Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-6)


Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The Care In His Eyes

Ragini’s point of view

I was lying on the bed with Laksh sitting next to me. I was faking sleep and Laksh kept caressing my hand with his thumb right from the time we came in this rest room……
I could feel his intense gaze on me and i tried ignoring but when i realized that i am failing miserably, i slowly opened my eyes.

“Laksh……..” I said in a low tone.
“Hmm” he hummed softly.
“I…… Can’t sleep” i mumbled as he slowly left my hands and made me sit.
“So don’t sleep…..” He said calmly blinking his eyes.
” please let’s go home…. Ask Somya to come with us” i pleaded him while he smiled.
“Okay!……”he said as he got up and put on his blazer which he removed as we got in.
“Wait….. I’ll be back soon.” He said before closing the door softly.

What happened to him? Never in these five years he talked so sweetly to me….. Except when he was drunk and thought me to be one of his girlfriends….. Never did he close the door so softly…… What has happened to him? Why so much softness for me??? Why is he showing his I-Care-For-You side to me when he doesn’t???

My chain of thoughts was broken by Laksh entering the room fuming with anger. I didn’t want to ask him about it because if i would ask him, he will scowl at me in return but i asked.. For a change.

“W-what…happppp.. Happened….. La…… Laksh?” I asked as my heart collected some courage to speak.

“That………. Took her with him” he answered.
“That what?” I asked him sensing his fear.
“Ragini you know i don’t swear in front of you……. I meant….. Kartik” he said softly helping me stand up…..

By the way, why was he helping ME? My leg was all fine! Wasn’t it?

“Laksh…… Calm down…… He will do nothing to her… You know he and Swara… ” i tried explaining but he cut me.

“No Ragini…… Not he and SWARA…… I really don’t believe that Swara loves that………. Uh….. Kartik…… You know…. She doesn’t even look at him…..” He mumbled with frustration.

“Laksh” i said softly clutching his shoulders… I never realized that my hands were on his shoulders…

” no Ragini…… Let’s go…. Whatever happens to her will be all her fault….. Because, she went with him” he said brushing his hands through his hair.

“Nothing will happen Laksh” i assured while he looked at me.

Now what was happening to me? Why was i going all over caring and supporting for him?

“Ragini……….. Come…. Let’s go” he said and pulled me out with him….

The moment we stepped out, i saw that man in front of me….. I clutched Laksh’s shirt…. He immediately looked in my direction….

“What happened?” He asked me softly.
I didn’t reply but snapped my head in that man’s direction.
Laksh’s gaze shifted from me to that drunkard who was eyeing me from top to bottom….. His intense gaze made me uncomfortable and i started going closer to Laksh…….
I felt that man nearing us…. I stopped breathing and clutched Laksh more tightly.

“Hey sweetheart!!!” He said looking at my half covered body…. I was wearing a sleeveless body hugging top that showed my tiny waist with my jeans shorts….

I stepped back again as Laksh stepped forward.

The man looked at Laksh’s red angry eyes and quickly walked away….. I released Laksh’s shirt that i had clutched behind.

” don’t worry! He is gone” he said assuring me while i smiled in return…..

If he got a chance, he would surely hand me to werewolves or push me off a cliff or maybe throw me inside a deep river to drown or simply murder me but WHAT WAS HAPPENING? WHY DID HE CARE FOR ME??

I sat inside the car and he started driving back slowly.

“Laksh?” I said softly as he stopped humming the song he was singing right now.
“Hmm” he hummed at me.
“W-what happened to you?” I asked him directly as my mind could no more handle this drastic change in him.
“In what sense?” He asked me back in confusion.
“As far as i know you,…….. You hate me so much……. You can do anything to get rid if me…… Murder me or something but……. Today???? What happened to you?” I asked him while he stopped the car.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“Aaaaiiiii……. mean….www….. why are……..” I started as he completed my sentence.
“You caring for me today? Right?” He asked and i looked down and nodded..
“Because i brought you here and i don’t want your family members to taunt me for the rest of my lives that something happened to you because of me” he said expressionlessly.

So Laksh Maheshwari was back! For a moment i thought that he changed….. He got a soft heart… But the rock was back at his heart’s place.

I simply nodded and he started driving again..
The ride was a silent one and we both tried acting normal….. I repeat… We both TRIED!

