A cup of coffee shraman OS (ek duje ke vaaste)


Hello guys !! 😀
maria here wid an OS on shraman
Hope u lyk it! 🙂
N hope it get posted…..

—in a room a beautiful girl is shown sleeping peacefully—
— aboy cms to her n look at her lovingly—-
Boy in mind: here is my angel , the love of my lyf sleeping peacefully awww she is so beautiful <3
—-he goes near her as he WS abt to kiss her suddenly he shouted in her ear—
Boy: good morning!!!!!!!!! 😀

—the girl suddenly wakes up n shouted—
G: earth quake!! 😮 earth……. (She luks at d boy who ws laughing at her)
—-she gives him an angry look—-
—–n hits him with a pillow—-
G: shr ke bache!!!!!!!! I will kill u !! U….
Shr: awww sumo baby ki neend ueh gai?? Awwww (he laughs)
(She throws pillow at him)
—-shr runs away—-

Sumo's POV :
He I s shr disgusting shr….. She makes faces.. Uff he always irritates me god !! If he wants to irritate me dis much y is he marring me?? Yes he is marring me….our alliance got fixed n this duffer said yes! N I haven't any choice left so I also said yes…

—she goes down stairs—-
——-everyone WS enjoying , choosing dresses n rings—–
—–shr luks at her n winks—-
—-she gives him disgusting look—
She goes n sits wid everyone ……

Shr mom: beta choose a ring ur favourite…
Sumo: aunty u choose….
Shr mom: oohhhh beta bt engagement is urs not mine 😀 (everyone laughs)
Shr: can I choose ur…??
—-sumo cuts him—-
S: ur ring nt mine…
—-sumo while looking at d rings luks at shr he look at rings den luks at her n sings dat he will make her wear dis ring—–
—-sumo gets angry—-

She hits on his foot under d table n he screams in pain…….
Shr: ouch!!!!
Evry one gets concerned except sumo——
Sumo mom: beta wat happened ?? 😮
Shr: nothin aunty an ant just bit me….
—-he luks at sumo—
Shr: a very little ant…. 😉

One week before d engagement of them sumo cms to him n say…..
Sumo: shr I want to talk to u…..
Shr: aahhhhh let's go to my room then….
—-he grabs her by hand n takes her wid him—-
Shr 0: now say actually there WS so much noise n…….
—-she cuts him—–
Sumo: shr y r u marring me??
Shr looks at her…..
S: look I knw u lyk to irritate me bt…. Marriage….u can say knw there is tym plzz if u don't want…..
Shr: cause I love u…!!
—-sumo stares at him in shock—-
Shr: can't u c I loved u frm a long tym I want to be wid u…. N u…

Sumo POV:
I WS dying to hear these words frm his mouth…yes yes I love him I love him always we r childhood frnds he is my Frst crush ,Frst love my lyf….
Bt today he said it..n I can't believe it..cause he always irritates me how can he…??

Shr: I knw it's difficult u don't luv me n ………
(Sumo has tears in her eyes)
Shr : I think we should go down stairs everyone is waiting…n huh d choice is urs…

Shr mom tells both of them…
Shr mom: look beta I arrange a three days holiday fr both of u….n huh it's not honeymoon ok?? It's just a vacation go enjoy as frnds before ur engagement cause AFTR that u will become finances ….. 🙂 🙂

Both agrees….

Sumo's POV..:
I can't decided wat to say shoul I say yes I should I say knw does he really love me?? Ufff too many questions in my mind….

Two days pass lyk this…
Sumo's pov:
He always irritates me always makes fun of me bt two days pass n he haven't said a word he is just…….quite…..

Third day both were sitting in sm restaurant a waiter c'mon to them n serves them coffee –the coffee WS abt to fall on sumo bt shr put his hand b/w coffee n sumo's lap n holds d cup….
Shr: dekh kar bhai……..

At ni8:
Shr cms to sumo:
Shr: sumo I knw u don't love n also don't believe dat I love u…bt I truly love u… N choice is urs tomorrow we go back…
Sumo is silent….

After one year:
—sumo is sitting on a couch—-
—she WS wearing the same ring which shr WS signing her to wear—
Sumo's POV :
One year pass wow long tym…..I married him…the love of my lyf.. Yes…I WS abt to say no to him Cause I dinpdnt belived on his love I decided when I reach home back I will say no bt…on restaurant….he saved me….

In the restaurant when cup WS abt to fall on sumo he saved her but his hand got burn….

Sumo: he saved me whit hour having care abt his hand it WS a sudden action moment…n he….proved that he truly loves me….that moment I believe he really loves me n will always protect me…..

–shr cms to her wid two cups of coffe—-
Shr: hey angel….(he passes her coffee cup) n kisses on her cheeks …..

