When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 48

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“Dont do the show today. Spend time with me” Rudra whined. While sowmya smiled and pinched his nose. “I have already cut my show thrice for you. Do you want your love angel to be fired?? Let me do the show… just an hour” she pouted.

“Why dont you record your voice and give it to the show” he asked.
Giving him an eye.. “seriously.. duffer.. i do live shows” she says.

“Dont call me Duffer.. im smart..” he snaps.
“Spell smart” she taunts.

“Err.. S M R A T” he says.
“Haha.. no doubt in calling you a duffer” she says and laughs.

“I can spell kiss if you want..” he says raising his eyebrows. She blushes and turns away. “K I S S” He spells and kisses her shoulder from behind.

She pushes him away and picks up her milkshake. He pulls it away and runs, ehile she chases him.

“You want me or this milkshake” he asks with an angry stare.
“This milkshake” she says without giving it a thought.
“What am i even marrying into??” He cries shedding crocodile tears.

While she smiles and looks at him. You want some??– she asked signing him. He pulled out a smile and they both drank it taking turns.

“Papa? Which colour do you like?” Karuna asks Om. Om made his heavenly smile and strokes her hair.

“There isnt a colour which i particularly like. If an Artist has a favourite coour, it clearly reflects in his painting. But to be honest, black fascinates me the most. Its intensity. Its beauty. Its mesmerising effect on me never fades. Black portraits darkness yet it even depicts the beautiful night. It is full of mysteries. Black is…” he continues while karuna scratches her head.

“Never ask an Artistic poet his favourite, you’ll definitely turn crazy. No wonder you are chota bheem’s brother” she says.

Gauri enters in laughing. “Everyone turn of all the lights. A big tubelight in glowing here” she says and ruffles Om’s hair.

“Karuna leaves no chance to tease me..” he says and laughs.

“Maa.. papa ate my icecream even today” karuna complains.

Gauri gives him an eye while Om gulps in.. “Errrr.. it was double chocolate, my favourite.. i asked a bite and karuna gave me” he says.

“A bite, papa?? That was the entire cone you ate..” she argues.

“Om, if you take her icecream again…” gauri starts.

“Or else what?? Ill eat your icecream then, the strawberry flavour worth 110 rupees..” he winks.

That was gauri’s lipstick flavour and cost!

While karuna scratched her head as she couldnt understand a bit and walked out.

Gauri stammered now. He fingers didnt stay in a place. While Om neared her and grabbed her waist and pulled her closer.

“Om.. karuna will come now..” gauri whispers.
“Shhh..now..” he says and kisses her.
After a while karuna enters, noticing this Om and Gauri stop their lovey dowey actions and act normally hiding their smiles.

Shivaay enters his room removing his tie. “Ufff…” he sighs, sits on the bed with his both hands on the bed and bends his neck backwards which clearly shows his tiredness.

Just when anika passes by with a bunch of clothes. He pulled one of her wrist, and dropping all the clothes down she landed straight on his laps.

“When your husband comes back from a busy day.. you should try to relax him in the best possible way.. he says and carasses her cheeks.

She smiles, blushes and bends down and hides her extra wide smile.
Raising her chin he asks her about her extra blush. While she shakes her head and remains silent.

She carasses his hair and looks into his eyes. She leaned in to kiss him. Kissing him gently for a while she withdrew herself and tucked her hair behind her ears.

Fanning him with her breath, they maintained that position until anika pulled herself out by placing her hand on his shoulder.

“How dare you pull me to your lap.. if he comes to know, he’ll definitely question you” she says.

Wondering who it would be, “and who will be that who will question me if i pull my wife..?” he asks and the next moment Anika takes his hand and places it on her stomach.

“Junior shivaay singh oberoi” she says smiling and her hold on his hand tightens.

Him all dumbstruck looked into her eyes.. while she nodded and placed her forehead on his’s. “You are gonna become a father mister SSO” She says and kisses his forehead.

While he cant beleive his eyes. He sighed in relief and cupped her face. “When did you get to know??” He asks.

Scratching her head “im a week late. But im never late, so i did a test and the result was positive” she says.

He picks her up in his hands and swirls her. While she hugs him tight.

“In the First three months of pregnancy, husband should take care of his wife carefully. So.. will you?” She asks.

Placing his hand on her lips, “you wont be getting out of my lap” he says. While she laughs “office?” She asks.

“I dont care” he says and throws his phone. His phone kisses the floor while he kisses his wife.

“We’l soon have another soul to bare all your crazy talks” shivaay jokes.

“Aaann.. and soon we’ll have someone to spit sairabanu on you” she replies.

“Saira…(giggles).. americano AMERICANO” he laughs.

“Arent you angry?? I called it sairabanu..” she asks raising her eyebrows.

“Didnt your 3 months start already?? And you are here in my lap.. i’ve already started keeping my promise. Angry singh oberoi is never coming back” he says and kisses her cheek.

“I love you” she whispers.
“I LOVE YOU!!!!” he screams and picks her up and walks out to the hall.

Everyone gathers out and sees shivaay holding Anika in his hands.

“What happened billu?” Dadi enquired. “You are becoming great grandmother in 9months. Maa.. you are gonna be a grand mother soon. Karuna is gonna get a younger sibling soon. Hey.. rudy.. you might have a new girlfrind soon” he shouts in joy while Anika closes her face in shyness.

After feeding sweets to everyone, Anika walks on the lawn with Gauri.

“Im really happy for you chandhu. You are making me a choti maa” she says and hugs her and continues walking.

Shivaay comes running and gently holds Anika’s hands. “You could have called me.. “he says it faking an angry face. Smiling they continue to walk.

“Though im elder than you, i never know how to handle a child better than you. I never had time to spend with saahil.

Saahil didnt expect me to be with him all the time. He knew the circumstance and understood my situation. But i dont have to worry anymore. My child will have two mothers wont she?” She says and both shivaay and Anika looks at Gauri.

Shivaay smiles even more and strokes Gauri’s hair. “Anika’s right. We have decided that you’ll be our child’s godmother. So yeah.. we are giving you more responsibility, sorry! He says and grabs his ears.

While Gauri is speechless. “Are you serious??” She stammers.

“Hundred percent” anika and shivaay says chorally looking at her.

Om comes running and hugs shivaay from behind.

“Finally karuna will get a new person to trouble with. Pheww.. im safe” shivaay jokes.

“Badd pa.. your suit colour is like lizard’s” karuna enters with shivaay signature style.

Shivaay rolls his eyes while everyone laughs.

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      A person chosen by the parents to take care of the child, bring him up and take total care after the death of the parents. That is what called as godmother. ?

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    Karuna’s hazt dialogue made me laugh like hell

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  20. Mrunal1

    Its awestruck as always sorry for not commenting on ur previous parts… was a bit busy caz of studies…?

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      Its alright mrunal ❤❤ thanks alot !!!

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