Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-3)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
This Relation Would Never Work

Swara’s point of view

My life is a wonder. Like seriously? My family can be jailed for all that….. Child marriage!! Something that has been completely eradicated from the modern India….. Back in the year 2012, I, Ms Swara Gadodia was married to my best friend Sanskar Maheshwari….. And that time, we both were teens!!!!!! Shocking right?? And no one actually came to know about the alliance because of these Maheshwaries and their power. And this is the reason why today, we both hate each other…..

Kartik! For the world, Kartik is my so called boyfriend….. But actually no one knows that he is my best friend…. Just a friend…… No… Just a best friend if ever anything of that sort exists….. He is the one who listens to me cry my heart out… Yes Sanskar thinks that we are together…. Why only Sanskar? Everyone thinks that we are in a relation…. I don’t know why but i don’t want Sanskar to know about anything as such…… I like his frustrated face when he hears Kartik’s name…Five years! Five long damn years have passed after all that happened and still i couldn’t overcome the incident…. The sorrow of losing my best friend even by getting him all for myself pricks me from inside….The sweet and salty moments we spent together kill me from within…. The feeling of guilt pricks me…. I know whatever happened to us was actually no one’s fault …..

We were destined to be together…. But still somewhere in my heart, i know this relation will never work….. We can never be the ideal lovers that a love story has…. People are ready to die for their love and here we can kill each other for it…. I still remember the first day i meet him….. I was three then….. He was five…. We had been friends…. Or rather inseparable best friends from that time…. Note that now the word ‘best friend’ doesn’t exist in our relation but still we are inseparable…..I remember playing for hours near the lake throwing stones in it and chit chatting together till the time our parents didn’t yell at us to return home….. I remember how he used to help me in my studies and take the fifty percent of the chocolate i got on the report card day….. I remember painting each other’s face with cake on everyone’s birthday….

I remember our hugs….. I remember what not… But sadly all are just mere memories…. Just memories….. Every time I think of these happy memories, I cry… The tears are not of joy…. They are of sorrow… They are of guilt…. They are  of pains…. They are the regret in my heart…..

I was still crying thinking about US when he  surprisingly entered the room….. Without looking at me he went inside the washroom with some clothes and came out within minutes in his usual casuals his T-shirt and trouser…. Again without noticing.. Or say ignoring me, he went and opened his laptop and started his work….. Somebody just clap for him….. His wife is crying here and he doesn’t even CARE!!!!  Even if he does, he wouldn’t show it….. My rudeness in the past few years has completely made him irked…… Why would he even look at me??? Why will he really talk to me?? To get a stupid comeback or maybe to get insulted??? That’s why we hate each other….. Our rudeness did it all thanks to our ego…. And today we are two strangers who live in a room without even looking at each other’s face…. 

No matter how rude I’m with these Maheshwaries, they never give up….. They do all possible ways to keep me happy….. But happiness doesn’t lie on  materialistic things….. It comes from within….. In all i have turned out to be a negative character in my own life….i am my own villain.. Nothing is positive in my life… I kept stealing glances of my so called husband every ten seconds…. From my point of view, he could make any girl fall for him…. and his killing looks… Oh my gawd!!! His fair complexion…. His hazel brown eyes…. His dark brown hairs…. His well built body…. Everything in him is so hypnotizing….. He is so admirable…. he is cute!!. I won’t curse myself for lying if i say that he is handsome… Or maybe he is even hot!!!! Somewhere in my heart i do know that a super egoistic girl like me couldn’t get anyone any near to him…… And why a girl like me?? He is just perfect for any girl but any girl won’t be perfect for him. He needs a angel from the heaven for himself to match his charm but maybe god didn’t like his happiness….. He cannot fall in love just like me because he is married!! Goddamit!!! Why??? Why did god send me here as a burden on his head???

That’s when i looked at him once again. He was looking at me…. His expression was unreadable…… Being EX- best friends, we could easily understand each other’s expressions…. Sometimes we could talk only with our eyes and still we have that talent but we don’t!!! Cause we are EX-best friends!!!