Sumo POV:
AFTR dat when we reach our home back I told him evry thing dat how much I love him…..I loved him since childhood….
N now when he ask me wat made me believe dat he loves me I just say….

———" A CUP OF COFFEE "———–

So guys how WS it???? 😀
Did u lyk it???? 🙂
Or I just bored u??
If yes then plzzz plzz cmmnt n share ur views …..
N silent readers plzzz don't stay silent u tooo cmmnt cause thapey r really boosters… 😉
Till then byyy byyy 😉

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  1. How sweet was it! Really really cute maria dear.

    1. Marie

      Thank u so much nandini dear..!!

  2. WeirdSister

    I’m so sorry..that went by mistake…I wanted to say wow…amazing well done….loved it to d core…..ow????
    M so sorry abt it…d site is hanging..again nd again…

    1. Marie

      Hahahah no prob sis 😀 this site always do dis…..
      Well thank u sooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt dear…!! 🙂

  3. So Sweet. I loved it…….

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot yrrrr!! 😀

  4. Sweat and simple story

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot khushi dear…!! 😀

  5. hey maria i love your this os i have the ek duje ke vaaate page i want to share your story overthere but i promise i’ll write your name definately hope u dont mind 🙂 amaingggggg!

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u so much fr such a sweet cmmnt dear…!! 🙂 of course u can y would I mind…!! 😀

  6. Ccccchhhhhooooooo…..
    I mean ssssooooo….

    1. Marie

      Hahah thank u so much fr such a lovely cmmnt sona di!! 😀

  7. LovelyLady

    awwssmm yar n very cute yarrr..
    aise hi mai tumhe os queen ni bolti hu…..
    really amazing yaarr…..
    i too posted an epi of together forever.,.. dekho post hota h ya ni…..
    love u dear….
    koi shak??? 😉

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooo much fr such fr ur pyaara sa compliment di…!! 😉 😉
      Hahah Mai OS queen toh ap ff queen 😉
      Yay APNE ep post kardia..!!!!! 😀 don’t worry ho jai ga 🙂
      No shakkkkkk… 🙂
      Love u too much mpse Bhi ziada koi shakkkkkk?? 😉

      1. LovelyLady

        no shak at all…..

  8. Pretty Preeti

    Hey now I wanted to have a cup of coffee with u mark really I have gone mad so nicely written and explained and expressed yaar aur kya kaho u are just fantabolous love u maro

    1. Marie

      Hahah thank u sooo much fr such a sweet n cute cmmnt dear I too want a cup of coffee wid u yr…!! 😀

  9. I really enjoyed it maro and it was really nice os keep it up ☺☺☺☺☺ lots of love ???❤❤❤❤

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt dear…!! 🙂 🙂

  10. Knock knock Mario
    Shot and sweet I liked it very much
    U know what day after tomorrow is my result so plzzzz pray
    Ya it rained here today
    Love u
    Take care

    1. Marie

      Opening door…………..
      Thank u so much fr such a sweet cmmnt API!!
      Hain really !! Yep yep I m praying API don’t sorry my prayers r always wid u all..!! 😉 😉
      Wow rain yahan weather horaha tha Lekin rain nai hoi….
      Love u tooooooo!!
      U too take care!
      N Han result zaroor Batana

  11. Khushi

    Kya baat kya baat kya baat…
    This is it…..
    Kamaal kar diya ….kya mast OS thi….aise hi thodi tujhe OS queen kehte hai…u r just mind blowing
    Loved it yr bahut achi thi
    So cute simple and lovely I enjoyed it thoroughly dear….u just nailed it…
    Aise hi aur bhi bahur saare OS likhti rehna they r just out of the world just like u
    Love u dear??
    P.S this is from sumo di as well

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooooo soooo n sooo much fr such a sweet lovely n amazing tareeef dear 😀 😀
      Hahahhaha thank u soo much fr itna baad naam OS queen 😀
      Hahah zaroor zaroor itna appreciate karo gai or pyaar do gai toh likhna toh pade ga hi na 😉 😉
      Love u tooooo much dear…!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Marie

        Thank u soooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt sumo di…!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 n thank u so much khushi tu is msg ko phonchaaa rai hai..!! Muaahhhhh love u both!!!!

  12. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwww ??? … What a cuteee story ??? … very nice .. luv it ..

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u soo soo much fr such a sweet comment dear..!!! 😀 😀

  13. Affaa

    What a name of your os I loved it…an what to say about your os you already proved that you an amazing writer….os mind blowing fantastic and sooooo cute….no its was not at all boring….I felt when it finished…okay baby love you take mmmmmmmmhhhhhh

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u sooo much fr such a sweet n lovely cmmnt di…..!!
      Love u tooooo much!! <3

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