When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 46

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“Sowmya? Help me will you?” Take my cellphone and call John. Ask him to come to the gym tomorrow” he says and sowmya does the same.

Rudra!!!!! Sowmya screams after a minute.
Gulping in, he walks towards her.


“Errr.. 4 or 5” he stammers.

“Anya.., Bhavya.., Catherine.., Deshna.., Erica.., Farhana.., Gabriel.., Harsha., Ishana…, Jeremiah…, karishma…..”  A MILLION NAMES UNDER THE SAME ALPHABET !!”  She fumes in Anger.

“But sowmya.. we are engaged. Why do you care now? Im yours!” He tries to satisfy her.

But she keeps Ranting. He cant help but to smile.

“Chhh” came the sound. She then realised his lips on her cheek. He kissed her and this made her silent.

“Yeah i flirted with many. And yeah i have many girl contacts. But they dont mean anything to me anymore. Cause i love you. Only you have a place in my heart. So there wont be anymore confusion right? He asks tilting his head.

She looked at him, into his eyes and smiled.

“Reshma will call anytime now..” he says casually.”Grr.. she groans. And he laughs.

It was evening and Gauri was lying in her bed, Looking outside her window. Om was busy painting a portrait. Suddenly he gets an idea, springs up from his seat and goes near Gauri..

“Get up!, We are going somewhere special. You’ll love it there” he says.

With no big reaction, she denies coming out. “Leave me be, Om”

He is not ready to give up so easily.
“If my Dabaang Gauri is not getting up, ill carry her” he says and sweeps her up.

A smile appears on her lips, “why do you worry so much for me?? I am not even worth your concern” she says and drops her head down.

He pulls her chin up and kisses her tender lips. She isnt strong enough by heart to reciprocate. She keeps looking at his closed eyes.

He unlocks himself, “you are definitely worth my entire life. I love you more than anything in this world.

Ill give you my life and you know it. If not having a child, is killing you, well i have an option. But only if you decide if it’s okay” he says and she looks confused.

They go somewhere. Gauri sits next to Om in his Car.. and he consoles her that everything is gonna be alright.
He informs someone on the phone that they are nearing the place.

After 10minutes they reach the spot. Gauri gets down looking at the pleasent morning and a crowd surrounds her.

Her eyes filled with tears and she kneels down cupping her eyes.
Beautiful beautiful bunch of children, looking at her with eyes filled with hopes, smiles and laughs.

They had reached the same orphange where Gauri had donated money. Firstly, She had visited them every week but with an intension just to donate money.

But this time she knew Om, what he was upto. She understood him like no one else.

She looked into his eyes. “Are you sure?” She asks.

“You were brought up in an orphanage. You know what all hurdles one go thorugh while growing in one.

So we’ll adopt our child from here. Take care of her like our own. Not as a pity act but as a whole hearted dedication. You, me, our child, we’ll be A FAMILY!”

“But Om..” she turns to talk but she feels a tender soft small hand grabbing her dhuppata. 

She bends down and gently combes her hair.

“You look beautiful” the little 2years old talks with her two chubby cheeks, eyes reflecting pure love, with a cute pink frock and a small pony. 

Gauri takes her in her arms, “what’s you name?” She asks with her voice which was about to cry.

“Karuna” she says.

(The same name Om wanted to name their child) Gauri looks at Om. He was crying already with a huge smile on his face.

Om borrowed her from Gauri’s arms and whispered something.

The little one now turned to Gauri and with a heavenly smile..”Maa” she calls.

Gauri’s heart skipped a beat. She was speechless. She hugged Om along with the child.

“Lets take her home, Om” she says and squeezes tears out. Om smiles and hugs her even tighter.

It was night by then, Anika widens her hands in the air and falls back straight on the bed in her deep necked lehanga after attending a wedding.

“Ahhh.. haiiyappa.. arranging marriages are hard. Why do people marry??  She murmers to herself keeping her hectic day in mind.

“Then people should start living a, living together relationship” came a voice from the door.

Shivaay entered with a smirk.

“Meaning?” Anika asks. “No marriage, no confusions, just loving, making out, kissing, hugging…” he keeps adding.

“Ayee chii.. are there people who does that? Cheapde people?” She asks.

Hmm.. he humms and walks in while he slips and falls right over her.

Her eyes bulges out. “Errrr… chikni” he says. She scratches her head.. “who is that?”

“Your’s is chameli and mine’s chikni.” He says and pulls out a clumsy smile.

She laughs.. “when did you change into Mr. Anika?” She asks.

He gives her an eye and lies his back on the back beside her. They both look at the ceiling and yet share crazy talks for a while.

After some time, shivaay turns to Anika and simply adores her beauty.

Now ahe turns to him and they share an eyelock which is even tually broken as Shivaay tries leaning towards her.

Shivaay reaches for her lips and Anika gives in and closes her eyes.
Shivaay first bites her lower lip while her hands grab his coat and pulls her closer towards him. His hand was over her waist.

“Shivaay…” she moans. “Shhh” he replies and they share a passionate kiss.

She pushes him away and tries to run away, but stops as soon she gets up.

“Not going?” He whispered in her ears from behind.
“That’s cheating isnt it?” She says and smirks. Shivaay gently kisses her neck moving away her hair strands.

Her deep necked dress never failed to mesmerise him. He placed several kisses on her bare back.

He Removed her blouse string while she shivered and bit her lower lip with her closed eyes.

Shivaay switched off the rooms light. They celebrated their night finally.

Gauri and Om enters home with karuna after all the formalities. Om already informed everything to jhanvi and dadi.

Karuna was accepted by everyone. They treated her like their own grand daughter. Karuna was so happy. It was new for her, all the love. But she had no idea how wonderful the family was.

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