When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 50

Hai guys ❤❤❤ it is really happy and overwhelming to get such a huge love from you guys. I dont even know whether im worth it but believe me im totally flattered. Your love is bliss ❤ thankyou guys !!!! So here goes.. my last episode?? love love and love only ?

With all the laughters, love and lot and lots of happiness, a year passed by.

Shivaay and Anika were blessed with a baby boy. They named him karan.
Karuna turned 3. Rumya were married 3 months before. Priveer’s marriage arrangements were going on and yes, Anika was the planner.

For them, It was not exactly a “lived happily ever after” kind of story.
They did went through a lot.

Shivaay broke 37 cellphones.
Anika tripped and fell on shivaay another 49 times.

Om tasted strawberry flavour every now and then.
Gauri turned into Dabaang gauri a thousand times hurting Om’s forehead hitting it with her candy.

Rudra did his pushups everyday in his favourite spot with sowmya.
Sowmya squeezed rudra’s ears everytime he got a call from his girl contacts.

After putting karan to sleep, Anika was arranging the flowers around a pillar. Shivaay pulled her into their room.

“Shivaay… i have a lot of work.” She yelled in silence as karan was sleeping.

“Shh.. even i have work. PROJECT KISSING!” he says and nuzzles into her loose hair. While she moans and pushes him away.

“Prinku’s marriage is in a week. And as a brother you should be a part of all the works. But you are wasting time with your wife here.” She says and pokes his nose.

“Who said im wasting my time? Wont priyanka wish to have another child call her choti ma? Wont she wish for karan to have a sister? Wont she want us to have another baby?” He says with puppy face.

While she bites her upper lip, controlling her laughter. “Is priyanka wishing all that or You?” She asks.

With a smirk he nears her and kisses her nose. She smiles and cups his face giving him a forehead kiss.
Now both shared an eyelock.
Still her hands on his cheeks, Raising her chin, she leans forward and kisses him. He held her bare waist.

Romancing for the million’th time yet it seemed fresh everytime. Her lavender fragrance made him go on his knees every single time and her craving for his rough tight grip over her never aged.

Slowly coming out from their dreamland they both looked into each other’s eyes. He licked his lip while she blushed and turned to go.

“project accomplished” he says with his husky voice. “Kanji Aakhon wala Bhagad billa” she says in a low tone smirking.

He quickly scooped her up while she wiggled like a child in his arms.

“Shivaay leave me.. leave me shivaay..” she silently yelled. Not listening to her, he placed her on their bed.

She hid her blushing and continued trying to go. Pinning both her hands on the bed with his’s, he nuzzled on her neck. She started giving in. But just then karan started crying.

Shivaay started fake sobbing still with his face beside her neck. While Anika laughs, “stop romancing me and console karan” she said.

“That’s what father’s do” he sighs and having no other option gets up .

“Papa, how much does Maa love you?” Karuna asks Om though Gauri is present there.

Gauri smiles and turns to Om.
“Your mom.. (he chuckles) you know your dad is handsome right.. your mom fell in love with me the next moment she first saw me. It was love at first sight” he says.

Laughing, gauri looks at Om. “You’ll never have humility is it?? She asks.

Smiling he continues.. “your Maa loved me so much. More than Jhanvi dadi. She even became a boy for me” he says.

“She had moustache is it?” Karuna asks eagerly.

“No. She had a huge heart hid under her tshirt and trousers, If only i could ever love her as much as she loves me…” he says.

He smiles and asks karuna to go play with saahil.

Karuna giggles..”proceed..” she says winking at Om and hopped out of the room.

“So…” she stretches tucking her hair behind her ear.

Such incomplete sentences of hers never failed to impress him.

Grabbing her waist he pulled her closer.

*When you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with everything.

I fell in love with your freckles.
I fell in love with your morning messy buns.
I fell in love with your nail biting skill.
I fell in love with your sleepy voice.
I fell in love with your dabaang’ness.
I fell in love with YOU.

