When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 44

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“I havent been a good father-in-law. Yes i hated you at first. Business tycoon, yeah that’s me. But you gave me back my jhanvi. We are happy today only because of you.

Dont worry gauri, you have us. We’ll consult world’s best doctors”  he says and assures her with a smile.

Om stands up and everyone looks at him. He rushes to Tej and hugs him.

He weeps like a child and Tej consoles him.

Anika comes running to the scene.
“Gauri” she calls.

Anika is the only Blood-related bond she has. Gauri now whimpers even more. Anika rushes to Gauri and hugs her tightly. Gauri lets out all her depression in the form of tears and screams.

“Om has to suffer now because of me. I am such a disgrace to the family. I shall die” gauri says.

“Shh shhh.. it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. We all are there for you. ” She says rubbing her back. While her other arm held Om’s wrist as she saw him move away.

She signalled him to console her.
“Take her to your room. Let her rest. Later indulge her in all your works. Keep her engaged. Dont let her be alone” she whispers to him. Om smiles.

Later by evening, Ria enters Oberoi mansion with Aaron.
Shivaay enters the hall seeing a file while Anika comes out to the hall from kitchen. Both see Ria and look at each other.

Anika lowers her eyes. While pinky comes to Ria and saw her standing smiling at them.

“Who are you boy?” She askes seeing Ria. Ria giggles, “I am a girl Aunty.(combing her short hair away from her forehead). Shivaay, wont you introduce me to your family” she smiles.

Shivaay smiles and goes forward. Stops and turns to Anika. Goes to her and drags her by her waist. While Anika’s eyes bulges out.

“Maa.. this is Ria” he says and points to Ria.

“Ria… meet my wife Anika” he says and holds Anika close by her waist.
Ria smiles wider.

He introduces everyone cause no one knows her except shivomru and anika.

Looking at Aaron, “who’s this Ria?” Shivaay asks while om and Gauri looks blankly at each other. They both knew that she is going to cook up a story again.

“He is Aaron. They guy whom i told you about. He loves me” she says smiling.

“And you? Shivaay asks with a faint smile.

With a smile that never faded, she nods an YES.

“I have a guy for me, shivaay. I am happy. I never knew i could be this happy.

When i heard i had cancer i felt my life is gonna end soon. But he wrote me anonymous letters that pushed me hard to believe that i can survive.

Every single word that he wrote inspired me and that’s what made me live.  He nearly gave me a new life.

Yes i loved you shivaay.. but destiny doesnt follow people’s wishes.

I guess our cupid went blind. (She giggles) but Aaron is whom i was meant to be with. I guess we are made for each other. (She looks at Aaron)

I just came here to tell you…that you dont have to worry about me anymore. You were like a catalyst in our relationship. Thankyou.” She says and taps on his shoulders.

Ria grabs Aaron’s hand and leaves out. Om asks Gauri to go to his room and follows them.

“I guess i did my part of the role well? He says with a faint smile. She nods silently.

“Well, you lied pretty well too. No one would believe you lied” he say looking up at the sky avoiding an eye contact. (He actually held his eyes up so that his tears doesnt drop down)

Om hears them, he smirks sadly and turns to go.

Ria holds Aaron’s hand. He looks into her eyes.

“Who lied?” She asks as her hold onto his hand tightens.

Om smiles hearing this and moves away.

Aaron looks at her, his tears roll down. She wipes it away, “ready to spend nights together?” She asks.
He laughs and she joins him.

Shivaay enters his room. He hears a sound. He looks at Anika locking the door.

“So much pride huh? In calling me your Wife?” She asks smirking.

He smiles. “When we got married, i told you that i’ll announce the whole world that you are my wife. I followed my statement”

“So did your brain not work while calling me a friend that day at Ria’s or did you forget that we were married?” she asks.

He lowers his chin. Just before he could chin up… SPLASH!!!!!!
He was drenched in water.

“I did a mistake that day and you found a solution by throwing a bucket full of water on me. So here you go, my solution for you” she says.

He looks at her stunned.
“I forgive you!” She said in bossy voice.

His tears mixed with the water drops dripping from his hair strands.

“Do something before i change my mind” she says with a smirk.
He runs to her and hugs her tight.

Everyone joined for Dinner. Om feeds Gauri because She looked lifeless. Everyone smiled seeing Om taking care of Gauri in the best way possible.

Rudra coughs as sign of going to announce something. Everyone looked at him.

“I have an important news to say..” he starts. Sowmya bulges her eyes out.

“Me and sowmya…” he starts.
She pinches his thigh.
“Ahhh… dont pinch sowmya!!” He cries.

Everyone silently smiles.

“That is.. what is wanted to say is.. ” he starts again and gulps in.

“You and sowmya are engaged?” Shivaay asks.
“Still everyone smiles, some giggle”

“Bhaiya?” Rudra turns to him.

“Wah bhaiya.. how do you know EVERYTHING??” Prinku giggles.
Everyone laughs.

“You guys are serious or just eating my brains out?” He looks confused.

“How did love angel fall for this duffer?” Dadi coughs.

“You all know??” Rudra’s voice stammers.

“You proposed her on a live show, Ru.. whole city knows” Anika says and pats his shoulder. Everyone laughs.

“How will you leave us without listening to Love angel’s show? We all started to  love her show in the process of you torturing us to listen to it. Last night show was something special. We love sowmya, so Dont worry” Tej taps his head.

Sowmya bites her lower lip to control her smile while jhanvi kisses her forehead and blinks as a sign of satisfaction.

“How did you know dadi??” He looks at her with a puppy face.

“Did you go to a supermarket for all those candles you lit up? Those where in my room. I saw you take them” dadi says and hits his head.

He scrates his head and shakkes his head. “My surprise got ruined” he whines and everyone laughs.


Hope you guys liked it today. ?i myself enjoyed while writing it. And im really sorry for rikara fans for keeping gauri sad. I have something special for them dont worry. Stay tuned for exciting stuff on board. Take care ❤❤❤

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