When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Epiosde 7

Or did i hear it right? Who is Ria ? She was puzzled. Did shivaay love someone before? She was so curious. Why do i care ? She said as she hopped to the room whistling.

GOOOOD MORNING PEEPS ! Love angel started her show.. it’s such a wonderful day today..

LOVE.. LOVE.. what is love ?? Wearing a red chiffon saree and dancing in rain is not love.. hugging, kissing isnt love…
A person accepting you as you are.. skinny or fat.. short or tall.. who loves for you what you are and doesnt expect you to change for any reason.. keeps encouraging you in your career and is there by your side in thick and thin.. so tell me guys.. have you ever been in love?

Ahh she has finished her question? This is the right time to dial thinked rudra..

So who is my first caller.. Hello?

Haii love angel. I love your show.. we talked yeaterday.. screamed rudra.
Ohh yaaa so Mr. Body builder it’s you? Tell me.. what is love.. have you been in one..
Hey baby.. you know i love you… he said in his usual romantic tone.
Haha rudra… well you are being sweet..
Just so you know.. im a bit Chubby.. she added as she laughed.
I dont care … just you.. it is just you that i love.. it’s okay to be chubby you are hard to kidnap. No problem for me. Ill carry you around the world. We’ll eat pizza together.. just say yes.. he said with a puppy face…

Areyyy too cheesy now.. okay listeners.. it’s time for a song she said and she cut his call. She started crying.
Hey sowmya??? Her friend called her, dont mind such guys.. it’s common for RJs she said.
No reyy.. i wish i had a guy who said the same exact words. Every marriage proposal i get, gets rejected just because im fat. She cried thinking about rudra.
Damn. She cut my call. Rudra sighed.
Okay okay. Gather around anika signed.
We are gonna have spring themed engagement. So i have called the designer to make sure the floral patterned dresses come out well. Do tell him your type of dress.
She took out her measuring tapes and started taking the measurements.
After taking measurements for prinku, gauri, ru, she went near shivaay.
I’ll take it for myself he said not looking at her.
Oho!!! Go on. Let me see. She placed her righht plam on her cheeks and waited.
He stammered and starting measuring around his neck.
Biting her lip and controlling her laughter asked him.. what are you trying to do ?
Err… wont my coat have a collar?
She couldnt control it now. Started laughing. So did everyone.
SHUT UP. I said SHUT UP. He yelled and went away. Prinku called him out and ran behind him to console him.
Anika was stunned. She didnt move. Tears started filling her eyes. Om gently held her shoulders. Sorry anika. He is just short tempered.
I was brought up in a orphanage om. I have heard all kinds of words.. they were harsh. I am used to it. She smiled.
Peeping from a curtain shivaay heard it. He felt sorry. But ego didnt want him to apologise. He went away.
I apologise on his behalf. He is quite disturbed thinking you to be Ria now.. he blurted out. Bulging his eyes he realised he let it out. Ria ? She asked puzzled.
Errr i mean.. i have some work. Catch you guys later he walked out. Gauri followed him. He knew If he was there in that room a minute more, he would break the truth.
RIA? Rudra was also in a shock. He started crying.
Who is it ? asked anika.
Silence. Rudra had no words.. juat tears.
WHO IS RIA,RUDRA ? Anika asked again.
Well who am i to ask? She was about to leave.
Ria loved shivaay. True one sided love it was. She was Om’s close friend and was another sister to me.
Oh. Did she betray shivaay later? Did she break up she asked curiously.
No anika. He said in his low piched voice.
Anika was petrified and astonished.

Did she.. did she commit…. did she commit suicide?? She stammered

NO. I KILLED HER cried shivaay.

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    1. I hope it was little longer !!! But i loved it …..??? i love this storyyyy!!!

  2. AditiB

    Wowwwww…a very good idea yr……and ya…it’s long enough…..but the twist called Ria is interesting….Shivaay killed her…hmmmmmmm………but please…..if you can…then please consider this….I don’t want my Billu to be a murderer….but anyways…..this is good…..keep writing…..and am always here for reading….

    1. Ninaku

      Aww thankyou love Means a lot. Stay tuned ?to know more. Keep supporting. God bless

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    Wow Awsm Ammu ka … Day by day its becoming more interesting.. Love it n yaa like Adu di ( AditiB) said I also don’t want Billuji to be murder but I hope u will make everything fine ..

    Waiting for next epi Eagerly. Plz post next one Asap ?..

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