Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-18)

id’s Stupid Game Of Love
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Swara’s point of view

As i walked around in the hospital with teary eyes, i saw people giving me weird looks that i obviously ignored. As i reached Dadi ma’s room, i saw him already sitting inside. By him, i mean Sanskar of course.

As i turned to leave, i heard him crying.

Wait what? You mean that the great great Sanskar Maheshwari was crying. No. Scratch that.

Unlike me, he wasn’t literally talking to her. Of course who would actually talk to someone who’s in coma?

But still i did hear his soft sobs. Of course seeing your lovely grand ma in an almost dead state could make anyone cry. I wiped my tears that had suddenly increased their speed on seeing him. I kept staring at him for sometime.

My phone rang. I checked for the caller’s ID. But oops! It was his phone that was ringing. Coincidentally, we had the same ring tones and even the same phones. God! I’m noticing that now!

He got up and started walking out as he talked to the person. I hid behind the green curtain so that he doesn’t see me. He didn’t. He looked irritated by the call and so he walked away without looking at anyone but Mr floor.

Dear Mr floor, the great Sanskar Maheshwari has a crush on you. Congratulations! You’ll soon be Mrs Floor Sanskar Maheshwari!

I entered the room as soon as he left. I sat near dadi and started narrating the sad story of my life. Only a crazy person like me can talk to people who are in coma.

Sanskar’s point of view

“What the hell Laksh” i yelled over phone.

“Yes, I’m not joking. Really. Uttara is pregnant!” Laksh cried.

What the hell! Is he even in his senses? He’s saying that my little eighteen year old sister is pregnant. God!

“Laksh. Are you drunk?” I asked.

“Sanskar he’s not lying. You need to come here now. Uttara is having a hangover. And she just confessed that she’s pregnant” it was Ragini this time.

God! Till now, i didn’t believe this news. But since Ragini is saying this, i have to believe it.

I sat in my car and drove to Palace Hotel where they are were trying to handle Uttara.

As i reached the main party hall, i could see Ragini and Laksh standing there with dull faces and some more drunk people were doing random stuffs in there.

“What happened? Where is Uttara?” I asked.

“I’m here bhai” i heard her chirp. I turned around to see Uttara. After two years. She was in USA from the past two years and now when she’s back, she brings a bad news.

“Uttara? You’re pregnant? Who’s the father of the child?” I almost yelled at her.

She blinked her eyes innocently at me.

“What are you talking about?” Uttara asked confusingly.

“Laksh?” I turned to Laksh.

“Wait! She’s lying. She’s pregnant” Laksh said.

“What the hell is going on here? Who said in pregnant? I’m not! Getting it?” Uttara asked in utter confusion.

“Wait! I can explain. She is P-pretty,R-remarkable,E-elegant,G-gorgeous,N-naught,A-artistic,N-naive and T-talented. So she’s pregnant” Laksh explained.

“Oh? That way…. Wait what?” I almost yelled.

“You lied to me?” I asked as i turned to Ragini.

“No. Everything i said was perfectly true. Laksh already explained how Uttara is pregnant. Didn’t he?” She asked with fake innocence.

“Huh? and What about the hangover part?” I asked raising my eyebrows at her.

“That wasn’t a lie either. Uttara Khan, my Facebook follower is having a hangover right now. Her friends posted a picture of hers. See” she explained as she showed me her phone…

Why am i even alive with these overly insane people?

“Anyways, we called you here to convince you to help us” Laksh chirped.

“In not interested.” I muttered.

“Wait! Shut up everyone. Can someone tell me what the heck is happening here?” Uttara yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Oh yeah. Why not! So listen….” Laksh explained everything.

“You mean to say that out of the seven billion girls in the entire world, you got only me to get pregnant?” She yelled as she chased Laksh.

“Okay sorry wild cat. I’m sorry. But can you help us in getting back our Swasan?” Laksh asked while running.

“If you would have done this for some other reason, i would have murdered you. But since it’s for SwaSan, the heavenly couple, I’m in” she chirped.

Great! Now even Uttara the prankster is supporting them. What the heck. Does anyone here supports me?

My phone rang.

Of course! My phone does.

It’s Swara.

Maybe it doesn’t. 🙁

I picked up anyways. She’s upset and she called. That means it is something urgent.

“Sanskar” she spoke the moment i kept the phone on my ears. She was basically crying.

“Swara? What happened? Are you okay? Where are you? Are you fine? Why are you crying? Is everything alright” i almost yelled. Pardon me for not giving her a chance to speak!

“Sanskar! Dadi….” She spoke but i cut her off before she could speak.

“What dadi? What happened to her?” I cried.

“Her heartbeat is slowly getting back to normal..” She cried.

“What?” I yelped.

Slowly tears started flowing down my eyes… All the happy moments i spent with her came flashing back in my mind. My dadi!

“You wait there. I’m coming” i beamed as i hung up and started running.

“Sanskar?” I heard Laksh call out. After that, i heard all the three of them calling out for me but i ignored it. My Dadi is showing up after four and a half freaking years…… Nothing is more important that her.
Laksh’s point of view

“She proposed him” Uttara yelled as she jumped up with excitement as soon as Sanskar ran away.

“Seriously?” I asked her rolling my eyes at her excitement.

“What? Why else would he start crying all of a sudden?” She asked my in a matter of factly tone.

“Maybe there’s something else she told him” Ragini said.

“What?” Uttara asked before my phone started ringing.

“Swara?” I mumbled as i looked at the caller ID.

“Hello! Swara? What happened? Why did Sanskar run away?” I asked her.

“Dadi is recovering” she cried.

“What?” I yelled as i grabbed Ragini’s hand and ran towards our car while a hell confused Uttara followed the two of us.

Finally the root cause of our problems is back. She caused everything and she’ll be the one fixing every single relation. Mind it!


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