When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 9

It’s evening by then. Gma went for her walk.
On the way she saw sowmya. You are Colonel kapoor’s daughter is it?

Haiii Gma. Remember me ? Sowmya was overwhelmed.

Hahah.. how can i forget my chubby gulab jamun she winked. How is your father dear? She asked curiously.

Sowmya, looked up at the sky and smiled.
Tears rolled down. Dad died few months ago. And after his loss mom was very sick and she died too.

Hearing this Gma became very sad.. Omg dear im really sorry. where do you live now ? She said that she was living in an apartment close by for rent.

Areyy dont you ever feel that you have no one? Please come with me. Ill take care of you like another grandchild.

She signed a No and said “Gma, take no stress. Ill manage on my own. Im studying with scholarship. So thankyou for your concern she smiled.

I insist sowmya. Gma gave a bold look “i am not asking whether you are coming, i am saying you Are coming” she said as she dragged her to the mansion.

Designer had his job done now. He said the dresses would be ready by tomorrow.

Oiii if it’s not ready by then, my chameli will speak to you she yelled.

Giving a weird look the guy nodded and went.

Chameli? Shivaay asked standing behind her.
She tuned and saw him smiling.

You look good when you smile she paused.
And added…”Just like Anwar”. He signed who is he ?
Areyyyy my house owner anwar. That guy no… never used to smile. Just when i give him my rent he smiles for 3 seconds and that’s it B A M M !! Smile switch goes off.

Cracking a laughter he again asked her okayyy… who is chameli ?

Ahhh she said bending down and lifted her slipper up. He was disgusted. Ewwww put em down he said. Oii say hai to my chameli she laughed.

This… this.. slipper is chameli?
Haan.. bought her in last year’s discount sale in the market. Hard worker you know?… she praised her SLIPPER.

YOU ARE MAD..TOTALLY MAD he said giving her a weird look.

Anyways.. all i wanted to tell you is that.. that.. thank.. thank..

I understand. Please dont. It’s really hard to change all of a sudden. Do take your time. She said a turned to go.

He held her hand. She was dumbstruck.
Brother !!! Rudra came running and saw shivaay holding her, And jokes.. okay hero and heroine.. listen up..

Shivaay bro, dinner’s ready. Anika do join us no.. he asked.

Pinching his cheeks, i have a brother of my own to take care of like shivaay. He’ll be alone at home now. Thankyou anyways she said. Shivaay gave a bare look and said bye as he went in for dinner.

Looking at a distance rudra saw a girl coming with Gma.. he went all excited and ran towards them.

Gma saw him and told sowmya “he is my youngest grandson rudra. Always flaunting away his biceps. Idiot only he is she joked. Sowmya could guess that he was THE rudra who spoke to her. She was excited to meet him. She now thought of All his words.

Once he saw her so close, he sighed.. you brought an elephant home ?
Have manners ru, Gma said as she slapped him not so hard.
Sowmya went in all of tears now. THE ONE who kept her thinking all day long, THE ONE who broke her trust, THE ONE whom she has been dreaming about now became a lie .
Come inside Gma said.
Where are you taking her? Rudra hesistantly asked.

She is gonna stay with us from now on she said. And that’s my wish she closed his mouth.
What will the other girls at gym will think now? I should get rid of her, He thought.

Kicking her champa so hard, ayo champa dont mess with me now she sighed.

Need help? Om asked smiling.
She nodded with a puppy face.
Someway or the other you have helped us in a huge way anika. We owe you a lot he said kicking the scooty.
Paying me back by kicking my champa huh ? She jokes.
He giggles.

I feel jealous om. She said. Day 1 i squeezed rudra’s ears and i had my punishment she laughs. Shivaay is angry and prinku runs behind to console him. And now shivaay was crying and how supportive you were.
Such love between you guys. I have no words she said with a fullfilled voice.

Join us ? Om said.

Anika all shocked.

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