Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love (Chapter-1)


Cupid’s Stupid Game Of Love
Chapter 1
Friends Forever Enemies Together?

Sanskar’s point of view

We all were sitting in the middle of the forest….. It was noon currently but trees hardly let any sunlight meet our eyes.

“Hey SwaRagini!! We are your college colleagues…. But who are they???” Sunil asked The girls pointing towards us.

“They are…… Our friends!!” Ragini replied hesitantly looking at Laksh… Who was smirking for no good reason..

” so Swara! How is your life going on with Kartik?”Lisa asked Swara who sort of turned pink at the mere mention of his name.

I clenched my fist and frowned at her which she ignored.

Swara and Kartik have been in a love relation for five years now…. Not that i love her or something but i hate that bl**dy Kartik…… B*st*rd!

“I got my answer !!” Lisa chirped while i rolled my eyes at her.

“I think we should leave now…. Anyways i have a lots to do at home” i said while everyone nodded before packing their bags and bidding byes to each other.

Before Ragini or Laksh could interfere, i dragged  Swara to one corner behind a tree.

” what was that?” Swara snapped at me brutally as i left her upper arm only to find my handprint on it. I guess my grip was too much for her fragile body…But even if i did care, i didn’t show it.

“How do these people know about you and Kartik?” I asked her while she struggled to free her waist which was tightly imprisoned by my arms.

“That’s none of your business” she sneered at me while i stared Back at her in anger.

“Swara…. Don’t forget!!. You are my business!!! How much ever we hate each other, we can’t help it….. If this news reaches to your parents…. You know what are the possibilities of you getting hanged.. ” i scowled at her while she smirked.

“Caring much?” She remarked while i rolled my eyes at her.

” i don’t have an option!” I retorted with a blunt expression.

“Well you needn’t worry Mr maheshwari….  No one will get to know anything about me and Kartik…. Only of you keep your stupid mouth shut!!!” She said with extreme hatred in her eyes…..

I sighed.

We are married for more than four and a half years now…… And We both hate each other….. Terribly!!! But this was not the story of all times….

We were best friends once upon a time…… She told me everything thing be it good or bad happening in her life… About her break ups … About her patch ups …. about the new guy she has a crush on… and what not….. We could play day in and day out without getting tired and still pray to god wanting him to extend the day more so  that we could play more…. Prank more and chat more…….. But everything changed now….. We hate each other so badly…. And for this!!! No one particularly is at fault. But if you ask me, only she hates me……. I don’t!!!


My grandma and her grandma were best friends…. I mean best of the best friends just like us…. It was her granny’s sixty seventh birthday and we all were really excited preparing for a big rocking party….

I was seventeen back then and Swara being two years younger was fifteen….. Everything was ready….. Dadi had taken her granny out so that we could plan and execute our surprise… Everything was set….. The decorations were done…… The cake was ready… The guest were there….. And the music was set…. We just waited for our birthday princess to arrive…. But…. A news arrived before her…. Sadly a bad news_!!!

Her car met with an accident and she died on the spot….. My grandma was saved…. But she was injured badly…. Being in her early seventies, of course her body was too weak to bear so much pain.

We rushed to the city hospital where we found her crying on the bed…. She had lost her best friend…. That time for me, losing Swara was a nightmare….. So i could understand the agony she was going through….. The agony of losing your best friend…

She opened her eyes to look at both Maheshwari and Gadodia families staring at her.

“I m sorry Shekhar!!!! I couldn’t save my best friend” she cried holding Shekhar uncle’s hand….

Tension was in air…. That’s when doctor called papa, bade papa and Shekhar uncle out…

Being the idiot i am, i secretly followed the three men out… Leaving Swara alone crying for her grand ma…And i overheard their conversations according to which my dadi was in a very weak condition and one single slightest shock could snatch her life. The doctor asked the three men to fulfill all her wishes as it was probably her last wishes and she was about to die.

Tears immediately welled up in my eyes even at the thought of losing another grandma…… Both these two ladies were our mutual grandmas.. They treated all four of us as one…  For me losing Swara’s grandma was already a great shock and i couldn’t handle more…..