To describe my love, i’ll be needing double my life span. Or i can prove it throughout my life. Will you love me like you always do?

He asks kneeling down now.
Cupping his face, she kisses his forehead. “Buckle up Mr. Artist. You still have a long time to sail your boat with me. And i have a long time to hear more of your shayaris and fall for you everytime” she says hugs him.

His head reached upto her hip. So she bent down and placed a kiss on his bushy hair.

“…..so tell me friends..whose the person you wanna apologise to?” Love angel asked sitting on her bed with her headsets on.

Rudra enters the room now and sits beside her. He hugs her waist and rests his head on her shoulders.

“Hai love angel. It’s my wife Rudralakshmi” the caller says.

Just when Rudra kisses her neck.
She moans “Rudra…”

“RudraLAKSHMI is her name, love angel. I used harsh words on her”

Enjoying his kisses yet conscious of her show she hisses.

“Yes love angel. She must have been hurt” caller says.

“Yes..” she moans.
Rudra started biting her ears.

“I should probably ask sorry and console her” the caller says.
Just when Rudra tries to unhook her dress.

“DISGUSTING” She shouts. Rudra smirks and still keeps trying. While the caller is confused

“DONT YOU DARE” she shouts even louder. The caller realises something…”you are right Love angel. I shouldnt apologise. It was her mistake. She’s just a devil. Why will i apologise. Thankyou love angel.. now im clear” the caller says and cuts the call.

“I DID NOT MEAN THAT.. HELLO.. HELLO….” sowmya realises that she had spoken everuthing to the caller..

“Rudra!!!!!” She screams. While what he wanted was to romance his newly wedded wife.

He runs around the bed. And she chases him. “Dont i deserve to kiss from my wife?” He whines.

“So dont i deserve to do ny show?” She yells back.

“Fine!!” He says and picks up the nearby choco roll sticks.

“We’ll see who deserves rhe most by eating more of this. Who eats the longest, win” he says.

“Eating competition?? Haha.. i always win.” She says and tosses a choco roll stick to her mouth.

“Didnt you still not pick your stick?” She laughs with her stick in her mouth.

He smirks and nears her and bites the other end of her stick.
“We didnt discuss the rules yet. We both will share the same stick.” He says and starts eating the other end.

Not realising what will happen at the end, and winning the competition as he only thought now.. she starts eating her end..

A moment later she realises that both their ends ended with each other’s lip.
She blankly looked at him while both their lips were rubbing. He quickly pecked her lip.

“See… i deserve this. He says with still his lips on hers. She smiled and he started kissing her with his hold on her waist.

All brothers gathered together.

“Shall i go to my room now” was what Rudra kept on saying.

“Someone once told us that we are gonna become romeos and he’ll become an Einstein. I didnt know Einstein turned into a Romeo” Om says and both shivaay and Om does a HIFI.

“SHUTUP SHIVOM” Rudra says rolling his eyes.

“No one can be as mature as my sowmya” rudra says.

“No one can be as sacrificing as my Anika” shivaay quickly says.

“No one can be as supportive as my Gauri” Om says.

Giving eyes to each other they stood folding thier hands. It was 11 already. They had to disperse to their respective room. “One for all” Rudra sighed. “All for one” shivaay and Om said staring at each other.

Next morning, pinky, jhanvi, gauri and Anika were talking. Just when shakthi and tej comes angry after a meeting. Dadi turned sad seeing them.

Anika signalled Gauri and Gauri understood the plan.

Planning with just an eye contact was not so difficult for the childhood buddies.

Anika pushed pinky and gauri pushed jhanvi. Both landed on shakthi and Tej respectively. Both shared an eyelock and tgis was enough to unload office tension.

Dadi hugged both Anika and Gauri for their takkar plan.

“Everyone gather for a family photo” priyanka called out.

Shivaay came walking all drenched.
Om came rubbing his red forehead.
Rudra was dripping milkshake all over his head.

