Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-19)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The wait

“Dadi ma” Sanskar yelled loudly as soon as he got inside his granny’s room and looked at the lifeless body lying on the hospital bed. He was followed by Laksh, Ragini and a confused Uttara who came in after about five or six minutes.

“What were you saying? Huh? What is happening to her?” He asked me harshly almost tearing up a bit as he looked at the monitor behind Dadi’s bed and then back at Dadi.

“Her heart rate is coming back to normal.” I replied softly controlling my urge to jump up and down on the floor and prove the point that i have totally lost it, which i have.

“When will she get up Swara?” He asked me hopefully thinking that i would answer. but i shook my head. I want to be a physician so obviously i don’t know much about heart and it’s way of functioning. But maybe Ragini knows it. She’s studying cardiology right?

“She’ll get up once her heart rate is stable. Maybe some more two to three hours?” Ragini said dubiously as she checked on the readings shown by the machine.

“Two to three hours? Are you serious?” Sanskar asked in pure shock.

“You waited for years. Five freaking years! Now yes only in hours Sanskar!” Ragini explained.

Laksh was all the time looking at his granny for any signs or any movement she shows.

“Laksh, i know you’re really fascinated by movies, but she won’t move her finger or ask for water all of a sudden because this is reality and not a Bollywood movie.” Ragini told him softly as he looked at her with a blank look on his face.

Sanskar gave Dadi a last glance before moving out of the room. I preferred following him. I saw him going to the reception and of course i followed being the idiot i am. He sat on the benches near the reception table hiding his face in his palms. I walked slowly towards him and sat next to him.

Feeling the slight vibration in the bench caused because of me, he looked up only to find me looking at him with concern.

Wait what! Concern and me? That too for Sanskar? Hell no! Scratch that. He’s a betrayer.

After getting no response from me, he went beck to his original posture and hid his face in his palms again.

“Sanskar?” I mumbled softly after about ten minutes when he didn’t move at all.

“Hmm” was his reply.

“Are you okay?” I asked softly as unknowingly my hand reached for his shoulder.

“No. But don’t worry. I have Kavita for worrying about me. You go” he replied sternly without even looking up at me. I immediately took my hand back.

This is exactly why i hate him so much. First of all, he betrayed me, and now, when I’m trying to make him feel better by talking to him, he’s showing off his I- am- the- great- Mr- Sanskar-  Maheshwari attitude. Go to hell Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. I’m leaving. Huh!

I got up with a jerk and immediately started walking back towards the coma room to have a look at Dadi without giving him a second glance.

I heard some noises from her room. Immediately panic took over everything inside me and my face drained all its color. Why is there a rush inside there? What happened to her? She’s all Right right?

“I’m sorry, she just slipped into coma” the doctor’s words rang in my ears. That’s exactly what he said a few years ago. I don’t want to hear the same words now. No way. No freakin’ way! I’ll kill every human soul i meet if something of that sort happens again. I immediately ran towards Dadi’s room when suddenly the lights went off. Don’t tell me, these things happen in real life. No! I hate you so much god!


Sanskar’s point of view

I looked at Swara as she got up with a jerk and walked away. What kind of a human is she? Seriously? Sometimes she’ll be angry and at  other times she’s good. I mean what the heck. Is it really so impossible to understand women?

Dadi! The only reason behind anything and everything happening in our lives. If it wasn’t for her, we would never have got married and ruined our friendship for that matter. Sometimes the entire idea of being  obedient looks so wrong. Had we not listened to her, we would not have become haters!

And then we have people like Laksh and Ragini who hate each other themselves but are coming together to reunite ‘THEIR’ SwaSan. Come on guys! Grow up! We can’t be’YOURS’! How stupid of them. Sometimes i really wonder if i should be happy or sad to get such weird people in my family. My weird family!

My dadi, who wanted me to break up with Kavita and so she asked me to literally marry Swara. I mean what the heck! what kind of a solution was that? That wasn’t anything even close to nonsense. It was worse than that too. To separate me and Kavita, she separated me and Swara too. A huge round of applause for her please. Woohoo!

My brother, Laksh Maheshwari, the biggest Casanova I’ve known ever who considers his wife as his girlfriends every freaking night without even realizing it. Epic! Amazing! I don’t know if I’m lucky to have a crazy mindless brother like him or I’m unlucky because he’s so sarcastically funny. Like duh!

Ragini Laksh  Maheshwari, my Bhabhi jaan, who recently started taking to me, i considered her to be a silent, sweet, anti-social and introverted human but she suddenly turned into a cheeky character who’s helping Laksh to unite us that is SwaSan. Uh huh! Correction ‘THEIR’ SwaSan.

And how can i forget my ex-girlfriend Kavita! Boo!! Man she’s so dumb. First of all she’s married. Second of all, she has a little child who’s three and on top of that, she acted so well. I really thought she still loved me. Boy!

And now even when i know everything, I’m scared because i know Laksh is up to something and he’ll do anything, i repeat ANY FREAKIN’ THING to re-unite us. And I’m pretty much scared of that.

He can even throw me inside the well or push me off an airplane or get me drowned in the Pacific ocean if that can get him his SwaSan back.


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