Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-7)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The Name Game

Swara’s point of view

I slowly opened my eyes and groaned….. My head could blast anytime….. I held my head tightly and pressed my temples… ” ouch! It hurts” i mumbled as slowly i felt a pair of hands holding mine and moving them a bit.

“Wait here!!! I’ll get you the lemon water” a voice said before i heard the door close….. My eyes were burning and i could hardly see anything.

I heard the door open.

“Here…. Drink this” i heard Sanskar’s voice order me….. How can he ORDER me??? But as my head was on a verge of blasting, i quickly grabbed the mug and gulped down the sour liquid. Yack! I hate that taste!!!

“Thanks!” I mumbled looking at him.

“Ah!!! Do you know me?” He asked.

Like what???

” i m sorry!” I said in order to hear it again.

“You know me right???” He asked again.

I nodded.

“So what’s my name???” He asked me as i widened my eyes.” Hey…. Just say it….. I m dying to hear my name from you” he muttered sarcastically.

Maybe he has lost his mind!

“The one and only Mr Idiot – Sanskar Maheshwari!” I said causally not being in a mood to argue on his name!!

“Ah! Finally! The effect is over” he said with a sigh of relief.

“Don’t tell me that i…….” I began.
” that you were drunk last night and you married so many people” he completed.

” what?” I yelled as my both hands covered my mouth…. Was this one husband less trouble?

He smirked and left me alone in OUR room. I looked at the clock….. It was five in the morning….. Why the hell was i up so early???? Against the Swara rules….. I laid back only to realize that my bedsheets were all done properly……

Wait what?

I realized that this entire night, i slept on…….. HIM???

Shit shit shit!!!!

I jumped out of the bed and stormed out of the room…. I ran in all directions and finally found him near his car. I ran up to him….

“Sanskar!!!” I yelped as sweat dripped down my fragile face.
“Yes!” He asked humming a song…

This is making me crazier…. All sorts of possibilities of me doing stupid things came in my mind…… What did i do??

“Sanskar tell me what i did to you?” I muttered while his smirk grew darker.

“What if i don’t?”
“I’ll eat you alive”
“You already did that last night” he said blinking at me.

W-whhhhaaat did he say???

“No…. That not possible…” I snapped as he nodded in yes.
“But you did!!!! Believe me….. You remember you woke up ON me?” He said with a bit of mischief in his eyes stressing too much on the word ‘on’…..
“No…” I said hesitantly.
“No i don’t”
“Want me to remind you?”
“Uh?? No…”
“Are you sure?” He said winking at me.

Why did i drink last night??? Now he is going to tease me like this!!! But what happened to him? Instead of snapping and giving death glares to me, he is teasing me!!

“Yes…. I don’t want to remember anything”
“Your wish….. ”

As i turned to move, he started whistling… I turned behind to find his back facing me…. And he was leaning on the side of his car.

“S-Sanskar? Can i ask you something?”i asked hesitantly.

I blinked my eyes.

” oh my behavior!!!! Well your wish granted…….” He said with a wink.

“Wish? What wish?” I asked him in horror….. What did i do last night? And why do i forget everything after my hangover?.

“You wanted your husband Gopal, Malamaal, Jagmaal, Yashpal and who not to become sweet and romantic… Don’t tell me you forgot!!!” he said widening his eyes

“But when did i marry them?” I asked him while he smirked again.

“How am i suppose to know that?” He asked.

Oh! Now i get the reason behind him asking me to take his name……

“I um Sorry” i said lowly.

“For what?? Uh those six long kisses??? Well it’s okey!!!! You were drunk… Weren’t you??” He said coolly.

“W…..w…..w…. what??? How many kisses?” I asked him followed by a gulp.

“Six!!!! And yeah!!!! Thanks for kissing me so lovingly” he said dreamily……


“and where exactly did i kiss you?” I asked as my mind closed my ears….

” uh? You girls are really clever! You know everything but you want to hear it from our mouth” he said rolling his eyes……

“Well in that case why don’t you fulfill my wish?” I retorted rolling my eyes just like him.

