When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny

om and gauri should marry. And will marry. I’ve decided it. No more confusion said Gma.
Om turned to gauri and smiled.
Poetic om will now turn even more poetic..
Ohh gawwd save me from him.. rudra cried. Shivaay who was staring at anika looked at om now and silently went away.
Om found that something was disturbing shivaay. He asked gauri to take anika to their room and discuss about the wedding.

What happened shivaay? You look disturbed.
“Nothing om”, his voice faded.
You are lying. And you know i hate lies.
Im your brother shivaay. I know you more than anyone else. Tell me what it is that is disturbing you?
Looking into his eyes, tears overloaded, he broke down infront of om.
“RIA” he said, as he closed his eyes, the tear drop drew down his cheeks.
Om was shocked. His heart stopped for a moment. Controlling himself, “after all this time shivaay ?”
I saw my Ria in her Om. The moment she tripped and fell on me, all i could remember was Ria. He cried loudly.
Om went near him, gently held his shoulders and said “It’s over shivaay, it’s over”. He hugged him.
After she left me, i have always cried alone, hurt myself and this has what built the present Stone singh oberoi. I hate myself Om.

Hey shivaay. We love you he said hugging him.
Just when anika comes in and says “om, i need you both to come with me”
Shivaay quickly wipes his tears and shouts wont you knock the door??
Oiii pressure cooker, you need another shower ? I have a hell a lot of work she sighed. Coming ? She asked.
Om smiled and nodded. Now even he could Ria. Come on shivaay he patted his shoulders.
Anika goes out and stops by the door and thinks.. “did i just see him crying?”
It wont be.. hot heads he is.. she said as she smiled.

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