When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 47

Thankyou guys. ❤❤ im the most blessed. I have sweet and cute readers. A big HAI to all my silent readers. If it wasnt for you guys i wouldnt have continued. Love ❤❤❤

As days passed, karuna was the heart of the family.

“Karuna beta…” and this echoed from every corner of the house. Laughters and giggles were the only emotions karuna was experiencing. She was clever, pretty, and the most notorious.  Infact, She overtook Rudra.

Shivaay was her favourite. Troubling him, nagging him, irritating him was her all time favourite job.

She started calling him “badd pa” which was her short version for “Bade papa”. Her words were clear.

Everyone wondered how such a small figure spoke just like an ordinary man. She could be called a ‘Baby’ only when she starts cooing and gurgling.

“Badd pa.. khanna uncle works better than you” she says. While shivaay rolls his eyes and fakes an angry face.
Om laughs.

“You are giving special training to your daughter i believe??” He says and taps Om’s head.

Karuna runs her little fingers through her hair and does Shivaay’s signature style and walks away. Shivaay jaw drops and turns to Gauri, while she holds her ears and says sorry controlling her laughter.

How can shivaay fake an angry face now? He breaks a laughter cause he was proud seeing his angel copying him and he loved it.

Shivaay entered his room now. He saw anika trying to gulp in a cup of her sairabanu. He runs and stands behind her.

“What are you trying to do? She asks before taking in a sip.

“This shirt is so costly that You’ll faint if i say the price. I know my shirts are your favourite place for spitting my americano. So, a self defence” he says

She laughs, “if you can buy costly shirts, why not a drink that tastes atleast better than this. Suresh nair’s tea tastes like heaven. Aww i miss his tea” she whines.

Irritated he tries to move while she blocks his way. “Where do you think you are going?” She asks and nears him. With every forward step she makes, shivaay moves back a step.

Now she knows how the remote works. So she makes him move towards the door. When his back touched the door, she placed her hands on his either side on the door and she moved further.

“Where is your voice now? Swallowed it uh?” She says and goes on the tip of her toes. As she leans up to lock the door her face moved along towards him unknowingly. And now she stood not even an inch away. Her breath fanned his lips.

He felt weak on his knees and for a grip he held her naked waist. She gasped and slipped down. While his grip on her tightened.

“You fall for me all the time. I know im handsome, so you need not remind me that everytime” he says with a pride tone.

She goes to his ears now. “Tum hrithick roshan nahi hoon” she whispers and caresses his face with her hands and she never failed to make him fall of his knees with her moves.

“Wipe it, you’re drooling” she says and this is probably her “tip of the tongue* dialogue to turn off his romantic mood. He tickles her and she jumps. They run around the room and finally fall on the bed facing the ceiling and laugh.

“….so tell me friends?? Who was your first love” love angel aka sowmya completed her question.

Her voice was for the listeners, while her mind and eyes was on Rudra who sat before her looking into her as she was doing her show.

“Hello love angel !!!! You are my first love!! Please marry me!” Cried a guy.

Rudra fumed while sowmya quite enjoyed it, making rudra jealous. 

“Awww so sweet” she says and this was like pouring oil in the burning fire of Rudra’s.

Just when she had ended the call, karuna enters the room.
“Karuna!! Rudra cries and sheds crocodule tears infront of her”

Lifting his chin up she raises her eyebrows as a sign of asking ‘what’.

“Please grow up fast. I told you, i wanted to marry you. You are the most beautiful girl. I dont want any sumo, i want my karuna baby” he says and hugs her.

Pushing him away.. “Areyy mera chota bheem!! You are such an idiot. I dont wanna marry you. Choti ma.. you also dont marry him..!! she says.

(Karuna calls him chota bheem because of his physique and because he’s a foodie)

Sowmya pulls her collar up when karuna said it. “YOU HAVE BRAINWASHED HER” He says with a terrified voice looking at sowmya.
Karuna laughs and runs out.