Within moments, he stood up….. I kept looking at him for sometime until i realized that he was sitting next to me…

“What happened?” He asked me in a tone that i heard almost years ago from his mouth.
I just shook my head..
“I know you are thinking about US!!!” he said with a light pale smile…..”And i still do that!! It’s no use hiding it from me……..”he added with softness that i had almost forgotten in his voice……

He closed his laptop with a thud! Reality dawned upon me….. I was dreaming with open eyes!!! Nothing so comforting happened at all… I wiped my tears…. For about infiniteth time in this course of five years..

“Sanskar”i called out lowly with a bit chocked voice that was maybe a result of over crying!

“What” he asked in his same arrogant tone as always making my heart pain….. No wonder why i wondered what happened to US!!!

“WHAT THE HELL MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!!! Look at my tone and look at yours!!! Are you even human??” I scowled at him like i always do…

“So here i am with a wife disturbing me from my important work and teaching me how to talk softly” he mocked back making me shiver.. He had that effect on me..

“Yeah!!! Go…. Do your work…. I just wanted to tell you that i am sleepy and i need to switch off the lights Sanskar.!!” I lied as politely as possible.

“Looks like you had a break up with Kartik….. No doubt you were crying for so long!” He mocked at me.

“Nothing as such!!! Kartik is much much better than you!!!! Did you hear that..? Much much better than you!! And i will never do anything that results in our break up” i snapped back while his expressions changed a bit to frustrated one but he covered up that expression by flashing his signature smirk.

” huh!! Sorry darling but you don’t need to do anything stupid to lose people!!!! Your stupidity does that for you!” He said rolling his eyes just when Laksh entered the room..

“BHAI!!! How can you talk to Swara that way?? Are you nuts?? She is your wife!!! Getting it??? And dare you talk with my best friend that way…. Wait lemme call papa….” He yelled banging the door open.


“Says a man who has a new affair every night” Sanskar shot back at him.

“So?” Both me and Laksh yelled at him.

“You know what?? Its no use taking to you both…. Just get lost!!! Or okey why would you get lost!! Lemme go myself” Sanskar said with irritation before turning towards the door.

“No need to do anything as such…. I and Swara are going out with Kartik and Somya for tonight…. ” Laksh said winking at me…. This crazy boy.. In this entire maheshwari family, only he is the one who makes me smile… And maybe sometimes laugh too…..
” enjoy you night!!” Sanskar mocked before indulging himself totally in his files….. He looked totally irked and frustrated.

A small pain in my chest!!! A small pain in my chest was all i felt!

The next thing i knew was that Laksh dragged me out and we were about to get into the car.

” why don’t we take Ragini along??” I asked him as he pulled out his car keys.

He gave me a what-the-hell-look.

“I mean….. She must be feeling lonely…. So… Please” i said trying to make my best puppy eyes and i really suck at it.

“K… girl!!! Just for you” he said before dialing Ragini’s phone number.

They were lovers… They loved each other so terribly but nah! Everything changed…

” hello Ragini!!! Come down… In five minutes…. Swara is taking you out” he said and before the poor girl could answer, he disconnected the call.

“Done miss ‘over-caring-sister’??” He said while i rolled my eyes at him….. I want my RagLak back…. At any cost… I want my Swaragini back… At any cost…. I want myself back….. At any cost!!!

Ragini was down in no time. She sat next to Laksh on the passenger seat and Laksh drove us to some place…… Through out the journey, all i thought about was Sanskar.


“Hey! Hey! Stop troubling me” Swara whined at the five year old Sanskar.
” okey.. What if i give you this?” He said pulling out two coffee bites.
“Wow! Coffee bites!!!!” Swara cried happily snatching away one from him. “From today, you name is chocolatey  uncle” she said happily tossing the toffee in her little mouth.
“And yours is ms yipppie aunty” he said having his favorite yippee noodles.
“Hae?? Yippee? Why” she asked him blinking her eyes.

“Because i love yippee” he said stuffing his mouth with noodles….

Flash back ends.

An unknown smile appeared on my lips as i was thinking about our first meet… Mr chocolatey uncle and ms yippee aunty! Funny much! Cuteness overloaded!!! Again a lone tear escaped my left eye as i thought about the drastic change in our relation. We weren’t meant to be together!!!

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