When cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 4

Areyy listen to me na… said om as he grabbed her dhuppata.. All the paint from his hand stained it.
She just couldn’t get away from him. Her tears started rolling down. He pulled her from behind. Wrapped his arms around her, one by her waist and one by her shoulder.
She bent her head and cried as her tears started cleaning away the colours.

Look gauri, i just wasn’t ready enough. Marriage is such a big commitment. I needed time to prepare myself he said.
That means ?. It’s been 3 years om. Do you still need your time ? Or is that you are still not over my acting as chulbul ? I loved you at first sight. Came from my hometown to this place just to find you and get a place in your heart. I had no other option but to act as a guy. But my love was true om. Once my identity was broken, you sent me out. I came back again and you….
Started loving you.. he completed her statement.
She looked up.
Yes gauri. I love you, he said releasing his arms. She turned back hugged him even harder. “Enough”, “that’s enough” she cried in happiness.

They both came out. Ru and Gma was definitely was expecting something.
Shivaay. Call anika. It is gaurika’s marriage in a month. Ask her to plan my wedding in the best way possible om said boldly.
Wwohooo !! Shouted rudra.
Hey lord! Thankyou prayed Gma. See shivaay, true love takes time to get better but once it is done, it becomes eternal.
Wahh Gma.. peotic vibes from om huh ? Rudra winked.

Seriously om? Congrats anyways. My man.. im happy for you.
But her ? That irritating girl anika ? Let us call some proffesional om.
No shivaay. She faced you so bravely. Why not give her a chance?
Yes shivaay bro. Let us call her i insist gauri says.

“Whatever” he sighs.
Taking out his phone in style, “khanna..connect me to that girl who came here.
Connect you sir ? He laughed.
Fhat the wuck khanna… connect my call for god’s sake.
Sorry sir. Just a moment.
Oiii?? Who’s there ? She asked.

Oh. You again? Come to the point. I have no time for you.
Make time till next month. I need you to arrange my brother’s wedding.
Hmm done. Huh what ??? She stammered.
You need my help ??? Wah.. how nice to hear. But i didnt not hear any “please” from you? She smiled.
Errrrr than… thankk….. here om wants to speak he said leaving his phone to om and went in to dry himself.
G ma says love follows hate and smiles.

Hey kiran bedi, i heard your story. How kickass are you!! Om exclaimed.
Ayooo pity donkey, why did you kick it? She asked puzzled.
Errrr… ohh that. Kickass is not that. It is a way of saying you are awesome he smiled.
Haha i know she patted to herself. Well okay boss. Leave it to me. From pre till post wedding rituals it is my responsibility she said.
Thankyou anika. He said as he cut the call.

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