Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-4)


Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
I Want Them Together

Laksh’s point of view

I was sitting next to Ragini driving us to a dance club. She was MY Ragini but maybe because of our childhood problems, we could not hold that perfect relation and i am not surprised to be honest.

When Sanskar and Swara who were the best of the best friends, who could die for each other become enemies, then our relation was in no match to theirs…… In fact, our love story started because of their friendship…. And now, seeing the duo fight, i really feel hopeless… I want them back! I want my Swasan back.. I want to become the victim of their lame pranks…. I want to see them fight on dairy milk silk….. I want them to paint each other’s face on holi.. I want them to do their emotional drama to melt everyone’s heart….. I want them to smile together…. To laugh together…. In short, i want them together!!! I stopped my car near a bungalow and Kartik hopped inside the car next to Swara….. These two have been together for five years now!!! And i hate this b*st*rd….. He keeps turning Swara against my brother…. I know that i can’t help it because she loves him but still!!! How can he just say anything nonsense about Sanskar in front of swara and escape so easily? Not happening… I looked at the duo through the rear view mirror…. Just look at him….. Drooling over my best friend while she is busy playing with her fingers…… He is so….. Like i wish i could swear…. But unfortunately i don’t swear in front of girls….. Especially when Ragini is around…. Ragini is a modern girl but she is pure at heart….. She hates swearing…. She hates abuses…. And she has never used a bad word for anyone. She respects everyone…. Even me… Even after all that she gets from me…..

I saw Kartik just staring my bhabhi and drooling over her… I clenched my fist in anger….. I stopped the car near the club and got down….. I excused myself and the three went inside…..

I called Sanskar.

“Bro! I am sorry…. Just that i didn’t like you shouting at Swara… But you know what?? I m really feeling strange by the way this Kartik is looking at her….. I know that you both hate each other but still you are very much married…..” I said while i heard him sigh.

“Laksh!!! They love each other!!! Who am i to come in between them??” He asked in a low tone.

“You are Swara’s husband” i argued Back……

“Just for name sake… No one knows that…” He said with a expressionless tone.

“So what??? That doesn’t change anything”I explained.

“What do you want?” He asked back with irritation.

“I want you here right now!” I snapped..

“Forget it!” He said getting bitter l bored.

” fine… Then dare you yell at me if i just do something to that b*st*rd…. You know he is the reason behind your misunderstandings…….. “I yelled at him.

“You won’t do anything as such” i heard him plead.

“And i will obey you” i said sarcastically to which he sighed.

“I m coming… Send me the address.” He said after a long pause giving up.

” good !!! That’s like Lucky’s lucky brother.” I said before disconnecting the call.

I quickly texted him our location.

I went inside the club and found Swaragini near the bar counter while Somya and Kartik were busy dancing…… Somya is my cousin sister….. And she has a very good bond with Kartik…. No matter how much i try to keep them away from each other, they simply wouldn’t.

I looked at Swara who gulped down another shot of drink while Ragini kept looking at her hesitantly…… I went to the duo.
As i reached near the bar, i realized that Swara was already out of her senses.. I looked at Ragini who was looking at me as if i was going to murder her or something.

“Believe me! I tried stopping her….”she said hesitantly while i smiled.

“No problem…. Anyways Sanskar will be here any time now so, no need to worry…. Enjoy!!” I said calming her…

“Sanskar!?? But he didn’t like club and all right?? Then why is he coming here?” She asked me while her eyes expanded to a thousand times their original size.

“Huh? I called him here! Of course i knew Swara would get drunk and i am having no plans to bear her tantrums like last time…”i said sighing remembering the last party i and Swara attended together.

Ragini chuckled


”Swara… Stop you are enough drunk… Now please stop” Laksh pleaded Swara who was looking at the glass of wine in her hand.

She shook her head vigorously clearing her point that she won’t stop so soon.

“Swara….” Laksh warned before snatching the glass from her hand and pulling her out of the club…

“Baba black sheep have you any wool? Let’s find spongebob in the pool.. Twinkle Twinkle little star Swara got drunk in the bar!!!!” Swara sang on top of her voice while Laksh looked at her in disbelief.

“Laksh!!” She said after she got bored of singing
” yeah!” Laksh replied throwing her into the car.
“You know this car is very unlucky!” She said making him stumble.

“How can a ‘car’ be unlucky?” He thought.

” how” he asked completely without interest.

