Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-8)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
Calculating The Probabilities And Possibilities

“But Laksh, don’t you think the way of their confession will become just too cheesy??” Ragini asked Laksh who was busy dreaming how Swara and Sanskar confessed their desire to get their best friends back.

“Umm….. At least after what drunken drama Swara did yesterday, it is indeed very much possible………” Laksh chirped as Ragini rolled her eyes….

“And you really think that super boring super unromantic Sanskar Maheshwari will tease Swara for that??? I think today is her last day…. He will murder her……. You saw the way he told you about her drunken drama??? I m scared for my poor sister” Ragini said as she remembered Sanskar’s frustrated face as he told Laksh what all he went through because of her Silly out of senses sister….

“Yeah but believe it or not, he wants her back…” Laksh said as he tried making another possible story of what could happen…

” and he never tells you anything clearly but he did…. Does that mean that i can get to see your brothers bonding soon?” Ragini asked Laksh as she drowned in a bucket full of hope.

“Nah!!!” Laksh said with a bored expression.

“But why??? I mean, why did you both even break up??? Me and Swara breaking up was much more sensible because she was the reason why i had to marry you… But why did you brothers break up?” Ragini asked him with confusion…. This was certainly a question to puzzle any great mind.

” um …… I wish i had the answer to your question” Laksh said calmly as he looked around everywhere in the room but her face….

“Hey come on! It’s okay!!”Ragini said cheering him up a bit.

“hmm.. Wait…. Another marvelous idea…… wanna Listen??….” Laksh chirped as Ragini rolled her eyes at the extreme mood changes her husband had.

“Can i deny?” Ragini mocked at him while he chuckled.

“I am afraid….. You cannot!!” Laksh snickered humorously.

“So why did you even ask at the first place?” Ragini asked with a bored expression….. Laksh has been ranting all possibilities happening between Swasan after Swara’s drunk episode….. In both Swara and Sanskar’s point of views……

“Good so according to Sanskar’s point of view, Swara was lying mindlessly on me making cute expressions and it was quite hard to resist watching her….. She pouted in her sleep before opening her eyes and i looked at her like a lost one sided lover….

‘Ouch!!!! My head is spinning……’ Swara cried holding her head and making cute faces…. I chuckled.

‘Okay! Girl….. Wait here…. I’ll be right back….’i said before getting off the bed and moving out to the kitchen where i prepared a mug of lemon water and rushed towards my room to help swara ease her head…… Correction! I rushed towards our room…

As i shoved the glass Into her hands, she quickly gobbled down the sour liquid making some funny yet cute faces….. Everything in this girl made me fall for her…….

‘I love you Swara!’i mumbled without realization and the next thing i knew was that she was hugging me tightly….. ‘ i love you too Sanskar……. My chocolate uncle’ Swara said humorously making me laugh…… What a life partner i got!” Laksh narrated dreamily earning a eye roll from Ragini…..

“Like seriously Laksh?” Ragini asked in disbelief.

“Why can’t he just stop thinking all cheesy and impossible stuffs happening between the hate birds???” She thought and again rolled her eyes even at the thought….. This entire night, Laksh kept telling her all nonsense happening in between Swasan….. And everything he said was considered sarcastically amazing by her….. Amazing indeed!

“Oh yeah!! Maybe i should add a part of Swara’s feelings in there….. Right?” Laksh asked thinking hard to add some of the crap he had to show that swara had feelings for Sanskar…..

Ragini and Laksh patched up as friends last night but they developed such a silly bond in between them….. Instead of fighting and howling and scratching each others face, they were noting down all stupid silly things that they shouldn’t be concern of…. Silly creatures!

“Um how about Swara becoming overwhelmed by his sudden confession and then initiating Swasan’s first kiss??” Laksh ranted as Ragini shook her head in disbelief…..

“Laksh! Enough…. Just think if something else happens then??” Ragini asked with worry… “What if Sanskar loses his cool and hurts swara???” She thought to herself.

“Wow! That’s an amazing idea…. Then we’ll get to play with my niece or nephews soon” Laksh beamed with excitement.

Ragini slapped her forehead….

“It’s really no use talking to him” she thought looking at her so called arrogant husband who was not present currently… The person in front of her was not her husband Laksh but someone softer in nature…. And crazier in thinking…
“My crazy Kukudukoo” Ragini thought and chuckled…. What a name she gave him…

“What happened? Why are you laughing???” Laksh asked her in confusion.

“Hello Mr Kukudukoo”Ragini chirped.

“Oh so you remember that?” Laksh asked in disbelief.

“Of course…. You remember how you came inside my room doing that Kukudukoo noise and then when you saw me inside you were left so speechless!!! Oh my god!!!! Your face was worth watching….” Ragini said remembering a small incident that took place in their childhood…. She burst out making Laksh groan.
” i didn’t know you were inside the room” Laksh defended.

“I know…..” Ragini said laughing madly.
“And i went there to trouble Swara as Sanskar was out of the town.” Laksh said in his defense.

“Exactly” Ragini mocked while Laksh grunted…”freaking drama queen” he thought before closing her mouth with his hands.

Meanwhile Swara gains consciousness and starts massaging her temples as her head ached.

“Oh god!” She exclaimed in pain… Just then she felt someone shoving something into her hand and forcefully making her drink some sort of liquid.
The hand belonged to her one and only husband Sanskar.
“Thanks” she muttered before rubbing her eyes to clearly look who helped her.
She widened her eyes in shock as she saw Sanskar go out of the room without even giving a reply to her thanks.
“Haww!!! What kind of a creature is he? He went away without even noticing my thank you? Doesn’t he knows that Swara Gadodia rarely says a sorry or a thank you…. Instead of considering himself luckier than his brother lucky, he ignored me?” She talked to herself while cursing Sanskar in her mind…. She didn’t remember anything that happened last night….. Except for her getting drunk and someone bringing her home….. That’s it!

Meanwhile Sanskar moved out of the room in his own thoughts…..

“What kind of a girl she is? First she talks rudely with everyone and then she gets drunk and tells how badly she missed me and now she said a thank you… Or maybe i was dreaming….. Swara Gadodia…. Oh so sorry….. Swara SANSKAR Maheshwari never says thank you….. God forgot to put that habit in her pea sized brain…. Huh! And Sanskar maheshwari is daydreaming that his so called wife said a thank you” Sanskar thought to himself….. A small smile appeared on his face as he remembered how Swara confessed her missing her best friend Sanskar and there last part of the confessions… She said that he she loved him………. But that smile vanished as he remembered that she was drunk…. But don’t drink people blurt out the truth? He walked downstairs to find a Laksh grinning at his small dreamy smile…..

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