Sowmya gets up but is pinned to the wall. “Aww sweet uh?” He asks while his cheeks touched her’s. He moves back and seeing her eyes closed he leans forward and kisses her lips.

“I guess this is sweeter than that” he says as he moves away.
“SweetEST” she says and blushes.

Om keeps painting on his canvas while Gauri enters laughing.

“What happened chulbul??” He asks smiling.
“I have never been so happy Om. KARUNA… she gives me all the happiness.

Did you know? She ate all of Dadi’s sweets? Tej uncle loves playing with her after returning from office. She even applied makeup for jhanvi maa. Pinky maa and Anika learns along with karuna, Shivaay bhaiyaa..neednt to mention. He is her teddy bear. Rudy.. has a new girlfriend now (she giggles)..

“If this is why god made me infertile, im completely alright with it now” she says wiping away the rolling tear drop, with a wide smile. Om hugs her with a smile.

“Karuna gave me back my life. We’ll bring her up in the best way” she says.. just when karuna enters..

“Maa.. me and saahil bhaiya played carrom today. I won !!” He says.

“How many times that poor soul deliberately losses to make her win?” Om murmurs. Gauri hits him with her elbow.

“Shhh.. how wise he is.. and how selfish you are.. you take away karuna’s icecream whenever i buy her one” she says rolling her eyes.

“You know i love icecream. You never buy me one. So i had to share it with karuna” Om gulps in.

“Dont call it sharing, call it grabbing” Gauri sighs. “So why dont you teach me about sharing???… well lets start with sharing a kiss.. he says and nuzzles in her hair and that bèing his move all the time.

“Ahem ahem.. im still here” karuna says giving them an eye.

Om picks her up and places her hand on his painting palette making her palm stained with paint.

karuna’s drew with colour pencil, crayons, sketches, paints on the huge walls. She had filled all their walls with drawings with just a few days. No wonder she is the daughter of Omkara singh oberoi.

Now he made her to place her stained palm on the wall. A beautiful hand print appeared.

Karuna was so happy. While om made gauri do they same and he made his print too. Nearby he wrote
Our family with paint.

Gauri laid her head on his shoulder while karuna hugged Om. It was indeed a perfect family.

Hope you guys liked it. With my upcoming 50th episode, im happily completing this ff. So i take the last few days to heartily appreciate my readers. It was hell of an awesome ride with you guys. Your love. Your support. Each and everyone who took time to tell me how it was, what should be added, what should be avoided…. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU !
It was ADITI who welcomed me first into TU.
HARIDHRA who messaged me about how good my ff was going. DHAR, DWET, ALEKHIKA, NIKITHA JAI, ARTHI, NIRIHA, SOFIYA supported me right from the start, and i really appreciate it guys ❤❤ LOVE ??

Silent readers do mention your names.. cause i will definetely feel blessed and will remember you!❤

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    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou sam ❤❤❤ really means alot

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      Thankyou arwa. Karuna is indeed thr life of OM.

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    1. Ninaku

      Its alright maryam. Thankyou ??its really nice to see you enjoying the ff. ??

  17. Beautifull…this is by far your best episode. Loved the simplicity and softness of your writing. Great work!
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    stay blessed
    lots of love

    1. Ninaku

      Heyy sairish ❤ my ff shares equal screen space for all the pairs. But my fav is shivika too. And my ff started with many episodes showing only shivika.. lately i started writing for priveer, rumya. But sure.. in the last 3 episodes you’ll have more of shivika ?? and thankyou❤❤❤ you mentioned it frankly.

  20. It was amazing

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      Hey moomz ❤ your silent reading is indeed my blessing. Yes.. im really blessed. Thankyou ??

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      Anonymous.. heyy ?? i am a mess. ? i was thinking that i have been dragging the same story.. so i have planned to be back with a better story.. a fresh one. You really are a great reader of mine. One of my favourite. Thanks alot dude. ❤❤❤ it really means a lot ?

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