When cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 5

Okay, dont disturb me.. it’s time for my love angel’s show said rudra jumping in joy.

You like her too? Gauri asked.

Ahh haan… yes gauri sista. I lovee her, He cried.

Just then, anika enters with her champa.
Waving a Hai to rudra… she entered the mansion. He was busy listening to the show. So she had to find her way to Om now.

Areyyy?? Someone there… she asked as she stepped into the hall.
Mesmerized by the huge building she looked up and all around. Not noticing a table below she tripped. She was about to fall behind. Just when shivaay was crossing by. He held her. Eyelock it was. This time she noticed his blue eyes. Not being familiar with such hypnotic eyes she kept staring him. Shivaay in the mean time, just wasn’t aware of anything, just anything. He kept staring. Not love. Not hatred. Just nothing. No idea why he held her so long.
Fearing he would leave her just like before she held him so tightly now.

Ahem ahem.. Om coughed. And smile followed.
Coming into senses, they both stood up.
Not complaining, shivaay went away.
She gently moved her hair behind her ears.
Lost in thoughts huh ?? He smiled.
Errrrr what ? Her voice smoothened.
No no. Lost in thoughts of how to plan for my wedding uh ? He winked.
Ya ya.. yes ofcourse she said. Looking at shivaay’s direction.
Everyone assembled now at the hall.
We are so happy for you om, his mom jhanvi said. As gauri came in and hugged her from behind.
Even we wouldn’t have got you such a sweet girl she exclaims.
Huh… what use? Not a penny earned yelled om’s father tej.
We marry not for business. But for travelling the rest of our life with our loved one, Gma added.
(Pinky slang) Bad-u choice-u yuuvor son had made-u… Pinky, shivaay’s mom murmured
Stay silent pinky, shakthi pinched her.
Areyyy whaat bad-u did i say? Will you marry shivaay to such girl shouted pinky.
Gauri felt bad. And leaves the room. Just when anika holds her, “as long as om believes you and supports you, you need to stay beside him” she says.
Say shakthi ?? Will you marry our son like that-u too?? To like this girl.. she points to anika. Shivaay and anika look at each other.

HAHAHAHA LINE GOT CONNECTED !!!! Rudra shouts, as he enters in after love angel’s show.
Awkward silence it was.

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