Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-21)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The Plan ‘B’

Swara’s point of view

Ragini is behaving like a maniac. I mean, instead of taking care of our Dadi who’s finally recovering after four freaking years, she took me to a park to push her swing and now she brought me here to help her and Riya win the Pani Puri eating competition against the boys. She has lost it. Everyone here has lost it.

“Swara. Come on. You can do it” and cheered handing me the forty seventh puri. Okay, I’m not saying that i hate pani puris, but forty seven? How can a normal human being eat forty seven pani puris at a time? Insane right?

I took it anyway and managed to gulp it down my throat after much of a struggle.

“Yay!! So we win! We finished one hundred and forty puris altogether!!!! You lose! ” Riya chirped.

I roll my eyes at the five people in front of me. Two silly girls dancing around because they won that silly competition and three stupid boys whining like babies about nothing.

I went over to grab my phone from the side table.

‘No sim card inserted’ it read. What the heck?

I removed the back cover and checked. My sim card was missing. Maybe it came out when my phone fell down in there park.

“Ragini. I think My sim card got lost in the park” i informed.

She came up to me.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find it. Actually Riya wants to learn how to bake a cake. So how about me going and finding your sim card while you teach her how to bake a cake?” She suggested.

I know Ragini doesn’t know how to bake a cake but she’ll never admit it in front of her friends, especially Riya.

“Okay” i said hesitantly while she jumped up and did a weird kind of dance.

“You’re the best sista” she chirped and ran out grabbing her hand bag before she left.

“Crazy woman” i thought before heading to the kitchen to help Riya with her cake.

“What took you so long?” Riya asked with a pout as soon as i stepped inside the kitchen.

“Huh? Nothing. I was just speaking to Ragini” i answered.

“Oh” was her reply.

“Let’s start” i said as she brought bananas, flour and cocoa powder to prepare the cake.

We are all vegetarians here except Ravi, but he prefers eating a egg less cake.

“Swara, can we make a chilli flavored cake too?” Riya asked out of nowhere as i whipped the ingredients together with milk.

I stopped working and stared blankly at her. Why is everyone coming up with actually weird horrible ideas? Swinging, Pani Puri eating, baking a chilli cake?? What’s next? Planting a cow tree?

“Sure, I’m sure you want to try a potty flavored cake now” i muttered sarcastically rolling my eyes at her.

“What? No. I mean seriously. I wanna try a chili cake” she said.

Wow! She’s inspiring me to make a lemon cake, plastic cake, eyelashes cake, air cake, water cake, tasteless cake, nose water cake, make up cake, mascara cake…. Duhhhhhh!!!!

“Let’s make one after completing this one” she suggested. I rolled my eyes yet again at her idea. Either me or every one else on this planet has lost their brains. I really doubt if Riya and Ragini even had one since birth.


Sanskar’s point of view

After wandering in this huge city called Mumbai for hours, i finally decided to go home. I walked down the staircase to our hall where i saw Ragini crying.

“She is missing chachi. I called her a billion times already but her phone is switched off. Where is my sister? Is she alright?” She cried.

Laksh was walking back and forth in the house trying to contact someone who was obviously Swara.

Adarsh Bhaiya, bade papa and papa were busy instructing the security and the police about Swara. Everyone was so tensed all because of Swara. Because she can never be happy. She keeps on complaining for everything. And now she just ran away to god knows where. What am i supposed to do now with that egoistic girl?

But what if she’s in danger? Last time she got lost, she was with Kartik. Inches away from getting r*ped. But Kartik is in jail. What if it’s his sister Karitika who kidnapped Swara for her brother’s revenge? Okay even though Kartik and Karitika practically hate each other to the core but still they are cousins. Aren’t they?

What if some mafia just murders her? Or maybe she’s kidnapped and is in pain right now? What if she’s calling out for me to help her? Yes, she’s in danger. She’s definitely in danger. I can feel it. I have to save her.

Rahul and that strange guy ‘Funky Pandey’ were here in my house with Laksh discussing something.

I went to Ragini.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine” i said softly.

“What fine? She’s missing because of you. Because you spoke rudely to her. It’s your fault” she cried as my mom kept wiping her tears while she continued to shed new ones. Badi ma stood their beside their couch with a glass of water trying to calm her down, occasionally rubbing her back.

“You don’t deserve a girl like my sister. She’s too good for you” she scowled.

Oh is she? As if I didn’t know that already. Duhh Ragini.

