Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-5)


Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love

Sanskar’s point of view

I decided to handle the drunk Swara so confidently but here i am…. Below my own bed…. I wasn’t hiding to be honest….. But this girl…. She sat below the bed and now she wants me to get her two babies which are hers….. I mean…. How can i do that? She doesn’t have any babies….And the worst part…… is that….she won’t come out till the time she gets her two cute little babies….. I m here to pull her out but she wouldn’t listen to me….. God! This girl!!!!!!

In the last thirty minutes, she has tortured me like never before…. she climbed on the car’s roof and tried sleeping there… When she couldn’t, she jumped down and slept on the concrete road….. Then she sat on the driving seat and asked me to drive…. And when we reached home, she played mud fight with the girl in the mirror and the most interesting part was that she played without mud!!….. Then she made me wear all her jewellery and she asked me to do make up…. Which she hated…. And then she was applying eyeliner and mascara on my eyes to give me a ‘pretty’ look…. Then she tried twenty different shades of lipsticks and lip glosses… But ended up putting a dark red lip gloss on my lips….. And now she is on an expedition to find a ‘handsome,’ ‘good looking’ ‘intelligent’ GROOM for me to marry me off…. Under the bed!!!!?. And here you go…. I m looking ‘so cute’ as she says.

“Aww…. Look at you dhanno…. You are looking so pretty…. I m sure there’ll be many boys dying to see you in this look” i heard Swara say as i rolled my eyes…. “Your family will be so happy that i made you so beautiful…. And now you look like a sweet girl and not a well built tall handsome boy!! Stop giving false hopes to girls around…” She added while her eyes twinkled….

“Dhanno,” this is the twenty seventh name she is giving me…. Right from Tanvi, Sakshi, Ayushi, Meenakshi,Karitika, Helly, Tejasvi, Riya, Ayesha, Shraddha, Priyanka, Kashmira, Narmada, Chutki…. I have got so many names today…. This girl doesn’t remember that i am a BOY!!!! Her husband to be more precise….. I m a fully adult BOY!!!!! BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

“Swara!!! My name is Sanskar!!! Okey??… And i m your husband…. Which means that i am a man… Not a girl…..” I cried while she blinked innocently at me….”and yeah …i m unfortunately your husband which means that i am already married……. So no need to find a ‘groom’ for me!!!” I added.

“Sanskar!!!! Oh….. That Sanskar…… Wait…. Which Sanskar???” She muttered rubbing her back of head…

I slapped my forehead…

” your Sanskar!!! I am YOUR SANSKAR!” I yelled without realization….

” oh!!! That means you are mine??” She asked me again blinking her eyes. Her twinkling little almond shaped eyes were once my favorite…. But everything changes with time… She is still pretty…. Or maybe a little more prettier than before and her eyes still send shivers down my spine but the truth is that she hates me and that….. She is talking so sweetly to me only because she is drunk and not in her senses.
I nodded hesitantly… No matter how is our relation but still i am hers!!! Just……… HERS!!! And that’s the reason i didn’t fall in love with anyone….

“Okey….. So become a ghoda!!…. I want to play ghoda ghoda” she said while i coughed.

“What?” I asked for confirmation… As if i heard something wrong.

“Ghoda…. You know ghoda means horse in Hindi… Are you from Canada???… Become a horse Anyway” she ordered.

“No.” I replied stubbornly as she again blinked.
“Okey then go and bring me my babies” she ordered
“You don’t have any babies.” I replied as a matter of factly.
“Why” she asked making a pout face…

Now what should i reply?

“Because you and your husband fine have a typical married relation” i thought to myself.

” come let’s play ghoda ghoda” i said giving up and changing the topic while pulling her out of the bed.

“Okey..!!!!.” She exclaimed before i kneeled down……

I heard that drunk people lose their minds….. Today i can witness it too…. And it’s not a great experience….

The girl who Hates me so much and fights with me day and night is playing with me… And That too ghoda ghoda! Incredible… Isn’t it?

I started moving the moment she sat on me….

I moved a few steps when she stopped me

“Wait….. You’ll get tired…. ” she said with concern getting down and sitting on the bed…. I stood up looking at the girl who was currently having so many mood swings….

