When cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 1

SAAHIL !!!! screamed anika on the top of her voice. Gulping in fear he walked towards her.
What is this ? She asked staring at him in anger pointing to a broken window.
Errr.. your style it is sister, he said in a prideful tone.
What ? She asked with a confused look.
“Areyyy glass breaking style hey sister” he said giggling.
Her smile widened as she saw him copy her style.
Okay.. get ready, before you miss your school bus like you regularly do.
Waving a hearty goodbye to him.. she got herself dressed up with her usual off-shoulder and jeans.

“The great anika has come” she entered the room with a majestic walk.
“There she comes”… laughed everyone who watched her enter aa they were planning for a wedding.
Puzzled, she enquired chandha “why are they laughing buddhas now?
What?!? Laughing buddha ?
Haan… these flower supplier, curtain supplier and stage decorator uncles with their one pack tummy, carrying their goods and laughing no… arent they laughing buddhas..
Ohh.. so that’s the point? You and your weird words whined chandha.
Okay tell me no.. what happened? Why are the laughing ? Asked anika.

Oh.. that’s because the manager of OM cleanliness gave you names and made fun of you for not organizing a function properly beside the mansion and how he had to clear the scene.
Wait wait.. OM ? Anika in a hesitant manner.
AREY.. OBEROI MANSION!!!!! Those hi fi guys no…
I dont get a single word. Fine. Whoever it is, how coward? Raising voice behind my back. Let me see them.

She kick started her scooty champa and as she was about to go her chameli got torn.
Adadadaaa how many times do i haave to stich you guys.. come here.. ill tie you with a rubber band she said.
All set, she parked her champa and entered the mansion.
She saw few girls drooling over a guy with their tilted heads. He flaunted his 6 packs and started his push ups.

Hello ?!??! She called him. He was busy boasting about his gym achievements. Areyy bulldozer she shouted.
All the other girls giggled.
Giving her a swag look, hello miss? Gym classes starts tomorrow at 5 sharp.
What audacity? Did i tell him im fat ? Or did he think to himself ?
Oii who is this house’s cleanliness manager she asked.
I dont appoint servants now. Go. And it’s body builder not bulldozer.
Irritated, she hastens towards him and sqeezes his ears. And i’m not just a lady im kiran bedi she says.

First have the habit of asking someone what they want, dont assume something okay?
The other girls stood up in terror. Leave him or else he wont spare you they warned her.
SISTERRRR!! Forgive me… i wont wag my tail again he cried.
Areyy i just held your ears, you cry baby she defends her side and asks who is that who wont spare me ?

ME ! Came a royal voice.

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  1. Arthi

    Hello dear……. Let’s give hifi to each other coz I’m also a Tamil girl fully addicted to in and dbo……and this was superb…….

    Where are u from??? I’m meach which district????

    Am from Coimbatore!!!!!!

    1. Ninaku

      Im a chennaiate. ✌✌?

  2. Niriha


    1. Ninaku

      Hey thankssss ? means a lot

  3. Intresting start ?…
    Post soon ?….

    1. Ninaku

      Love. Keep supporting. ✌✌?

  4. Interesting.

    1. Ninaku

      Stay tuned. Love ??

  5. Ninaku

    Love you guys.. keep supporting. Encouraging indeed.

  6. Ninaku

    Heyy arthi, im a chennaites. ✌?

  7. OMG OMG OMG !! thats amazing sweetheart !! great job…keep going * love *

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

  9. hey dear!!!!!!!!even i am from tamil nadu……..

    1. Ninaku

      Nice to hear. Do read my ffs and give me your comments. Im from chennai btw. ?

  10. HakunaMatata

    Laughing buddha! ???
    Great start dude… And I suppose it’s shivaay’s entry ?

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