Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-17)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love

Laksh’s point of view

“Umm actually…” I started explaining.

“Shut up. You know she didn’t know anything about your plan. Do you even realize what could’ve happened if i was a second late?” He yelped at us.

“Sanskar sorry. We just… ” Kavita tried to speak.

“Oh shut up Kavita. I know He is half mad…. I knew that since we were five… At least you could be sensible….. You also supported him? I didn’t expect this from you” He yelled at her.

“But Sanskar we were just trying to help.” I said looking down.

“Help? What kind of a help was that? And who exactly were you helping?” He scowled.

“We just wanted to see you together…. We miss our SwaSan” it was Ragini this time.

That seem to calm him down.

“You don’t know how much i miss your stupid pranks” i muttered.

“And we all want to see you together…. As anything but enemies…… And we’ll do anything for that…. Anything!” Kavita sneered.

Sanskar rolled his eyes.

“And we need your help now” i added.

“Will you help us? Pleassssssse” Ragini pleaded childishly.

We waited for his reply. He didn’t reply. Instead, he went away.

One day, I’ll chop off his damn head because of his ego and feed it to one hundred and eleven Crows on a bright sunny evening. Stupid a*sh*le!

“He is an idiot” Kavita muttered.

“No… He is an assssshhhhh” i was about to say the entire word when i looked at Ragini who was staring me curiously….. I stopped realizing that she does exist and i never swore in front of her….

“Forget it” i muttered.

“But he’s cute” Ragini chirped.

“What?” I and Kavita yelled.

Out of the thousand adjectives she could use for him, it has to be cute? My brother is not cute. Never in a million years….

“Yes…. He is so cute” Ragini said dreamily….. “He loves my sister so much” she added.

“Whatever” i muttered.

We slapped our forehead…. My sweet Ragini. She’s just a bit over sweet especially towards that badass. Huh!

“Now what? This plan just failed… But at least we are a step more close to re-uniting them” Kavita muttered.

“Hmm… We need a plan B…. But before that, we need Mr Idiot to help us” i sneered.. Mr a*sh*le!

Everyone nodded….

So presenting my plan B….
Swara’s point of view

I was not in my senses…. The way i was moving closer and closer to him clearly showed that i wasn’t…. My emotions did become a thousand times stronger than my mind and ego for a moment….

Swara! Remember! You are going to divorce him…. Forget all those feelings you have for him. He was past. He’s a cheat. He loves Kavita…..

I couldn’t help but think of that moment with him…. How badly i wanted to feel those pink lips on mine…. How badly i wanted to kiss him….Even he didn’t back off. He was ready to kiss me…. But why? Why when he loves Kavita?

Dreams? Eh? How badly i was dreaming about kissing him….. So badly….. I could literally feel him all around me….. I just wanted his tight hug right now…… I wanted him here….

Stop dreaming Swara! Stop it!

I was walking near the lake…. Our lake….. This lake saw our friendship grow…. This lake knew about all our pranks even before we performed them… After all, all our plans were made here…. This lake saw us growing together… Right from the time i was a tiny creature… From the time i was a baby….

I sat down on the bench nearest to the waters and stared silently at the quite water…. The only sound that could be heard was of the birds…. Chirping and singing loudly…. As if asking me about my partener in crime’s whereabouts….. What should i reply to them? I lost him because of my ego? Or because of his betrayal?

I wasn’t crying…. I badly wanted to…. But somehow, my tears didn’t come out….. My heart ached so badly but some where my mind knew that it’s no use crying over a cheat…. He is very much a cheat…. He showed himself to be the best human alive on earth….. But in reality, he was the worst….

After all of that, i wanted to pour out my heart to someone…. Someone who would understand me without being judgmental….. Not Ragini…. Not even Laksh….. I want someone mature enough to understand my problem…. And i know who Is it.
I got up to reach my destination…..

The City Hospital….
Sanskar’s point of view

All that was a plan? Seriously? I couldn’t help but shout at the three of them for their extra silly attempt to bring us close…. Seriously? She could’ve died if i wouldn’t have saved her… God!

“And we all want to see you together…. As anything but enemies…… And we’ll do anything for that…. Anything!” Kavita sneered.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her… Even when every inch of mine wished there same….

“And we need your help now” Laksh added.

“Will you help us? Pleassssssse” Ragini pleaded childishly.

I didn’t know what to answer…. Now, even they know about me having feelings for Swara…. And now Laksh being the stupid Laksh will go head over heels to unite us…. Given that he badly hates my ego and he’ll do anything to break it….

I preferred running away from the situation….

“Never try to run away from a problematic situation created by you…. Face it…. Fight it…. And then win it” i remember dadi ma’s words….

Dadi maa…. The only human who was an astrologer who never believed in astrology….. She could tell us about our future simply by habits… Like she told us that me and Swara will turn out to be real egoistic personalities in future…. And here we are today…. The word ego doesn’t define us…. We define it… The word ego is incomplete without us…

Suddenly i felt the urge to go and meet her… I Sat in my car to reach my destination……

The City Hospital….
Ragini’s point of view

“I really hope that our plan works properly….. ” Kavita prayed crossing her fingers…

“Hmm….” Laksh hummed.

“Guys! Now i need to go…. I need to go and pick up Rihan from his school” Kavita said as we both nodded and bid her bye.

I was about to turn when i felt myself getting caged by a pair of hands…. I gasped at the sudden action as my back hit my husband’s chest…

He kept his chin on my shoulder as his hands slowly drew circles on my belly..

“What happened? Don’t get scared… It’s only we two in the farm house…. ” Laksh whispered in my ears…

“I know” i mumbled softly….

“Good! So maybe, you even know what’s happening next” he said with a smirk.

“No i don’t” i replied.

“Okay! As far as you’re gonna face it soon” he muttered before turning me around to face him……

He pushed me back slightly pinning me against the door…. We stared into each other’s eyes for some time before he placed his lips on mine….. Kissing me softly….. He pulled me closer by my waist as i slowly kissed him back….. We kissed a thousand times before… But again, this was a kiss full of love… Which was new here… We were new to this feeling of love…
That was that…. So again, we have our three SwaSan lovers plotting against SwaSan’s hatred and ego… Let’s see… Who wins… Ego or Love?

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