What happened billu? Dadi asked.

“Guess who never returned the borrowed 200 rupees” Anika sighed.

What happened Om? Jhanvi asked.

“Guess who drew an ugly picture of me” Gauri sidghed.

What happened Rudra? pinky asked.

Guess who didnt give me my milkshake” Sowmya sighed.

“Sacrificing huh?” Om and Ru chorally asked shivaay.

“Supportive huh?” Shivaay asked Om.
“Mature huh?” He asked turning to Rudra now.

“I guess BROMANCE is better that ROMANCE” rudra whined.

“AGREED!!” shimov said in a chorus.

“Cheese!!” Photographer called out.

Immediately shivaay put his hand around Anika’s shoulder, Om around Gauri’s and Ru around sowmya.
Sahil and Karuna stood together.
Dadi held karan on her hands.

A perfect family photo was made.

Breaking a stone , pouring in tons of hot love inside him, the stone melts. Who wondered, a women would turn an angry ,arrogant business tycoon into a Caring Romeo.

A truth-loving guy’s life would turn upside down making him love the lies his lady love made. Who wondered, a women would turn this Artistic zulfi man into a cheapde poet.

Cry baby which cries for every single useless matter crushed his heart and hid his tears after a heart braking truth. Who wondered, a chubby mature girl would turn a childish grown up playboy into a responsible one-woman man. 

So even when our cupid goes blind.. our fate never stops us from reaching our deserving destiny. Stay happy and spread love like our ishqbaazi guys.
           DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ ♡


How was the ending guys ???
Hope you liked it. It was really hard for me to write my last epi.. really sad that my ff had to end. But im wholly satisfies with my readers and all the lovely comments that i got. Some private messages too. Telly updates was indeed my first platform to showcase my first work. It will stay close to my heart forever. Thankyou guys !!!! And love all the way from deep of my heart. Infinite love ❤❤❤

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear… Will be Miss you….. Coom soon… Please read and commenting on MMKAD http://www.tellyupdates.com/mukammal-mohabbat-ki-adhuri-dastaan-mmkad-ishqbaaz-ff-episode-15/

    1. Ninaku

      Thanks a lot nikitha..❤❤ you have no idea how much this means to me.. and sure.. ill read yours ❤??

  2. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous mind blowing fantastic no words to say dear loved it to the core ????but at the same time i’m so sad to think about this is the last episode…
    Come back with ur new ff dear I’ll be waiting for u and ur ff
    Take care..keep smiling love you ????

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou niriha ?? im ending my ff happily cause all your comments did help me a lot ❤

  3. Arthi

    Am sorry pl…….. Dint comment on ur previous part…….sorry(holding ears) pl…….. And didn’t expect that ur ff ll get over soon……dint know when it ended……..and this was superb…..and the ending was perfect ending………just loved the description abt three brothers how they were and how they got transformed…….

    And previous part was superb awesome and what not…..and this was out of words……..

    I expect that u will come soon with another story…….pl……..(puppy eyes)…….

    Ll miss ur story dr….so do post another story soon…..

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou arthi. You supported me right from the beggining. Means a million dear ❤❤ love?

  4. Di the end was just fabulous. Please come back with another ff. Miss you. ????

    1. Ninaku

      Aww dwet. Sure !! ❤❤ will come back. Pinky promise ??

  5. Awesome ??????????????? Thank u for the amazing ff dear.. Hope you wil return with another story line… Until then take care… see u soon ???????