Do hell with my sarcasm!!!!

“Sanskar, what am i hearing? These guys were trying to unite you and Swara and even after knowing the truth, you spoke harshly with her? Do you realize how hurt she must have been when you told her that you have Kavita to worry for you? When you knew that she didn’t know anything about their plan? When she got to know that you were dating some one else, she was ready to end her life. That girl can do anything, I’m telling you. And if something happens to her, you’ll be responsible.” my mom scolded.

Boy! She knew everything. Right from the Kavita part of their plan.

“Bhai, why do you lose your cool every time bhabhi is with you?” It was Uttara this time.

I don’t know. Or maybe i do. All thanks to that stupid three letter word called ‘ego’. It’s such a small word but it can destroy the greatest relations. Mine and Swara’s being one of them.

I get a call from a private number.

“Listen Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. Your wife is with me. Get ready to pay for everything wrong you’ve done in your life, because now your life is in my hands. Meet me at one tonight near the lake. And dare you tell this to anyone. If you try to act smart, you would never see your wife again. Buh bye!” It was Karitika. I gulped. Swara is in danger. Oh my god! I need to save her. I do knew this. These cousins Kartik and Karitika are so dangerous!

I looked around to find my entire family staring at me.

“It was just a wrong number” i lied.

“And why did a wrong number scare you? Why did your face turn pale all of a sudden? You weren’t even scared when you heard that Swara was missing. Why? What happened now?” Badi ma asked.

I wiped the sweat from my face.

“Nothing.” I replied simply and ran to my room.

I need to stay away from everyone till i meet Karitika to avoid answering their questions.

Laksh’s point of view.

“Bwahahahahaha” Karitika cried when i told her about Sanskar’s condition after he attended her call.

“Bro, i really wish i was there to have a look at his face and enjoy it.” She said cheekily while continuing to laugh.

So basically, our entire friends gang is, in the plan. Ragini, Sunil, Ravi, Rahul, Raghav, Karitika, Uttara, Kavita, Riya and Karan aka our Funky Pandey. He looks so different now. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize him. Even our parents know that all this is a prank but even they don’t know the plan at all.

“I know right. When i was blaming her for Swara’s problems, he looked so cute. Hahahahah… His innocent guilty face isn’t getting off my mind” Ragini chirped as i took another shot of vodka.

“I want Riya, Ravi, Raghav and Sunil to know this too. They’ll be so amused” its Rahul this time.

I chuckled.

“Guys, it’s ten already. Lets go home. What if Sanskar starts suspecting us?” Karan asked. Everyone agreed and bid byes to us while me and Ragini decided to walk back home because i was too drunk to drive. Not that i really care, but since my wife does, i chose to walk with her.

I took her hands in mine as we walked down the silent road. It usually isn’t so quiet here since Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, but nowadays, very few people are seen out because of the demonetization and the lack of change in the market. No money, no people buying vada pavs?.

Ragini shivered due to the cold breeze blowing past us. Mumbai doesn’t have typical winters, but the people here still feel cold, because they’ve never experienced the typical north Indian winter season and so they don’t even know what actually winter is all about.

“Feeling cold? Want me to heat up the atmosphere?” I asked winking at her.

She shot a look at me but didn’t speak as her teeth made that funny rattling sound because of the temperature.

“Okay come in” i said and extended my hands for a hug. She immediately hugged me tightly trying to take all the warmth she could get from me. I chuckled at her.

“Come let’s sit there” i said and took her to the park where she brought Swara in the morning.
We sat on the bench there. Okay, only i was sitting. She was in some unique posture, hiding her entire body as much as possible from the wind. I opened up my jacket and took her completely inside while rubbing her bare arms to warm them up to make her feel better.

“Thank you” she mumbled softly while pecking my lips lightly.

“You just can’t stop what you just started.” I mumbled as i pulled her face towards mine and crashed my lips on to hers.

I wonder why did i even pretend hating her for so long? Some times, it doesn’t make any sense at all, but yes, it was some where my ego that was preventing me from loving her the way i did and that’s why i wanna stop my brother from doing the same and ruining his and Swara’s life. Love life!

For the sake of this fan fiction, these people are still in November 2016.

Lololololo!!!!! How many of you found this funny? I know it was. Lol!!! why does everyone turn against Sanskar Maheshwari all the freaking time???? Hehe… Don’t look at me….. I know i love troubling him a lot.

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