When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 49

Haii guys. This being my second last episode, im paying all my tribute to the loyal readers. Do mention your names my silent readers. Im blessed ❤❤ infinite love to guus out there ?

It was celebrations time in OM. Smile never disappeared on their faces.

“Anika beta.. we have rituals to do. So enough of your romances” pinky jokes and pulls anika away from shivaay who were talking something interesting.

Anika was made to sit and dadi did the rituals. Anika noticed Gauri standing along with Om and karuna chit chatting.

Anika went over and pulled her to the spot and made her sit with her.

“Remember.. this is our child. You are a mother too. So lets do the rituals together” Anika says with a smile and holds Gauri’s palm.

Totally drenched in her love..”You’ll be bearing the physical pain for nine months and you want to name me a mother. Chandhu how can i ever repay you..”

“Shh.. dont thank me. No thankyou and sorry between sisters remember?
You already went through an emotional breakdown. I wonder if there is anything more painful for a woman than hearing you cant become a mother. If that is called pain then you have experienced the extreme one. To be called a mother,  You are definitely worth it chutki ♡” Anika says and strokes Gauri’s hair.

“Thankyou…..” Om says. While Anika looks on.. “Bhabhi !” He ends. Anika quickly wiping away her tear.

“Dont worry Gauri Bhabhi.. you’ll be the godmother our child too. Sowmya.. did you hear that..” Rudra says.

Bulging her eyes out, sowmya hits Rudra hard with her elbow. While everyone laugh.

Hitting Rudra’s head jhanvi enters the  scene, “you still drink your milkshake in a feeding bottle..you need a child uh? She jokes.

“Maaa… that’s a sipper. Not feeding bottle” rudra justifies.

After all the rituals got over, Gauri cuddles with Om in his couch in their room.

“Can my life get any more better??” Gauri sighs in relief. Om smiles and hugs her even tighter.

“Perfect husband, loving daughter, a whole family that cares for me,… im indeed blessed Omkara ji. Ill ve happy even if i die this mome…” she says and the next second Om closes her mouth.

“We are dying no longer soon. Yes, we have a perfect family. So we are gonna live long and live every single second of this life to the fullest” he says and kisses the back of her head.

Karuna enters and comes running to the couch. “What phuss phussii??” She asks.

“Phuss phussi??” Om gave a weird look. “Anika!!! Gauri says and She laughs to herself. Then looks at Om..”phuss phussi is the way of speaking secret..” she says. Om realises it and laughs.

“Why did you not say anything to Gauri bhabhi?? She must be feeling sad now.. ” rudra whined.

Sowmys hits him again. “What do you want me say??.. gauri bhabhi..gauri bhabhi… wait another 9more months.. me and Rudra will try our best and give you a baby…” she says rolling her eyes.

“Bhabhi.. baby.. why are you singing?” He roars. “And what do you mean by trying our best?” He says smirking at her.

“Err…” she stammers.
“Fine dont worry.. i wont be needing a child anytime sooner” he says hiding his voice.

What do you mean by that?? She asks.

“Babies, pee all the time and they cry. They’ll scatter their toys everywhere. Untidy!! Im not mentally ready for that now.” He says.

While she turns furious and squeezes his ear. “Dont you dare say that about a baby” she says biting her teeth.

“Aahh fine fine. Ill try to change soon” he pulls his ear out of her grip.

“Not SOON, but NOW” she steams.
“Fine fine.. i love karuna baby. We’ll have one like her” he says rubbing his squeezed ear.

After a long pause.. “by the way.. you’ll be changing the diaper of our baby” she says. “EWWW!! he screams and she laughs.

Anika enters her room after helping pinky in the kitchen. Shivaay who was hiding behind the door pulls Anika towards him by holding her waist. She trips and falls straight on him. She gasps.

He immedietly realises and makes her stand straight and grabs his ears  closing half his eyes.

She smiles at his innocence. Wrapping her hands around his neck she hangs. While he holds her waist.
“So my cute husband, what happened?” she asks. While he says “sorry”

She gently places a forehead kiss, cupping his face. “I know you’ll take care of me..(long pause) The woman who gave birth to me, who carried me for 9 months in her womb, left me alone in an orphanage.

Life gave me so much of sadness, miseries which even my enemy shouldnt suffer with. Finally I came to Oberoi Mansion. Met you eventually fell in love. How easily you changed all my pain into happiness, cries into laughter” she says wiping away her tears while he looks on.

“I love you” she says and hugs him.
“I love you too” he whispers in her ears tightening the hug. 

Releasing the hug.. “you know what? From now on.. i’m gonna be there by your side all the time” he says and anika smiles.

“I’ll feed you, I’ll make you to eat you tablets regularly, I’ll ask chandha to manage your work, I’ll order the groceries, Squeeze fresh juices for you. Will take you to the doctor regularly for check up. Will….” he continies in a single breath.

“Shhh shh shhh shivaay ?? That’s all? What will you do for our baby?” She asks eagerly.

“That’s all uh? This is just a trailer ma.. you still have an entire movie” he says.

“I have already started referring guides how to take care of a baby. You know.. after third week your vomiting sensations might stop. And even our baby can start hearing sounds. So ill start reading stories to your tummy.. (she giggles) and once he comes out, ill teach him walk, speak and later ill teach him how to ride a bicycle, swim… he keeps adding.