She patted on the bed asking me to sit besides her……. I sat as i didn’t want her to start her torture again

She started blabbering on nonsense topics like Monday’s spelling is so funny because it has the “B” in it and all stupid things that i hardly paid attention to….. I was half sleeping after this tiring session so i let her speak as much she wanted while i was snoring there sitting besides her……

My sweet sweet sleep was broken by her sudden movement….. She hugged me…. I was startled by her move. Though my body felt charged up, i preferred ignoring the feeling…. Already losing my best friend was hard…. And i don’t want to make it harder by falling for her…

“Swara….” I said cautiously as i started removing her hands from my shoulders. “She is not in her senses Sanskar” was all my mind warned.
“No…. Mr vada pav…. Listen!!!! You know something…… Tell me… You’ll keep it as a secret and you won’t tell….. Ahh… what was his name…. Lokpal.. ” she said childishly

Half her talks were nonsense…. But who was lokpal by the way?

” who is this lokpal?” I asked her to which she blinked.
“You don’t know lokpal?? Well he was my best friend years ago and now i am officially, legally and ritually married to him” she said as i again slapped my forehead.

” Sanskar!!!!” I groaned.
” who Sanskar?”
“Your husband Sanskar”
” but his name is malamaal”
I literally felt like crying…. After giving me all sorts of girly names, now she is murdering my real name… Lokpal and Now Malamaal…. now the next would be Kejriwal?
“No his name is Sanskar” i said sternly.
” he is my husband or yours?? Mine naa?? So I’ll decide what his name is… Getting it…. His name is Jagmaal.”
First lokpal and then malamaal and now this Jagmaal…???? why doesn’t she murder me instead of murdering my name?
I nodded anyway.

“Yeah….. So you know what??? He thinks that i love Kartik” she whispered in my ears absolutely lowly.

My ears pricked. Her husband THINKS that she loves Kartik. What ever does the word ‘thinks’ mean in this sentence?

” but you know what? i don’t love Parth…. I love gopal” she said.

Now who is this gopal?

” who gopal?” I asked her.
“Hey Mr kacha aam….. Are you having a memory loss problem??? Gopal is my husband”

Yeah sure…. In fact i am also having drunkeria…..

I wonder how many husband she has…. I nodded again.

“And by the way who is Parth?” I asked her.
“Harpal thinks that I am having a affair with Parth…”

“I know i know… Now this Harpal is also her husband…. But why should i care?? He is HER husband…. And Not mine… As she said..” I thought.

“Okey continue..”
“You know… How much i miss my best friend Mr kitten!! And now i m married to him…… But he keeps fighting with me”

Mr kitten! Incredible!!!

“Yes…. And i don’t like Hritik…….. I m not even having a affair with him.. But still Dharampal hates him” she said.

Kartik to Parth to Hritik!!!! India is progressing so much!!!

“You know…… I miss my Golmaal a lot….. How he used to pull my leg…. How he used to play with me….. How we used to trouble this entire country….. I miss the days when we used to hide inside the cupboard while both our families would find us madly…… I remember how once we poured fevicol inside Laksh’s shampoo and he had those sticky white stiff hairs and how Ragini chased us for one hour for that prank and ended up falling inside the puddles……. I remember…” She trailed off…..

I looked at her….. Tears welled up in her eyes as her hug became a bit tighter….

“Please Mr inspector…….. Find my Fun loving Yashpal…… I know it’s my mistake but still i want him back…. I…..i…..i.. Love him….. Yes I love him…… I want my Popatlal back……” She said and by now she was crying….. Like seriously crying….. her eyes were red and puffy….. Her nose was red….. And her entire face was wet…… And so was my shirt……

But then she stopped speaking…. I looked worriedly at her.
“Wh…” I started to ask but i realized that she already slept.

I tried freeing myself but her grip was a little strong…..

I also remembered all those funny moments we spent together…. Tears were not ready to stop their journey down my cheeks…. My cheeks felt heated up due to the effects….

Forgetting the fact that she never took my name… As in my name… My actual little sweet name which is ‘Sanskar,’… but still she said that she loves me….. I mean…. wait…. What?? she loves whom?????? Was it……… MEEEEEEEEE???????
So… Since i just over Loaded you with so much emotional drama, here you go with a humor torture… I’m sure you had a good laugh….

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