“I…..I am sorry!!!!!! I shouldn’t have talked that way” he said apologetically breaking the silence.

“No……. I mean…… you needn’t be sorry” i said looking down.

“Now what happened to you?? Instead of shouting yelling and scratching my face, why are you sitting so sincerely and calmly as if nothing happened at all…..?” He asked to lighten up the atmosphere.

“Just paying back” i retorted.

“Ha…. Good then…… That means I’ll get everything returned back… Whatever i give you?” He asked with a smirk.

“Don’t tell me I don’t return all your sarcastic comments?” I snapped back sarcastically.

“Hmm….. so Ragini is back!!!! Well by the way…. Ms innocence ki dukaan, i didn’t mean that…..” He said stopping the car in the middle of nowhere….

“Then what did you mean..?” I asked him.
He leaned forward to my ear to whisper.

“You never return all the love i give you every night!!!!” He said winking at me.
My breath hitched…. He does that on purpose??
“Oh come on…… I know you got it” he said with another wink.
As he slowly bit my lower earlobe making me moan….
“Didn’t you???” He asked me huskily as my hands got goosebumps on them ….

I looked at him… His smirk made me go numb.

“D… don’t tell me….. You do it on purpose” i said catching some breath.

“What do you think? Eh?” He asked me again.

Why do i get a question as an answer to my question? I always thought that questions should be answered with a sentence ending with a full stop…… But his answers always ended with anther question mark….. How did he pass his exams???

“Laksh….. Let’s go home” i said looking away.

I felt his hands on my Cheeks and he slowly moved my head in his direction.

“Laksh start driving…”i pleaded.

“What if i don’t?” His voice made me stopped breathing again. Yet another dead end question.

“Tell me…. what if i don’t take you back home???” He ashed again kissing my right cheek.

It’s not that i am not used to his kisses and closeness….. But there is a difference in him using me and him teasing me….

“Come on…….. I’m here to listen what would you do…… If i say that….. I love you?” He said with a small grin…

My face turned pale… What did he say?

“Uh….. don’t worry!!!! I don’t love you… And i don’t do anything on purpose……… “He said backing off and starting the car….. He hummed the same English song again and drove us back to the mansion…. My heart was in my throat…. I kept staring him while he paid no attention……. He was whistling and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel while some old Hindi romantic song played in the car…..

He was so unaffected!!!!!

The rest of the ride was not silent…. His humming troubled me and i noticed him stealing glances of me through the corner of his eyes…..
As he stopped the car, he got out and helped me come out too……

He slowly dragged me back to our room still clutching my hands…..

“Now…. Listen……. I wanted to tell you something……” He said making me sit in the bed.

“Hmm” i said softly looking down….

He held my chin and made me look into his dark brown orbs….. This is what i hate….. His magnetic eyes!!! Uff!!! No… I m not drooling over him…. And even if i am, it didn’t matter… We are married…

” I know you don’t hate me so much……. So can we just stop yelling at each they for silly things??? I mean whatever happened to us was not our fault…. I am not asking you to be a actual wife to me….. Because i cannot be a perfect husband for you but…. Till that time can we just be…… Friends??????” He asked me as i looked deeply in his eyes as if lost in them…. I didn’t even listen to him properly…..

He snapped his fingers in front of me….
“Are you even listening?”
I swam out of those eyes and came back…

“Yeah… yeah…. By the way what did you say???”
“Exactly….. I was pleading my wife to become my friend….. But she was actually enjoying her time watching herself in my eyes” he said rolling his eyes…..
I chuckled.
“So…. Can this innocence ki dukaan be my friend?” He asked me with a smile…. More like he knew the answer……
“Yes….. BREAKING NEWS Innocence ki dukaan befriends nautanki ki dukaan” i said mimicking the news reporters….

We both chuckled at our silly comments…..

“Finally! The hate story is coming to an end!” I thought and smiled at it….


I know i had focused a lot on SwaSan in the earlier chapters. So here’s one with only Raglak. Actually guys, this story is already written and updated in Wattpad and so i can’t change the story line according to you all…. I’m really sorry for that… Just bear me for some time… 🙂 And of of course, I’m a huge fan of TEMISH AND VAHE So this is gonna be a ff on both the couples…..

I stop my pak pak here

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