“Because this is your car… And you don’t know the way to go to the sun….” She mumbled.
“But girls like moon!!”
“No.. I like sun!!!! Sun comes at night when i can sleep peacefully hugging my toys…… Moon is bad….. he comes to wake me up”

Laksh slapped his forehead. As they reached home…. He took her out of the car….

“Come….” He said pulling her towards the gate of the maheshwari mansion.

Swara jerks his hands and sits on a flower pot.

“I m not going!” She exclaimed inflating her cheeks.
“Huh? Why?” He asked her in confusion.
“Because i want to meet Obama”
“Call Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled when the entire family comes out to look at her.

“Swara! What happened Laksh?” Annapurna asked Laksh with concern.
“This idiot got drunk” he answered rolling his eyes.
Ragini chuckled.
“Swara! Obama lives in America… He will come tomorrow!! Now come!! Let’s go to sleep” Sujata stated looking at her condition.
“Obama? But when did he go to America?? I met him yesterday…. He was selling vada pavs on the tea stall!” Swara said sadly.

Everyone widened their eyes….. Imagine Obama selling vada pavs in a tea stall.

“But he is the president of USA.” Came Parinita’s voice.

“Who?” Swara asked.

“Obama!” Parinita stated as a matter of factly.

“Who is Obama??? I thought Sanskar is the president of USA! Wait! Who is Sanskar” She asked with disappointment…

“He is your husband” Annapurna said.

“Haww!!!! Can you please tell him that i married Boots yesterday?” She mumbled to Annapurna.
“Now who is Boots?” Everyone asked her together.
“Dora’s best friend…. Boots the monkey!!!” She replied cheekily while everyone sighed.

Everyone chuckled….

Flashback ends
“Yes.. I remember… Obama selling vada pavs in a tea stall!!” Ragini chuckled as we both sighed.
“Let the president of America handle her!! Where is Sanskar??”i mumbled to myself as i turned to look at the gate where Sanskar was standing looking in all directions.

I waved at him. He slowly came towards us after struggling with the drunk people dancing mindlessly on the floor.

“I wonder how people come out alive after coming here” he said sarcastically.
“Uh hum!!! Sorry bro!!! But there is a little change in your schedule to keep an eye on Kartik…. Now you need to handle your wife!!” I said pointing towards swara.

He looked at her……… He was out on a business tour the last time she got drunk so he wasn’t aware of her dramas! Freaking drama queen!

“Hm… Seems that you people made her drink too much!” He said looking at the clumsy condition swara was in.

“We???? You know she gulped down thirty four shots of vodka and two glasses of wine while i was trying to stop her!” Ragini said in shock.

Sanskar chuckled.

“Well then let me take her back to the house”he said holding swara who was stumbling….

“All the best” me and Ragini said together as he disappeared in the crowd.

“Laksh!” I heard Ragini say when i turned around and she looked down..

“Laksh!! Can we go home too?? I mean i an not liking this place” she said looking around at the number of drunkards eyeing her from top to bottom.

“Yeah… But we can’t leave Somya with Kartik…. So if you want you can rest in one of the rest rooms” i said with concern…. Not that i felt something for her… But she was my responsibility…..

She nodded as i showed her the way to the rooms around. She nodded again before moving back when suddenly a tall boy or maybe something not less than a fully soaked sponge came in her way…

He was speaking to Ragini but i couldn’t hear them due to the loud nose in the club. I saw him misbehaving with Ragini and i could see Ragini’s scared face so i went to help her and ended up fighting with the idiot drunkard.

Ragini had a tough time separating us and when she couldn’t, she started crying like a little lost baby.
I took her to one of the rooms and made her lie there… She was still crying.
“Why are you crying now?” I asked her.
” i don’t like to see you fight” she said sobbing.


” okey fine… Sleep now!!! I’ll wake you up when we are going” i said as she closed her eyes to sleep and then opened it again suddenly…
“Laksh! Please promise that you won’t leave me here alone!!” She said while I was shocked but still i nodded assuring her that I’ll be there for her… She closed her eyes and was fast asleep.

I looked at her tear stained face. She was actually very innocent… Though she is a bit childish which i think Is not her fault because both these twin sisters are equally childish, but she is really nice with everyone…. I smiled as she smiled in her dreams… I have hardly seen her smile wholeheartedly after our so called marriage….

Somewhere in my heart i know… That i still love her?!! Don’t I?
Now who all still hate Laksh? Not me at least! He is sweet…. But may a bit lost… So let’s see.. What happens next… Vote share and comment?

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