When cupid goes blind we create our destiny. Episode 42

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He walked away to the terrace.
Anika left sahil in Rudra’s room, who kept talking about what he’ll do when he gets his legs back, and followed shivaay.

She saw him drinking alcohol while counting stars. She kept watching him from a distance and went down without a word cause she hates seeing someone drinking.

After sometime he came back to the room to see her waiting.  She looking furious. Her eyes were throwing flames.

He staggered in and walked to her. Kept both his hands resting on her shoulders. Started speaking in his drowsy voice.

“Sorry!” He says.. she turns her face and waves her hand before her nose which clearly depicts that she hates the smell.

“Sorry again. I dont have the guts to face you. So i had to drink booze to gather up my broken courage” he says and wipes his tears off his face.

She looks blank at him.

“I love you! You dont know how much i mean it. But let me tell you this,

Remember i dropped you down the first time we met. It was not just because you hurt Rudra, but also because i needed to leave the spot immedietly or else i would have fallen instead of you.

I felt a distraction in my heart when i saw you. (He points his forefinger to her and pokes her nose)

Only on the second time when i caught you from falling, i found your eyes resembling Ria’s.

But believe me Anika, Ria never distracted me like you did. What happened because of Ria… it’s a depression Anika. Guilty feeling. Her death made me a stone.

I spoke to no one. Maa..papa..dadi.. not even to my brothers. But when you entered my life, maybe i broke down because of Ria.. but it was you who taught me what love is. I fell in love.. “I”.

When you told me that you had no one.. I wanted to hug you tightly and scream that “im here for you. I will be there for you all the time” (he nearly shouts these words. His nose was pink and his face was shivering as he cried)

We got married. Probably the most happiest day of my life.

I should have been thankful for you for entering my life, doing magic in bringing happiness to me without me asking you, and expecting nothing in return. But what did i do?? Huh? I called you a friend.

This could make me the worst husband ever. ( He wiped his tears)

My mistake has no forgiveness. But all i can do is.. ” he says and falls on her legs.

“Shivaay…!!!!!” She shouts and picks him up. He drowses off on her shoulder.

Gently holding him, one hand on his waist and other on his shoulders she walked step by step to the bed and gently laid him on it.

She kept staring at him for long and moved out to the couch inside the room. The orange ragged one.

What a night peeps!!!! Cool breeze, glowing moon..(she giggles) i know they occur everyday but today i feel they are more enhanced than earlier.
Today im gonna make you guys do something special.

You must have something hidden, Deep in your heart. Longing to tell it to someone, Someome special. Be it anyone, a friend.. mother.. father… or your love.. anyone! Just share your words so that somewhere somehow your loved ones will hear it.

So hello my first caller!!! Love angel spoke in her soft voice.

Hai sowmya! Came the voice.

Sowmya bulged her eyes. She never broke her identity in her show. And this voice.. she was familiar with it.

“Rudra?” She thought.

“Er…. love angel?? The person i wanted to share my words with, is Sowmya” He said again.

She, taking her laptop, headset along with her came out to look for him. Her eyes searched him everywhere.

“Hmm” she hummed, signing him to continue.

“Sowmya! Meatball! MY MEATBALL! he said taking pride in stressing the word “My”. Frankly.. i wanted to send you out of my house the first day I saw you.. but today.. (after a pause) it is not even possible for me to send you out of my heart.

You understood me thoroughly. You loved me like anything so that now im exhausted in you love.

(She keeps going around the house to find him while listening to him through the show)

You are not only my friend, but a well wisher, a mentor, you taught me what life is about. I still doubt how you fell for me. (He laughs) i did nothing but hurt you.

You deserve someone better. But when you started trying to make me jealous, i realised how much you love me.

(She finally reaches the terrace to see him waiting for her)

They both were facing each other. Rudra was kneeling down with a ring under the glowing moon. Wonder, he even lit up few candles around him to make it look romantic.

(Still on phone) So?? My gym parter. Will you be my life partner? You are the witch im losing my heart to..” he says and winks.

She remembers herself saying that *let me see to which witch you lose your heart to* and she blushes.

Ill carry you around the world on my back. We’ll eat pizzas together. (She cries in happiness, kneels before him, places the laptop down and cups her mouth)

So will you marry me? He forwards a ring.

She nods like a little kid and forwards her hand. He makes her wear it.

“That’s all love angel. I never thought it will be so easy like this. This is what i wanted to say” he says and cuts the call.

They both leaned forward and kissed.
Withdrawing herself.. she signalled Rudra to her laptop. He nods and they  both sit together to attend the other calls. Resting herself on his shoulders she attended the other calls happily.

