When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 10

What? Anika gulps.

Join us for dinner ? Om smiles.

Ohh.. that.. no thanks.. sahil must be waiting. See you tomorrow. She waved a bye and flied in her champa.

After dinner, Gma asks sowmya to take rudra’s room, Rudra will stay with shivaay.

Him ?? With me ? He’ll flirt with girls the whole night. Throe his legs and hands on me? SNORES!!!!

With Shivaay bhaiya ??? No.. Alarm clock only he is..wakes me up early in the morning, does not let me watch tv, he is BORE !!!! i dont wanna change. Why that meatball should take my room? He sighed.

Talk politely ru.. jhanvi tried to control him. Sowmya starts crying. Gma asks her not to cry. “you are staying there. I will make him out dont worry and if he wags his tail around you.. tell me ill beat him” says Gma.

Go and sleep now. She dispersed everyone.

“Bubbye reshma.. sweet dreams, love you” rudra cut his call. He gets another call. Shivaay enters the room. Haii jaanu..Rudra in his romnatic tone. Shivaay turns back in anger. Bites his tongue and says.. errr .. John krishna. Talk to you later. He cuts his call.
College doubt bhaiya.
John krishna? seriously? Atleast learn to lie ru. Ru laughs and hugs shivaay and says good night.

Next morning.
Anika was arranging all the flowers. She looked pretty in her magenta crop top and golden embroidered full skirt and long straight hair. She had climbed a ladder and was inserting the flowers arund the pillars. Grabbing a file in one hand and balancing herself in the ladder she lost grip and tripped again.

Shivaay was just in time to catch her while he was going that way to his room. Grabbed her. They shared an eye lock. She felt shy as his hands were on her hips.

Her uncomfortable look slammed his head that he should drop her safely down immedietly.
He bit her lips, tried hard to smile.

Errr…. shivaay ? She called.
He looked as if he was hypnotised.
She waved her hand before him.
Jumping back into reality, he stammered and gulped.

Still the same ria feeling ? She asked.
He didnt answer.
What is that, that makes you think im ria ? She asked.
After a long pause he said, “your eyes”. He smiled. She had the same eyes. I have not seen such an eye ever after in life. She had the same bold look everytime i stared at her.

Coincidentally, she always use to trip like you he laughed. Even anika giggled. After a pause they both looked at each other. Anika gave no word, stood up and left.

Are the rings ready ? Anika asked om and gauri. They both nodded happily. Make them safe cause tomorrow your hands will itch for it she winked.

All were dressed so gorgeously. Anika called the photographer. And asked him to rush and take a whole family picture, before someone’s eye falls on them. Prinku and ru rushed and sat before jhanvi and tej. Anika and sowmya stood near the pillar out of the frame.

Gma asked sowmya to come stand with them. She refused as it was their family photo.
What did i tell you when i brought you here? You are like my another grandchild. Or is that you dont consider me your grandma? She frowned.
Sowmya smiled and sat beside Gma.

Rudra fumed in anger. But noticed anika standing alone by the pillar.

Anika sister? You too should stand in the photo he said smiling.

No ru, i just organize the wedding. I dont belong here. She was tensed.
Rudra went near her..and whispered.. “bhaiya sees you as ria.. ria was like my sister, sister is a part of family, family photo is for family so you should stand with us he smiled. I am weak in science but logic!!! He winked and dragged her into the frame.

Made her stand near shivaay and he sat beside Gma. Om stood behind gauri and had his hands on gauri’s shoulder.

It was indeed a “lived happily ever after” kind of glass breaking awesome picture. ♡

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