

So guys did you like the part. I am really sorry for late update but I couldn’t think of something before but now I gave 2 parts long together. So did gou like the entry of Nikhil and please do comment. Thankyou.

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