When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 43

Sorry sorry !! Im late ?? I was busy yesterday. Extremely sorry. Hope you guys like it today. Get ready for some emotional, romantic and cute scenes today. Thankyou for the continuous support guys: Dhar, debdutta, arthi, anoushka, mrunal, shashi, anonymous, sam, sofia, nikitha_jai, fffan1234, jerry, alekhika, niriha, lauren, UF, sagithya, vigan, naina, haridhra, shreya, prapti, preetha, raksha, banita, sairish, KD, Bubblu, maryam_ishq❤ Love ❤❤

Om rushes to Gauri and taps her cheeks. But she fell unconscious.

He picks her up and runs out. Jhanvi gets scared seeing gauri unconscious.

“Nothing mom. You be here. Ill take her to the hospital. Dont worry. She’ll be fine” he says hiding his fear. 

They go to the hospital. Doctor examines her and gauri is atlast made to wake up.

They both sit on her opposite, to listen to the doctor. She looked neither happy nor sad. A blank face she had.

“About why she fainted, it is nothing serious. She fainted because she didnt take her food. Ill give you some vitamin tablets. Have them once a day” she says and Om smiles and turns to Gauri.

“BUT…” she stretches.

With a faint smile, both looked at her not expecting the heartbraking news she was about to say.

“Sorry to say Mr. Omkara. While examining Gauri.. i got to know that her Uterus is weak. Her womb cant carry a child. She has no way of carrying a baby” she says nearly in a dead voice.

The room assumed silence. Both were not expecting such a statement. Blinking several times, Gauri looks lifeless…. she sighs in disbelief and turns to Om.

“Om, she’s lying right?.. Om she lying only no…” she stammered, still not believing what she said.

Om was broken. He turns to Gauri with his eyes filled with tears.

She grabbs his collars with her shaking hands. “Om, tell her to stop saying that. I have dreamed a lot about our children Om. How can she say that to me!??!?

Her hold on his collar became tighter and she started crying so loud. He consoled her while wiping his tears as he had no other option. She collapses on him. Making her conscious, Om drived her back home.

Controlling their tears, they both entered house not uttering a word more. Silently slipt into their room and for a sleepless sobbing night.

Next morning, shivaay gets up holding his head.
“Ahhh” he open his mouth in pain.

A tablet comes flying to his mouth. Shutting his mouth immedietly, he lools at anika standing before.
She hands him water and he drinks it.

She turned to go, just when he holds her hand. She stood facing the other side without a word.

“Last night i dont remember what i did… if i had hurt you in any way..” he starts.

She places her finger on his lips. He looks at her stunned.

“Every word meant a lot. Yeah. You hurted me. With just a single word. But your words last night were… consoling ” she says with a smile releasing her hand from him.

Ria goes to Agape cafe insearch of Aaron. She waits in the same table.
After 15minutes she realises something and tilts her head to look at the next table.

She saw him at the same place looking at her, adoring her, mesmerised at her.

She faked a furious look. He came holding his ears and sat infront of him. She didnt speak a word. Kept staring at him.

He pouted and got up to go. She held his hand.

“Did you mean everything in those letters? She asked.

With a small smirk, he nodded looking into her eyes.

You liked my traunt short haircut? (He nodded smiling sheepishly)

You wanted to have cancer just because you wanted to hifi with me? (He held his ears and bit his tongue.

You would spent everyday trying to make me smile?? (Looked into her eyes)

You would hop over me everyday? (He laughs)

You will look into my eyes, hold my hands and walk miles together with me? (He smiles and nodds)

Why?? Why would you do that?” She asked.

You spent your whole night reading all my letters all over again. That’s why. But i dont want you to spend all your nights alone. I’ll give you company.

(She grunts)

“Err.. dont get me wrong.. spending nights together doesnt just mean..” he starts.. “grrr…” she groans.

“Err okay okay.. not just that.. but we can spend nights chatting, sleep holding hands, sharing shoulders, joining stars and forming new patterns.

“You should know that you have someone who actually cares about you. I am there for you Ria” he says this pretty seriously.

She bows down not knowing what to reply..

“I know you still love shivaay. I cant force you to love me and i wont. Take your time. But just know this.. IM THERE FOR YOU. ALWAYS” He says and leaves.

Rudra being the most happiest guy today, hops to Sowmya’s room.

He hears the same tractor sound.
Is she snoring ?!?!? He gets furious.

Runs to her and wakes her up.

“Whaànnnnnn!!! Rudra im tired. Let me sleep today” she shouts.

“We are engaged Dammit, im going to reduce 7 more kgs of you before wedding. So hurry up hurry up!! He says.

She whines.. “Engagement cancel”

“Come on sowmya.. we can do it. Get up or else ill start singing” he says and pulls her out of bed.

“You are worse than Dhinchak pooja…. grrr… wait ill come” she says and gets up with her duvet covering her face. He pulls the duvut away and her clumsy hair strands points in all the directions. They both rush to the gym.

Shivaay returns home angry yet he spared his phone from braking.
Anika notices and walks to him.

“Nothing Anika. Mood off. Please dont  mind me” he says.

She thinks for a second and pulls him up from bed and drags him somewhere He follows her without refusing.

She makes him stand under shower, while she stood out, Holding his hand.

His hand combed his hair backwards and stood without a word looking at her. While she looked somewhere else not having an eye contact.

“DEAL.. IS….A DEAL ! She says stammering. He smiles and keeps on looking at her.

Later everyone gets to know about Gauri’s condition. And started consoling her. Jhanvi, Dadi and pinky couldnt stop their tears.

Tej enters. Everyone holds breath and there was no sound.

“Gauri!!!” He calls. She lifts her head up, while Om looked at him furiously.

So how was it? Dont worry. I have something waiting for rikara. And Shivika will join tomorrow. So stay tuned. ???

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