When cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 2

There came a young lad with his rayban and blue suit on, straight look, perfectly angled hairstands and the most breathtaking blue eyes.
The other girls around Mr. Bodybuilder now turned towards him with an aww.
Anika had no idea who was standing behind. And who are you by the way ? She asked as she turned by.

Her chameli would not cooperate at that moment.. tearing up again.. she tripped and by the edge of the last step of the staircase.
In the nick of the time, the guy held her wrist.
Hanging by the grip of him, she saw him for the first time.
IM SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI he said and the next moment he released her hand and THUD she fell on the ground.

Another finger on my brother and you are dead he grumbled.
Not realising what had happened in a second, she looked shocked and took nervous small breaths.
He gets a call and takes his cellphone out with style and answers..”Haan mishra.. ill be there in 10minutes, you make sure the documents are ready” he says.
Giving a disgusting look he turns his head away from her and leaves the spot.
The bhailwan and the girls pull her up.

He says, “bubbye girls, see you later at the gym.
Hoiii kiran bedi, dont worry. He Is Mr. Hot heads. You knkw like maggi hot heads? Too spicy. My brother. And sorry. You had to fall because of me. Govind is our cleanliness manager. Irritating guy. Ill dismiss him whatever maybe it.
Hey. Dont do that. I know the pain of getting a new job. Please dont make him feel that way.
Ah here he comes, “govind! You know this kiran bedi? Errr sorry.. what’s your name ?
Anika! She smiled. And you ?
Ahh anika. Im Rudra. RUDRA SINGH OBEROI.

Do you all sing songs or what ?
Arereyyy singh ma.. not sing.
“Whaatever” she laughed.
Oh so you are it? Do your work properly girl, too many leftout materials on the ground the other day said govind.

Sorry for that. But mind your tongue when you speak in someone’s absence.
Hey you have a lovely fountain over here she exclaimed as the went near it.
Shivaay came out in a rush for his meeting at his office.
Getting on her nerves seeing him.. she took the nearby bucket, took in water and SPLASHHH! He was literally drenched.

FHAT THE WUCK!?!??! He yelled.
Sorry mister hot heads. Get yourself chilled, she said as she disappeared on her champa.

Taking in full breaths, he turnes towards rudra. Truely KIRAN BEDI he said in surprise.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear I love it???

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    This is good. I want to read more. Please try to post asap. And can you please share the link for part 1. Please? And if possible, include OmRi, i’ll be head over heels for this ff 😉

    1. Ninaku

      Hey. Will try to be regular. And it’s been just two episodes now, so planning a better entry for omi ^_^ keep supporting.

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    Not sure if it opens. But that’s the link. Let me know how to post the link along with the ff ?

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    Wow ka u made me speechless .. Truly Amazing n Maggie Hot heads like srrsly (lol).. good name ka waiting 4 next one Asap..?

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    Asum update

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    It is awesome dear…

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    Oh god! Semma ma?????

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