Totally adoring him and his non-stop cut speech, without a word she locks her lips with his’s. While he looks stunned because he had no idea this was coming.

Slowly he reciprocated and they shared some minutes of muah’ing.

“Indeed you are cute, billuji”. She smiles. He gives her an eye, “because of my speech or this kiss” he asks.

“Why not say… both” she says and blushes sharing an eyelock.

Ranveer speaks to Jhanvi.
“Maa..” he starts. And this is enough to make jhanvi melt.

“Maa.. i dont know how much you know about me. But i can assure you. I’ll take care of priyanka’s life more than mine. I truely love her.

I have a lovely mother. She cant speak or hear. But her love was never  less than any other mother. She loves priyanka. I’ve seen them both enjoying each other’s company.

And my dad.. just like a best friend. He even set us both on a romantic candle light dinner. I guess we make a perfect couple. Priyanka will have all the freedom like here. After her studies we’ll marry with all your blessings. Please say yes” he concludes with a sigh of relief.

Jhanvi turns to look at Tej who has been hearing everything from behind.

Patting his shoulder, “just a year more. Then you should shoot all my business rivals as it’s a command from your father in law” he says.

Prinku runs and hugs Tej.
“Thankyou papa” she says.

“Welcome home” shivaay says and ranveer turns to see the entire house smiling at him.

NAINA, SHREYA, PRAPTHI, PREETHA, RAKSHA, MARYAM_ISHQ and some of my silent readers commented on my ff lately and this too made me on cloud nine.. thankyou you guys. You have no idea how cute and encouraging your comments are. If i have missed out your name.. dont worry.. you have a special place in my heart. THANKYOU GUYS !!! YOU MEAN A LOT ❤❤❤ LOVE AND LOVE ONLY ??

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  1. awesome
    luved it
    update soon

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou aashi. ❤❤❤

  2. Awesome love it as always you are always good I am happy but at same time I am sad as tomorrow is your last episode tears in my eyes please come back with another ff like this love I will miss you a lot .?????????

    1. Ninaku

      Aww shreya dear.. ??thanyou so much. You touched my heart. Will try my best to come back with a nice story. ❤?

  3. love it as always you are always good I am happy but at same time I am sad as tomorrow is your last episode tears in my eyes please come back with another ff like this love I will miss you a lot .?????????

  4. love it as always you are always good I am happy but at same time I am sad as tomorrow is your last episode tears in my eyes please come back with another ff like this love I will miss you a lot .?????????

  5. Superrbbbb yaar…i really loved ranveer and tej’s talk…please show tej ppsitively and very kindly…waiting for next update dude…and am not silent reader,i comment on every episode but with different names

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  7. Ayyo!! To be honest really gonna miss this ff very badly! Was something i wud luk fwd to ki has it been updated or not, or the twists! Can just say all the couples ka love brought out sooo well! Rumya’s pregnancy banter also?shivay ranting out the thoughts for the baby! My god soo cute that was. Also loved tej and ranveer friendly conversation abt that shooting rivals?wow tej!!! no words u know! Just loved the episode, brought smile and happiness reading this! ?

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      Thankyou sam???? can you be any sweeter.. much love dear ❤

  8. Bubblu

    Awww..such a cute episode..all couple are so cute cute cute…I luv ur ff..Sad that its the secong last episode…wating for the dhamekedar end….luv u so much..will definitely miss u

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  11. Maryam_ishq

    Awesome epi ????!!!! U make me fall in love with shivay each day…. he was the highlight of today’s epi… he’s gonna be a great father…. anika gauri scene was so nice, lovely sister bond ??. I can’t get over shivaay today… he was so cute.

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      Haha. Shivaay is loved by every ishqbaazian.. what say ??? and thankyou maryam???

  12. Fabulous epi….. After one epi it will be end i miss u nd ur ff sooo much dr….

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  13. Well Ninaku it was lovely as usual perfect. Tbh I am gonna miss it a lot. I know i never commented much but this ff has a special place in my heart and why not after all it’s one of the sweetest ff that i read. Loads of love and if possible then be back with another story. Till then take care ❤❤❤❤

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    Loved it ?….

    I am happy dear,for you are going to complete 50 amazing chapters of your ff ?…
    But sad that it will be the last chapter ?…

    I am really going to miss you and your ff…
    But I want you to soon come back with an amazing khidkitod ff….
    Will be really waiting for it ?….

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou buddy ❤❤❤
      How am i gonna be without your comments.. i really wish, a nice concept clicks my mind soon. So that i can be back so soon just for your comments ?? love you more sofi ???

  18. Sagithya

    Awesome… It was a lovely part….. I will miss ur ff a lot…. Pls come back soon

  19. Hey ninaku !!! Did u finally realise that i am no longer a silent and a lazy reader !!! That gives me the encouragement girl!!! I saw how u update daily and with perfection u bring out the twist within a nick of time and present the beautiful dialogues !!!! This gives me the inspiration to work hard mahn !!! And about the episode its so emotional that i really feel this shouldn’t be the end of this ff !! I loved to the core !!

  20. Sairish

    first of all sorry for commenting late
    coming to the chappy..as always superb …
    aniri (annika and gauri) bond touched my heart…rumya part was cute amd about shivika i can’t say much …just love them ….
    indeed and awful episode
    will surely miss you after this
    loads of love

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