When cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 3

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Episode 2

Who the hell is she ? He screamed.
Kiran bedi, rudra said on a funny note.
With all the anger he called mishra, “Cancel the meeting” he yelled.
In came their grandma now. So what’s in store for my lovelies?? She asked.
A new friend for me and another enemy in list for bro. Rudra laughed.
Hahahaha.. where there is hate, there follows love. She jokes.
Please be practical G ma(grandma). I Hate her.

Her? Oh so it is a girl she smiled.
Oh my mata ? You thought big bro will love a boy just like omiee he burst out in laughter.
SHUT UP RUDRA. Said shivaay. But it was echoed by another.
Long hair, gentle nature, a smile that could be seen on the face like forever, long white kurta, hands drenched in paint.
Haha omii is here, Rudra says in excitement.

I didnt love any guy RU, he was my gauri he said. He starts to be poetic like always.
**Love always comes in disguise, You’l never know from where it comes,But before you know it, you are into it**
Haaaaa mister rumi (poet) is here. Like always, i dont understand a bit.
Just when gauri enters and says, so our small RU has something to say?? She smiles as she twists his ears.
Ahh why are people so obsessed with my ears?? I know im handsome. But show me your love without pain no..
Ayoo who else did that to you? She asked.
“Anika”, he smiled.
So that’s her name. Shivaay said with hatred.
Wedding planner sir, govind added.

You are still here??! Irritating guy you Are govind, get away ru said.
Let us call her to plan our wedding!. Gauri exclaimed.
WHAT?!?! Om fully shocked.
Ru and Gma smiled.
I cant stand her at all. No. Not happening, Shivaay said.
Why such a shock om? Dont you love me? Dont you wanna marry me? Gauri cried as she walked away to his room.

Areyy listen to me he whined and went behind her.
See? That’s what is love. You expect more and left behind with nothing shivaay smiled.
Just wait and watch.. G ma said smiling.

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