“You want me to tell or to show?? Just in case if you wish to know the intensity!!” He mocked at me.

I gulped. God please save me this time….. No drinking hence forth!

“Just say!” I said with a bored expression.

“On my face!!” He says dreamily….

Idiot….. Can’t he just say the perfect place.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Now one more question and I’ll answer it practically….” He said as i shut my mouth…

He smirked…..

I ran back to my room….

Oh my god!!!!! What did i do??? Why did i kiss him??? And!!! What all did i do to him…. He changed so much in one night??? I did something big!!!! Oh my god!!!

Tears welled up in my eyes.”Why Swara! Why did you do this??” I cried as the door opened again…

I saw him stare me…. He quickly sat next to me on our bed…

” hey chill Swara! You didn’t do anything!!! I was just teasing you! Aww….. now stop crying!” He said cupping my face and wiping my tears.
I started hitting him as if it would hurt………

“Arey!!! Arey!!! Swara!! It hurts” Sanskar cried.

“It should hurt!” I mumbled back continuing my chest slapping session.
I realized what was i doing….. I slowly stopped my hands and moved away from him….

“Hey! It’s okay!!!! See anyway! I m not crying or something……. Like do you think i m crying??” He asked jokingly.

I looked expressionlessly at him. He held my hands….

“Come on…. you asked Mr inspector to find your best friend Sanskar… And here i am” he says winking at me…”you didn’t do or say anything more…. You just called me dhanno and all stupid girly names and made me wear your jewellery and made up my face… And you were finding a handsome rich cute caring groom for me under the bed ….. that’s it” he said while i widened my eyes…….
He chuckled….

“Why don’t you drink every night??”he asked with a smirk.

I chuckled.

” I’ll get to know more about you!” He said winking..

And before i knew it, i received a warm peck on my left cheek… Oh my gawd!!!!!

“You liked it! Didn’t you?” He asked me while my cheeks flushed red.

I preferred not to open my silly mouth or he’ll get another point to tease me!

“I got my answer” he said huskily into my left ear…

I blushed a little but changed that expression as soon as i realized it.

“Hey don’t do that! You look so cute in red” he said wrapping his arms around my shoulders while i looked down again flushing red….

“Looks like you need to buy a pair of spectacles……… I m wearing blue” I mocked at him while he smirked.

“It’s no use sweetie!” He shot back at me with dangerously dangerous expressions.

I chuckled.

“So according to whatever you just told me, i got my Sanskar back?? Eh?” I asked him with excitement.

“Nah!!! Not so soon sweetie…… You troubled me a lot with that b*st*rd’s name….. Payback time…… You need to bring your Sanskar back….” He said with a naught smirk on his lips…..

That means i blurted out everything last night….

“Stop calling him that…. He is not….” I started yelling at him.

“He is……. And lemme tell you one thing….. You better stay away from him….. He is such a…… Damn it!”he said with frustration banging his fist on the table besides the bed.

“Sanskar!!” I yelled and held his hand as it now stated to bleed….

“You know something? You are extra stupid and idiotic…… And i don’t care…. I hate you Mr maheshwari……..” I said as tears flowed down my eyes looking at his injured hand…. The little narrow stream of blood flowing down made me shiver…. How could he???

I quickly grabbed the first aid box and cleaned his hand followed by applying bandaging it….

“And if again you do anything as such, i m going to kill you!” I said hitting him.

“Haww??? you know you can never become a doctor??” He mocked at me.

“But soon I’ll become a doctor” i said with pride…… My studies are over and soon I’ll be a great doctor….. And Ragini will become a great Cardiologist……. We sisters will rock the world…. Or so i think…

He chuckled as i got lost in my own sweet doctor’s world….. A general physician…… Isn’t it just so great….

Now Sanskar burst out laughing……

“Hey! What happened???” I asked him while he rolled his eyes..

“Nothing you carry on…. Dream girl” he commented as again i got lost in my own sweet world…. But this time it was the Sanskar world! My Sanskar world!

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