Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-10)

Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
The Real Face

Sanskar’s point of view

Shit Shit Shit!!! Sanskar…. How could you leave her with him??? Now where did he take her??? Is she alright??? I was inside my car driving mindlessly to god knows where…. I called up Laksh and informed him that Swara was missing….. I tried calling her…

“The number you are calling is currently out of coverage area!” Came the speaker’s voice….. Doesn’t this speaker have any other work??? I mentally slapped myself for my silly thought…. That was a computerized voice after all…..

I drove to some random place when something hit me….. I could still track her location…..

I opened my GPS and tried spotting her…. Fortunately or unfortunately, according to the maps, her phone was somewhere near…… I tried following the directions but they only took me to something not less dense than a jungle…. I looked around and finally discovered Swara’s mobile…. Shit!!!! Now the last hope to reach her is gone……. I roamed around searching for her…..

“Swara….. Swara…. Are you there??” I almost yelled to make sure she heard….

I could hear nothing as a response.. Only the rustling of trees….. My footsteps and some noise of coins….. Wait…. Coins???

I looked around….. I could see no human figure in front of me….. So where was this girl??? I moved further into the jungle….. I spotted a small well decorated house in front of me…. Like seriously? A well decorated house inside this deep jungle?? Maybe lion the king of the jungle lives here….. Where did i throw my brain by the way?

I decided to disturb the ‘ king of the jungle ‘ so i knocked on the door…… But before i could even wait for a response… I heard her yelling at someone…..

“Why the hell did you bring me here??? Are you crazy? Where is Kartik???” I heard Swara yell inside….. I discovered a window and peeped inside.. And the scene i saw in front of me made me boil with anger…. There she stood totally imprisoned by someone’s arms….. That ‘someone’ was fully covered in black…… His face was also hid in black….. Planning to become batman???

“Brain!!! Where are you dear?” I called mentally slapping myself!

“Shut up!” I immediately heard the other person scowl at Swara…… How could he shout at my Swara that way? What does he consider himself to be?

“Leave me…” Swara snapped trying to free herself…..

God! What was going on?

I immediately entered the room…..

Both looked at me with pure shock in their eyes….. Swara was happy to see me for the first time….

“Now may i ask you Mr batman…… Or whoever the hell are you…. What were you trying to do with my wife here in this strange isolated place????” I asked bluntly.

“Exactly what you are thinking….. Playing with your family’s respect!” He exclaimed and in one shot i recognized the voice…… I clenched my fist……

“Kartik!!!!” I yelled before punching him right on his mouth causing it to bleed…… Swara stood there dumbfound.

“K….. K….. Kartik??” She mumbled slowly…”what do you mean Sanskar???? He is not my Kartik…..” She screamed into my ears…..

But hardly anyone was paying any attention… Me and that batman were busy fighting……

Poor Swara and her throat… She kept yelling at ear-less people…

“Stop…..” Swara pleaded as I noticed tears making their way down her cheeks.

No one still paid any heed….. And with another punch, the mask fell down…… Swara looked at him with the most shocked look possible….. Exactly when Kartik pulled out a gun and pointed it towards me…..

“Kartik? Sanskar?” Swara mumbled before passing out….

Lol! I should be the one fainting because i was standing in front of his gun… He was planning to shoot me not her…. Luckily my Lucky brother reached the spot with the police just in time and saved me….. Of course Kartik was shocked at first but he forgot…. No matter how much ever we fight…. Me and Laksh are still brothers…. With a great bond!

But now time to look at Swara who was still unconscious….. I slowly picked her up and took her to my car i drove us back home while Laksh followed us in his car…..

I entered the mansion with Swara and luckily there was no one in sight so i quickly took Swara inside without letting anyone see us….

I laid Swara on bed as Laksh too entered the room….

“Bro!! How did she faint??” He asked me scratching his head….

“Goodness knows” i lied.
“This was too much bro…… How could he possibly do that? And why would he do that?” Laksh said crossly.
“Because he hates me….. First of all he knows that according to the world, we Two are the most eligible ‘ bachelors ‘ in this state and second point that i am officially married to Swara who was his first love… Damn it!” I scowled and Laksh looked more shocked.

“You knew it?” He asked me in confusion.
” Why else do you think i hated their friendship?” I answered expressionlessly…..
“But Swara?” Laksh asked looking at the sleeping soul…

“Leave her…. I’ll take care of my wife…” I answered possessively.

“Possessive much?” He teased.

“After all she is my wife” i answered trying to look uninterested….

He sighed….

“Keep denying…… You know Laksh knows everything” he answered getting out of my room….

Whatever did he mean….
Ragini’s point of view

” hey hey Ragini!!! Stop!” I heard Lisa call from behind.
“Yeah” i simply asked.
“Um….. where are Swara and Kartik? On a date again?” She asked cheekily.
“Maybe” i said rolling my eyes at her…. Already three classes were over and we were heading for the forth one but still this girl was not here…. I smiled…. Maybe Sanskar took her somewhere special….. Like maybe to some restaurant…. Or some beach…. Or to the lake where they used to meet earlier or maybe he planned something romantic for her….. Wow! Swara and Sanskar are on a date….. Yeah!!! I will ask Sanskar about his first date?…. And tease him……

Just then i received Laksh’s call….

“Hello Ragini!” He said seriously but i paid no heed.
“You know what Laksh…. Our wish is fulfilled….. Swara and Sanskar went for a date together” i chirped.
“No they did not!” He said with an annoyed tone. “And listen…… Your one silly prank on Kartik and Swara could lead to anything!!” He warned….
“What do you mean Laksh?” I asked dubiously…. Did they start fighting again? Oh god! I should’ve known….. This Swara!!! She can never be like a sweet girl…. Wait let me talk to her…
“I can’t tell you on the phone” he said before he disconnected the call.

Oops! Maybe some serious fight between Swara and Sanskar….. Maybe Swara is leaving Maheshwari Mansion…. Maybe Sanskar got too irked and shouted on her…. Huh? How could he do that? Wait!!! Let me call him…. No one can hurt my sister….

But before i could call, the bell rung and i immediately ran inside our class as the professor arrived….. God! Just wait Sanskar!!!??
Sanskar’s point of view

” Sanskar!!!!!!!!!! How dare you do that to my sister?” I heard Ragini tell over her phone.
“B….but….” I started explaining…
“I know…. It’s my fault…. I shouldn’t have pranked them…. Now you shouted on my sister…. How could you do that to her??” She cried making me wonder what’s going on…. Are girls really so hard to understand???

“What are you saying Ragini? When did i shout on your sister?” I Asked dubiously.

“How am i to know? Just that Laksh called me and told me that my prank could lead to anything…. And what is more disastrous than seeing you two fight?” Ragini explained making me chuckle.

“No we didn’t fight…. In fact…. No… Just come home…. Laksh will tell you everything…..” I said.

”By the way, why did Swara bunk the entire college today?”Ragini asked confusingly.

“I told you that your husband will tell you everything…. Getting it?” I said in a teasing tone.

“Come on Sanskar! You are teasing us? We have become something close to friends and that too two days ago… So your teasing is of no use.” Ragini scowled

“Let’s see….. Till when am i going to let you both stay as friends!!” I exclaimed disconnecting the call.

God! I really pity Swara….. But i really pity Ragini more… Because she is so innocent! She didn’t even know what happened and she was ready to eat up Sanskar!!! Haha…. That was funny!

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