I ran inside and pulled swara out with me….. Tears that were flowing in her eyes stopped as she looked at mine….She didn’t ask me what happened or something as stupid as that. She just hugged me and rubbed my back. The pain i suffered was felt by her…. I told her everything i heard the doctor say…. The tears that had stopped minutes ago made their was down her eyes again. She broke down once again and her eyes turned red and puffy with all her tears…

“Sanskar!!!! I can’t bear another loss….” She trailed off and hugged me tightly…

For both of us, it was an unexpected happening.

Hours ago, we were jumping and decorating the entire house with balloons and frills and colorful beads and what not and now? We were crying over something like death.

January 12, 2011….. I still remember that day…. It was probably the last hug we had…. It was the last moment we spent really together…. We never hugged each other after that…. Nor did we play, talk or do anything for that matter together since then….

That night, dadi made a strange wish…..

She wanted to see me getting married to Swara…… And Of course like any other two teen agers would do, we denied. I mean how could we just marry? Marriage is no such game… Our decision was completely ours….  We didn’t think about any further possibilities and again at midnight, dadi got a heart attack….

Everyone gathered around her and blamed us for our so called ‘selfish decision’. That’s when we had to give a positive answer.

Preparations begun.

Everything was set…. The marriage date was set…. The preparations were done…. Everything was fine……
I was marrying my best friend who was just fifteen then, in a week… We had actually stopped meeting each other….. What could we do??  Console each other?? Or cry on our destiny?? We didn’t choose marrying each other….. We were forced into this marriage….

Why us? That’s what my heart asked me…. Laksh was dadi’s favorite too…. And she very well knew about his and swara’s fraternal twin Ragini… They were dating each other back then… Why not them?? Why me??? Why us?? Why did i have to lose my best friend for something i never did?

Every thing happened according to proper rituals right from engagement to sangeet, haldi and mehendi functions… We didn’t call many relatives.. I mean who would sit and explain the entire scenario to them??

Finally the shaadi day arrived… Or rather the night arrived. I cursed my destiny.. my fate for loosing my best friend even by getting her all for myself for the entire life. Even by getting a legal possession over her! Even after knowing that i could say ‘she is mine forever’ after this marriage but somewhere in my heart i knew that she will hate me for this…. And she very well does.

Life is strange….. It takes unnecessary… Sad turns….. It did take another turn…. The night we got married, dadi maa slipped into coma…. We all gathered around her once again but the nurse just shooed us away…. There she lay on that white bed she once hated… Looking pale and lifeless….

Tears sprang in our eyes but we didn’t console or hug each other…. We just hated the fact that we compromised our friendship… We compromised our happiness…. we compromised our lives for someone who didn’t even care to open her eyes and smile for our bravery… We did it all for her….!! Does she even realize that?? Damn it!!

Swara had shifted  permanently to my house after that so called bidai rasam… but no.. She didn’t cry like all usual girls would do… In fact she had started hating even her parents…. She hated dadi…. she hated me…. She hated my parents…. She hated her parents.. So the only two left whom she still loved were Laksh and Ragini….. But her this love proved to be a curse in their life… Roughly after three weeks of our marriage, Even Ragini and Laksh had to marry….

Even when they were in a relation, this marriage came as an unwanted guest to them destroying their so strong relation… So that’s how it happened…. That’s how two pairs of best friends killed their relation for the happiness of their family.

Flashback ends

” Swara! Shut up!! You have to get a control over your tongue…..” I grumbled at her and she shrugged.

“What are you to me?? Nothing!! So why should i even care??” She asked me as a small pain in my chest caught my attention… No it was not any heart attack or something…. It was just a small pain in my chest!! A very small pain… In my chest…..

She casually walked out of sight and i quietly started to walk back home probably because she must have taken the car with her. But no… As i reached the huge gate, i saw our blue Audi standing there waiting for me… She was already sitting inside engrossed in her mobile…. I quietly sat next to her on the driving seat.

“What?” She asked me as i looked at her suspiciously…..

Inside, i felt a feeling of relief when I saw her waiting for me.

” why were you waiting for me??” I asked her as she rolled her eyes at me.

” because you got the car keys!!!” She answered

My heart that was sort of happy soon regained its usual sober nature… I drove back home….. While she kept talking to that b*st*rd laughing and giggling every ten seconds….. I felt a twinge of pity for myself as silence took over her stupid giggles in the car during the later half of the drive. We were close enough but still far away to feel each other…. Is that’s all written in our destiny?

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