Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-20)

Cupids Stupid Game Of Love

Sanskar’s point of view

“Hon Hon Hon! Mr Sanskar Maheshwari? Where is your wife Swara? Where where where where where??” A random man asked me. He had grown a good beard and moustache and looked comical.

“I don’t know. But who are you and why are you even asking about her?” I asked.

“Hon Hon Hon! You didn’t recognize me? I’m Funky Pandey! Akhiri Pasta from Houseful 3. Remember? The famous Funky Pandey?” He asked.

“I think His name was Chunky Pandey. Chunky Pandey.” i corrected. He did look some what like him, but he was not him.

“Hon Hon Hon. I’m his younger brother. Funky Pandey” he sneered.

I pressed me lips into a line. He’s weird!

“But you still did not tell me why you were searching for my wife?” I asked getting annoyed.

“Hon Hon Hon. Actually, I’m a bachelor. And i have sorta got attracted to your wife. And i heard your brother talking to a girl saying that you both are getting divorced. So i want to ask her out for myself!” He said.

I clutched my fists. Goddammit! She’s my wife. No body can ask out my wife. I never did that in five years.

“I yam ajaookingg” he said looking at my red face.

“But i really saw her talking to someone about divorce and all. Are you both really separating?” He asked innocently.

“That’s none of your business” i scorned.

“No problem. Just saying” he said leaving his typical Chunky Pandey accent.

“Get lost” i mumbled with frustration.

“Okay okay! I yam agoinga” he muttered before getting lost.

I closed my eyes and hid my face in my palms like before. I want to escape the reality. The reality that my life, my wife hates me. The reality that the girl who once loved me so much, hates me so much. The reality that My grandma was the reason of our hatred. The reality that my life can never be normal. The reality that i want to live no more. The reality that this is the reality!

“Mr Sanskar Maheshwari? Can you please tell me where is your wife?” I heard a female voice. I looked up to realize that a nurse is staring at me.

“I don’t know” i replied softly. She left after looking at me for some time that looked like ages.

“Hey Sanskar bro! Where are you and Swara nowadays bro? I hope you both don’t trouble everyone even now” Came another voice.

I looked in the direction of the voice. Rahul! My college mate. And Swara and I’s biggest critic. It’s good to see him after so long. Not really.

“Hey, what happened bro? You look a bit Adarsh-like. Did he influence you do much?” he mumbled and laughed like a maniac at something he considered was a good a joke but it wasn’t. Okay, Adarsh Bhaiya is quite serious and he’s a introvert too, but this comment didn’t make any sense to me. I have my bad days going on now, for around five years, so I’ll naturally be sad.

“Looks like you didn’t like meeting me right now” he mumbled.

“Nothing like that I’m actually very happy” i lied.

“And i am blind” he replied sarcastically. That’s with him, he laughs at his own jokes and sarcasm runs in his veins. I and Swara were the same once upon a time but it didn’t last forever. We didn’t last forever.

“Sanskar? Bhai? Where is Swara?” Came Laksh’s voice.


“Okay okay! Bro, calm down. Wait what? You married Swara? And you didn’t invite me on your marriage? And you didn’t even send sweets and gifts for me? And you didn’t even throw a bachelor party? And you didn’t even tell us that you and Swara were dating. And…” Before he could continue, Laksh jumped in.

“And he didn’t even kill you. Shut up. Sanskar. Swara is not here in the hospital. Her mobile is switched off. Her car is in her farmhouse. I called the watchman. She’s not there anywhere” Laksh said getting panicked.

I looked up at Laksh.

Swara is missing. Oh!
Swara’s phone is switched off. Oh!
Swara’s car is in the farmhouse. Oh!

Wait what? Swara is missing?

I got up with a jerk.

“What did you say? Swara is missing????” I asked in horror.

“You realized that exactly in forty nine seconds. Tube light!” Laksh commented sarcastically.

I ignored him and rushed out. Swara is missing. She’s not in the hospital. I called ma as i sat in my car.

“Ma? Is Swara there in the mansion?” I asked getting panicked.

“No. What is happening? Listen, i don’t know anything. I want my daughter in law in this house. Your fights will never get over, but you have to bring her home” she mumbled and hung up.

Oh my god! She’s really missing!!!

I sped the car. I need to find her. But in this huge city of Mumbai? Which corner should i start from?

I called Lisa, her best friend.

She said that she didn’t know anything about Swara.

Shit Shit Shit!

Ragini’s point of view

“Swara!” I yelled as i saw her entering dadi’s ward. She turned and looked at me.

“Swara, i can’t find Laksh. Can you please come with me? It’s urgent.” I mumbled hurrying to catch her hand.

“What Is it? Why are you in a hurry?” She asked me while gesturing me to breath in and breath out.

“I can’t tell you now. Come fast” i yelled and pulled her with me. I need to hurry up. We exited the hospital through the back exit.

“Success achieved” i mumbled softly so that Laksh could hear me through the Bluetooth device i had on my ear. It was easy for me to hide it, thanks to my long hairs.

“What happened?” Swara asked as we stopped running near a park.

“I want to sit on that swing. Can you push it for me?” I asked innocently.
“What? You Brought me here for that?” She asked dubiously.

“Yes” i replied.

“So why were you hurrying so much? She asked.

” because some one else could’ve sat here” i mumbled innocently.

She looked critically at me.

“Okay. Go sit.” She mumbled and followed me.

“Give I’ll take care of your phone till then” i said and snatch her phone and threw it down.
“Ohhh Sorry Swara. It fell down. I’m really sorry” i mumbled innocently.

“Its okay” she mumbled hesitantly.

I picked up the phone and removed her sim card and rearranged her phone.

“Done” i mumbled as i handed her phone to her.

“Step two successful” i mumbled in the Bluetooth device.
“Good” i heard Laksh’s voice.

“What are you hiding there?” She asked suspiciously pointing towards my hand behind my back.

Oh! Your sim card of course!

“What? Nothing” i mumbled and threw her sim on the grass and stood on it

“Okay. Sit” she mumbled.
“wait? Two seconds. Riya is calling me” i mumbled.

She nodded.

I screamed loudly

“What? No no, don’t worry. I’m coming. Yes I’ll bring Swara too” i cried and pulled Swara with me before taking the sim card from the grass.

“Taxi!!!” I yelled as a taxi stopped in front of us. I Gave the driver Riya’s address.

“What happened Ragini? Is everything okay?” She asked me confusingly.

“Swara, Riya is in problem. It’s time to prove the girl power. We’ve to prove ourselves and teach those boys a lesson” i mumbled.

“Step three successful” i mumbled.

“Now i can start my drama here” i heard him mumble back.

“Rahul and Funky Pandey time pass session is over” he informed.

“Well done” we both heard Uttara. The creator of this plan. Hope this works.
The taxi stopped near Riya’s building.

We got down and i paid. I clutched Swara’s hand and pulled her with me.

“Yea! We’re here. Lets see who wins. We can eat more pani puris. I challenge you!” I yelled at Sunil, Raghav and Ravi and Riya nodded.

“Wait what? We’re here to tell these boys that we can eat more pani puris? Seriously? Are you on your freaking PMS Ragini? ” she yelled at me.

“But they challenged us right?” I muttered innocently.

“Instead of taking care of dadi there, you are here to compete with these boys in eating Pani puris!”Swara muttered sarcastically.

Hey lol! let’s see if Uttara’s plan works. I Hope it does.
Do tell me about the chapter.

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