    1. Ninaku

      Vigan dear… thanks a lot ❤❤ will start my next ff soon and promise me to give me honest comments like always ?❤❤

  6. you are one true inspiration for me ninaku !!!! i have never felt both happy as well as sad at the same time !!guess what !!! i was once a lazy person !!! but seeing you !! u have given me encouragement to work hard !!! the way u update daily and with perfection you bring out the twist just because we fans have requested you or more like demanded you and in a nick of time u changed the plot i loved it girl!!! i really waiting for your next ff!!! i know i have said like a million times but……….DON’T STOP WRITING !! GO ON !!! U REALLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO WRITE ANYTHING !!! KEEP IT UP!!!
    from your silent reader

    1. Ninaku

      Haha.. you are being so sweet !! ?❤ and me? An inspiration? If you say so ?? i have always wanted to show what the readers liked, so it was completely alright for you guys asking me to add your ideas. Thankyou ❤? but you know what always is a mystery?? Your name. Anonymous. ?? may i know your name

      1. I would love to !!! But then y do i keep naming myself anonymous !? I love being called as anonymous !! The speciality of this word is …..i am known as unknown !! ???but i will say when the time comes girl !! Until then keep calling me anonymous !!

  7. Awesome

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou debdutta ❤❤ your’s is a unique name ?

  8. Maryam_ishq

    Mind blowing ?????…. i was wonderin why u didn’t post it yet and i figured ur makin the last epi a khidkitod epi and it was really one khidkitod epi… i am happy tht rumya got married and even priveer marriage is gonna happen… shivay doesn’t leave any chance of romance ?… loved om’s definition of love for gauri… rudy tryin to romance when soumya was doin her show ?? nice idea…. everythin was just great. I am gonna miss reading this ff every day ?… do come back with a bang with another ff or ss or os. Lots of love ??? take care

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou maryam ❤❤ though only i saw your commebts on the last few episodes. Your comments are indeed special ❤

      1. Maryam_ishq

        I never used to read fan fictions until two months before and then i read one of ur episodes in between and i really liked the story and i read frm the strt and i strted commentin ?. Do send me a link when u strt a new ff

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    I seriously dont have words to describe your amazingness. It was just perfect. Sepecial i would say.
    Start another one and keep writing. This story will be missed.
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    1. Ninaku

      Eeee.. thankyou hamd ❤❤ really its was a pleasure reading this comment ❤ means alot. ??

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    Signing off wid loads of love-
    Sam! 🙂

    1. Ninaku

      Ohh myy goodness ? You make me feel so special with such a long comment ❤❤ love you sam??gratitude !!!! Will surely come back with an ff. Will miss you ?


    1. Dear ninaku
      Aap ye end kar rahi hai????please come back with another ff please?????.I really miss you??

      Take care?

      1. Ninaku

        Aww UF. Will surely come back ❤ thankyou dear ❤ means alot ??

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      Heyy Aliza. Its really happy to know that you read my ff. Blessed. And you have no idea how crazily im jumping on my bed now ?? never have i ever got a long comment from a silent reader. Some of my regular readers used to comment this way.. but your comment made my day mannn ?? thanks a lot dear. Just like you.. im such a lazy ass. ? and sure… will definitely go through your work when you upload one. ? im waiting ??

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      Thankyou manya ❤❤ means a lot ? already missing me.. aww i feel special?

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      Hey thankyou bubblu ❤ evlo happy ah iruku theriyuma… ?? you guys are the best actually. More than my ff your comments are my life ???

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    Fantabulous bang on chapter indeed!
    Loved it!??….

    Here your ff ends????…
    But let me tell you one thing, I loved each and every chapter of your ff..
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    1. Ninaku

      Thanks a lot sofi. ?? your comments were always an encouragement. Pushing this lazy writer to write more. All my wishes were to make the readers happy and i guess i have succeeded. Really really means a lot ???will miss you too ?

  19. Sairish

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      1. Ninaku

        THANKYOU !!!!!! ? OMG love you dear. ?i wish i ended ny ff after a few more episodes just to get comments from you. You really inspire a lot ❤means a lot sairish ? will def read your ff. ❤

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      Haha.. i knlw right. Even i felt the same. It feels like just yesterday i started writing. But im going back happy with all your lovely comments. Banita dear you supported me rught from the start. And maybe that made me write a whole ff. So it is indeed true that even you are a part of this ff. ❤❤

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