When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 8

I KILLED HER, he cried his heart out. Sobbed. Weeped like no one could ever stop him from crying.

Having seen him like the roughest man alive, It was hard for anika to believe he’s crying.

Om came rushing in, looking at shivaay crying he knew it was about Ria. He quickly closed all the doors as no one in the house knew about Ria.
Went near shivaay. Kneeling down, bent his head.. Tears peeping his eyes yet consoling himself to make shivaay better. He overcame his feelings and rubbed shivaay’s back.

You lost the girl who loved you more than herself. I lost my best friend. Rudra lost a sister. She had no one else. But it was not meant to happen shivaay. People die everyday. You didn’t kill her. Just because you didnt love her, doesnt mean you are a reason behind her death said om.

How om? How are you even over her?

That’s life shivaay. Atleast you avoided her everyday. But i spent more time with her as a friend shivaay. I could still hear her joking and laughing if i think about her. But once you realise it’s all over. You need to get over it.

She was behind me like every single day om. What not did i try to get rid of her?. She loved me so much. All i could give her back was hatred. How i have been a psycho ?Me and my “Name and bloodline”. I always pointed her as a low class girl. She literally went through hell for me. What happened at last? No one was there by her side when she died. I didnt even see her corpse om. I hard her death only through her friend. What kind of a human am i?

It’s over shivaay. If she was alive today, she wouldnt wish to see the same kind of arrogant shivaay. Atleast now you can change. Om said as he patted his shoulder.

Hearing everything anika’s heart melted. So Mr. Hot heads isn’t Mr. Hot heads anymore. She smiled. Shivomru turned towards anika and smiled.

So you felt i was Ria is it ? She joked.
He could do nothing else but smile.

No problem. But i wont go through that hell and all. But can i be a friend to both of you ? She asked om and shivaay. They both each other, turned towards anika and nodded. Areyyy who am i ?? A potato then ?? Rudra whined.

Hahaha aren’t you already my dosth?? She winked. Hey.. yaaaah.. he laughed.

Gauri started knocking the doors now. Areyyy someone open the door. Om came smiling and opened it for her.
Cant you be alone without your husband just for few minutes ? He joked.
Not a second. She smiled more. But hey.. we are still not married remember ? She looks at anika.

Totally forgot for what she had come.. she bit her tongue and said.. Uffòoo… we are having the engagement day after tomorrow.

Come shivaay let us take measurement for your collar she said controlling her laughter.
SSO rolled his eyes. Everyone laughss.

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