When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 45

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Someone’s bubble got bursted, i guess” Sowmya says and continues laughing. Rudra gives her an eye and sighs while both were sitting on his bed.

He sticks out his tongue and she tried hard to control her laughter.

“If only mumma papa were here..” she says while her smile fades and tears starts gethering in her eyes.

Her breath started to become uneven and he noticed this and with a sudden jerk he grabbed her shoulders.

“I cant turn into a hero saying that *ill take care of you more than your mother and father*.. i know that the love of a mom and dad is unreachable.

But ill try my best to keep you happy. I promise you’ll feel satisfied beside me. I promise that i’ll never hurt you in any way” he says and this time she realised that he isn’t a child anymore.

She held her palm up slowly saying ‘promise?’.

He scooped the little finger alone in his’s and says ‘pinky promise. She lays her head on his shoulder.

“Shivaay..” Anika calls from the bathroom.

“Hmm” he humms while going through his files.

“Hand me those night wears, i had kept them on the bed. Forgot to take it in” she says.

He bulges his eyes like *i have an idea* kind of. Jumps out of his bed, rushes through his cupboard and picks up one of his shirt and hands her it.

He bit his tongue and counted.. ONE.. TWO..

“Bhagad billa !!!!!” She shouts.
He raises both his hands as a sign of victory and jumps in joy. “HA HA HA HA” He laughs majestically.

“What’s this?? Give me my chudi” she yells.

“Uh uh uh uh.. nope” he says.

“How shall i wear this 2rs cheapde dress??? If i come out ill make you TAI TAI PISSS” she says biting her teeth.

“If only i have a dictionary to know the meaning of your words” he says and rolls his eyes.

“Areyy come out. As if im asking you to walk out and show me a ramp walk, you are sighing. Just come out” he whines.

“Ohh.. you wish for that too uh??” She gushes out air from her nose. He speaks no more. He folds his hands and waits for her. Having no other option she walks out.

His shirt reached not even her mid thigh. She kept pulling it down.

“Sorry, that’s not elastic” shivaay looks at her weirdly and smiles.

She gives him a deadly look and still keeps pulling it down.

He nears her with a smirk. She gulps in and avoids an eye contact.

“So ready to give me back my remaining reward??” He asks in his husky voice near her ears.

Opening her mouth so wide, like nearly her chin hitting her neck.. “where you waiting for me to forgive you?” She says while a smile escaping her lips.

“No more talks.. shhhh” he says and huggs her from behind.

Her wet hair dripping droplets of water on his hand. Her legs are shivering as the air conditioned room makes it even more chill, around her soft shiny legs.

His hot breath brushed her neck. While she felt uncomfortable with the shirt, and he could see her still pulling it down.  But she couldnt move away cause it was part of the bet, *shouldnt run away*.

He smiled a bit and released her from his hug.

“Your chudi is spying on us. Go wear her. She is so mean” Shivaay says like a child. 

She knew that he didnt want her to feel uncomfortable and that’s why he broke the hug.

She turned to him, quickly placing a kiss on his cheeks, she ran inside the bathroom.

He went near the bathroom door.
“Creeeeekk” it opened slowly. Her hand came out as if it was asking something. He smiled and gave her chudi (she had left it out again).

“How happilyly you asked me for a baby? You asked nothing else but that. I cant even satisfy you in that.” Gauri says and snuggles inside his arms even more.

“Shhh.. yes yes i wanted a child. But it was not your fault. Cant we lead a life without a baby? We can spend holidays in a beach resort. Have candle light dinners, go trekking, visit temples and get peace.

There are more beautiful things in life Gauri… you should divert yoir mind now” he says but he still knows that that he had consoled her not so well. It can never be consoled.

She smirks..” have you held a new born baby’s tender pink hands? Have you felt that happy feeling when ssuch small fingers hold your single finger tightly. Have you felt baby’s breath?” She asks with a lofeless reaction.

He shook his head and drops down tears.

“I wanted to feel it again. I have felt in once in my orphanage. Someone dropped by a new born baby at the orphanage years back. Our mother took care of him so well. I used to spend time with the baby. Chandu and me helped mother in changing the baby’s diapers..(she chuckles)

I wanted to have my own baby and give him all the happiness which i was deprived of, when i grew up in the orphange” she says and squeezes a tear out.

He wipes her tears and kisses her forehead. She then digs herself into his chest and sleeps on him.

Priyanka calls Ranveer. “Hmm.. tell me Ms. Bold singh Oberoi” he says smiling.

“Mr. Chorpolice. Ate your tablets ? ” she asked laughing. “You know.. you should get arrested for stealing my heart” she says smiling.

“Aahaan?? This is a gandhi period statement. Grow up prinku. Make up something which is of this era.” He jokes.

“Uh.. okay. Mr. Ranveer.. i love you 72 percent baby!!! She fakes a squeaky  voice.

“Remaining 28% ??” He asks with a confused tone.

“GST honey” she says and laughs.

“HA HA, very funny” he growls..
“Fine.. i have a very important case to deal with, tomorrow.. so i have to take rest. Bubbye prinku. Take care.” He says and cuts the call.

She smiles and turns to see jhanvi staring at her.

“Maa??” She stammers.

She gently combs prinku’s hair. “Are you sure about this prinku? About Om, i was never afraid. Cause he is the most responsible child i have seen. He never makes a wrong decision.

About Ru, he is such a child. I know he acts too dumb at times. (Giggles) but when i knew it was sowmya whom he has chosen, it happy. Cause i know how mature she is. She can definitely manage him.

But you?? You were the most sensitive child. You have Glossophobia! We were Pampering you right from the start. I cant give you in wrong hands. Are you sure about him? Can we believe in your decision?” Jhanvi asked quite seriously.

“I am slowly recovering from my glossophobia mom. And that is because of him. Cant i be even more sure of my decision?” She asks.

Jhanvi smiles and gently strokes her hair.

Hoped you guys loved it today. How is your evening guys ?? I know it’s just two months or low when i started to write. But i have a lot of memories and support from you guys. Ill complete my ff by epi 50. Thankyou from the deepest of ny heart for believing in me, supporting me loving me. My heart felt gratitude to every single soul who took time to read my ff. Love you guys. !!! ❤❤❤❤

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