OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 9)


Dev leaves his office and sits in his car.. He was wondering what to tell his mom.. How to tell about all that had happened.. He drives lost in thoughts.. Only to be broken out of thoughts by the honkings of the car behind.

Mr.Gujral storms into the Dixit mansion and shouts
Ishwari walks out of her room and is shocked to Mr.Gujral with the shagun thali.
She hurries down worried about what must have happened.
“You are talking like you have no idea??”
“What?? I have really no clue about anything–”

“Enough! Ishwariji..I choose Dev because my daughter liked him… But after what he had done to my daughter…. I will not get them married at any cost… he made my daughter cry–”
“You must have had some misunderstanding… Dev would never do such a thing–”
“Never do such a thing??? He’s obsessed over my Natasha–”
“No vaisab–”
“Ishwariji… you blindly trust your son… Hence you are not believing..but i have seen my daughter wetting her pillows due to your son… and i will not spare him–”
“Vaisab..Dev loves her… He could have never made her cry… I am sure of it…did Natasha tell you all this??–”

“She doesn’t have to say… i don’t want my daughter to have a husband like your son… thereby to get a fate like you… you have lost your husband…because of Dev… your Dev is nothing but ill luck…he made tears roll out my daughter’s cheek…without father children would be like this only… they would only know to break people’s heart”
All the shoutings fell high on Ishwari and her head was banging… she did not know what was happening… and what such happened that Mr.Gujral was blaming her and Dev for,questioning her upbringing.
She holds her head and was about to faint when Dev runs in screaming
Mr.Gujral throws the Shagun thali and warns Dev not to even walk or pass by Natasha… Dev just stares at him…

The whole family worries about Ishwari.. And decides to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile in the office.. Sonakshi was going through the files and grumbling about how he did not even thank her for the coffee…when she suddenly notices a beautiful post it stuck over a page…
“Thank you Ms.Nutritionist… good coffee i must say 🙂 ~Dev”

Sona smiles brightly and picks up the post it… she then takes a beautiful diary out of her bag and sticks that post it there… in the diary were many other pictures of Dev some taken secretly while in the coffee shop some in the office… And some from his facebook…
Sona caresses his pictures and reminisces how she had taken each of these pictures..and smiles..

Sona finishes her work and walks up to Devs’ cabin and does not find him in there… she notices his cabin to be very unorganized… so she decides to tidy it up..
After arranging his book case and table top . the couch and the ancient rustic single seater..

She decides to cleanup his folders …when she notices a small beautiful taj mahal storage box.Curious to know what was in there .. She lifts it up from underneath the table and places it on his table.. But it was only then she realised it had a huge lock on it…

“Mysterious guy… i like that…” she thought.. Placing it back.. She cleaned up his entire room and then leaves out… it was just her cabin and his on this part of the building.. The rest of the team works on the opposite side.
It was not a millionaire company.. But a small company and made enough profits to run the company, it’s employees and the owners themselves..After all the distribution of profit… the amount left was not enough for a rich brat like Natasha…Sona thought… while walking towards the other part of the building..

She watches all the employees working happily.. She decides to discuss with them about the new project and calls out for the managing and marketing team.. Just when Dev calls her…
Not knowing it was Devs’ call..she disconnects the call… but when he ringed for the 4th time.. She decides to scold him… And receives the call And starts scolding him.Dev patiently listens to her…
“Hey… why dont u say something..?? First you call then you keep quiet??”
“What would i say…?? You scared me… if you would only stop screaming… –”
“Sorry sir.. I did not–”

“It is ok… I just called to inform you that i will not be coming for a few days… My mom fell ill.. As Tina is also on leave from today.. You would have to manage the office.. And please don’t scream at my employees.. I love them all very much ..and i don’t want them to suffer from heart attack..(laughs)”
“Sorry sir…” (upset)

“Sir… what happened –”
The tone of disconnected call was heard from the other
She calls back immediately…Dev looks irritated at the phone.. And picks it up saying
“I gave my number doesn’t mean you are going to keep calling me…”
“Sir… I just wanted to know what happened to your mom??which hospital…?uh huh… anything serious??”
“City hospital.. She suffered from heart attack…i am busy . so please…”
“Sure sir… Hope she gets well soon.”

Sona sits with the marketing and management team and discusses everything necessary to be done.
She locks both her and Devs’ room and leaves.

While driving through the roads.. She thinks maybe Natasha must have done something as she said.. No no no.. Dev loves… no that could be a possibility… what is it… she sighs…
She notices a florist’s shop round the corner.. And decides to take white lilies and visit his mom.

She turns her car… And drives towards city hospital.. Upon reaching the reception..she enquires where Mrs. Dixit is.. The nurse takes her along…

Dev was surprised to see her.She enquires if she could meet aunty…
Dev takes her in..and introduces Sona to Baldev and Neha..sona smiles and greets them both.
Ishwari was laying down… calm and quiet.. Sona walks towards her bed.and places the lilies on a jar kept on the table next to her..
She calmly keeps her hands upon her hands and gently calls her aunty..

Dev watches her in a friendly manner… she asks the doctor what was her progress till now.. The doctor expected her to come into senses anytime by now..

Dev,Neha, Baldev and Sona waits impatiently for Ishwari to come to her senses…when Radharani enters the hospital room with a girl.
She runs in saying the her niece Avni had come to Delhi for job and that is why she went to pick her up from the station.
“Avni..say hello to them” she says while pinching her slightly..
“Ow..! Hello”
Baldev looks irritated at her and points towards Ishwari.

Ishwari was gaining consciousness..and softly says..
“And all these years long friendship ended off with a misunderstanding and brought question to my upbringing?? Dev what have you done???”
She breaks into tears..
Dev turns towards all… And asks if he could speak to her alone.

Everyone leaves the room. Sona stands outside the door and looks inside through the glass on the door..
Radharani pushes her to a side and asks..
“Who are you and why you here??”
Baldev pulls her back saying
“she works with Dev as the manager of the health product team.. She is the new advisor.. Dr.Sonakshi Bose”
Radharani makes faces and says
“Avni is no less.. She is also studying nutrition… I told Dev about her..—”.
Baldev hushes her..
She gets angry and walks away with Avni.

Dev hugs Sona and cries badly… He was telling her something in a muffled voice that could not be understood… Sona brings him out of hug and rubs off his tears.. And tells him not to cry…she didn’t know what was it that made him upset so much..

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