Ria keeps thinking about Aaron.
“What a strange day.. and him.. Aaron.. who is he?? And.. and.. Lol?? What did he mean by…” before completing.. she realised something and ran inside to her room, opened her desk and gathered many letters, a hundreds of em.

She opened one of them, and noticed some signature words. LOTS OF LOVE. She kept opening all the letters and found the same written at the end if all the letters.

” So LOL means lots of love!! It was him. Sending me anonymous letters for the past 5 years” she realises and she smiles.

Om and gauri were cuddling on his couch. He was kissing her neck as well. While she kissed his forehead and cuddled even more.

“Haachoo” she sneezed.
He closed his eyes and shrunk his face as she sneezed right on his face.
“Sorry” she says and holds her ears.

“Wait let me have some..” she says and gets up. He holds her hand “dont go!” He says.

“Let me have some water Om” she release her hand and walks two more steps. 

Om laughs and the moment he closes his eyes,  THUD!! He gears a sound.

He gets up to see gauri lying on the floor.

GAURI!!!!!! He screams.

Hope you liked it today?? ? do tell me how was Rumya’s proposal scene? And i guess ill be completing my ff by 50 episodes. Keep loving guys. Do suggest any ideas if you have.. infinite love ?

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  1. Raksha104

    really nice ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me too a tamiian..who love ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi a lot…..

    1. Ninaku

      Hifi ?? thankyou !!

  2. awesome
    loved Ru’s proposal
    update soon

  3. F**k!!! it was one of best proposal i had seen!!! It was kidhkitod my beloved author !! I was loving episode tho !! U expressed it accurately how i wanted shivaay to apologise !!! And the last part !! What happened to gauri !? ????

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou ? im happy i could express the way you imagined. You’ll get to know what happened to gauri ? stay tuned.

  4. Oh my goodness! Dats the best proposal i have actually read till now. Perfect, dream proposal ❤❤❤shivay apologising was too good. Nicely written. Superb.. My god!! I am literally jumping with happiness reading rumya proposal though???..

    1. Ninaku

      Hahah ? happy you liked it !!

  5. Awesome


  7. hope tosee rumya like this inthe show

    1. Ninaku

      I hope the same too ??

  8. It’s was awesome and best proposal ever ? Hope gauri was fine.. waiting for the next update eagerly ??

  9. Alekhika20

    Fabulous update

  10. Dhar

    Super duper proposal, just perfect, loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeee waiting for your next update, plzzz do post the next update ASAP ??

  11. Niriha

    Awesome….rumya scenes was lovely fabulous part loved it what happened to gauri waiting for next part update soon

  12. Bubblu

    Rumay’s propasal..KIli kili nu kilichutenga…OMG..such an awesome episode..but why dis suspense as usal..Kya hua hamari Gauri ko….and even the depiction of shivaay…superb..luved dis episode..I cant stop myself from reading and blushing at rumya’s proposal….

    1. Ninaku

      Kili kili nu kiluchutena?? Wow da tamil ah? ?? thanks da. Stay tuned to know more ?

      1. Bubblu

        yeah..I am a Tamilian

  13. Sagithya

    Amazing yaar… Rumya Part was awesome… Lovely one… Excited for the next part.. post it soon

  14. Lauren

    Marvelous.. splendid.. amazinggggg… loved it to the core… it was best proposal…

  15. Awesome….loved the proposal…..I felt bad for shivaay and what happened to gauri now…its getting interesting day by day….finally riya also got someone in her life she is not left alone….keep rocking ????

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou naina. ❤ i wanted to give Ria a good story ??

  16. Maryam_ishq

    Sry for not commentin on ur ff for so long, i was actually on a mini holiday and didn’t have prpr wifi but i kept in touch with all ur updates but didn’t get a chance to comment. Rumya’s proposal was too cute ????, it was like a dreamy one. Shivika’s scene was also nice, felt sad for my sso, his apology was too good ?… all his feelings which were hidden in his heart came out in the open, hope anika forgives him now. I haven’t read ur ff from strt so dont knw prply abt riya, but am glad tht she is a positive character and made shivay understand the importance of anika in his life… and am happy tht she has also found a partner. Gaurika scene was small but very very cute and romantic ??, hope gauri is fine (i wonder if she’s pregnant, i don’t remember prply wether they consummated or not ). Overall awesome epi, but am sad tht ur plannin to end this ff ☹?. Do post next one soon…

    1. Ninaku

      Heyy… really happy you liked it !! ❤ no.. something else is coming on the way for gauri ?? stay tuned. ??

  17. Wow!!!!!!!! Rumya sence was MINDBLOWING dr…. Just luv it 2 d core…

  18. Arthi

    Oh dear. ..this was fab….and rumya scene out of the world……and Shivay feeling pity but he is also a cute one……

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… And loving it

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